Rheumatism is a generic name for 200 different conditions characterized by inflammation and acute or chronic pain in muscles, joints, fibrous tissue. Although these 200 disorders defined by WHO have little in common in terms of their epidemiology, they do share three characteristics: they cause chronic, often intermittent acute pain, they are difficult to treat and are collectively very common, over 75 million Americans are suffering of a rheumatic disorder.

Medicine explains rheumatism in two ways:

  • An infectious or post-infectious condition, like in case of Lyme disease, Valley fever, Chikungunya, Streptococcus post-infection. In this case you will be staffed with antibiotics, steroids or NSAID’s anti-inflammatory and pain killers
  • An autoimmune disorder; in most of rheumatism cases your doctor will prescribe a medication that blocks the immune cells, or a specific step in the immune pathways, to slow down the damage being inflicted by the immune cells on the body. The new autoimmune drugs are part of a multi-billion-dollar industry, and they aren’t cheap. With prices ranging from $1,000 to $45,000 a month (or more), many people have a hard time affording them. These drugs also come with many side effects and risks, ranging from mildly annoying fatigue, mouth sores, heart palpitations, to life threatening conditions. Today hundreds, perhaps thousands of studies have already demonstrated that all autoimmune conditions are a complex interaction of a person’s genes and the environment. It means that “autoimmunity” has a genetic component, as we have long suspected, but it’s very small, only 2-5%. Autoimmune diseases have a predominant lifestyle component and this makes up to 95%: important is what you eat, how much you move, your lifestyle, how much support you have, and what you’re exposed to every day, from agricultural chemicals and industrial toxins to air and water pollution, electrosmog, emotional and psychological stress.

Rheumatism always starts with a sluggish and dysfunctional digestive system because you are overeating and overdrinking; because food is not properly digested and many poisons and wastes accumulate in entire organism, the body becomes tired and exhausted due to overfeeding and poisoning. An excess of fats and proteins clogs the internal layers of the intestines where food is absorbed. Morbid bacteria created by rotten develop foul gas in intestines which spreads in entire body, metabolism is impaired, blood circulation slows down and a lot of energy is lost to maintain the body alive. People are freezing, are down-hearted. Harmful body fluids (humors) start moving in the body, fever may increase, intestines and other vital organs “dry up”. Otherwise you will change your lifestyle, Rheumatism in all its manifestations is deadly!!

The rheumatism cure involves the whole body since rheumatism is not a local process, but rather a general disease caused by a disturbed metabolism and circulation, poor digestion, hormones regulation impaired, body toxicity. To successfully heal rheumatism, you must: detoxify & purify the organism, regenerate cells and tissue, energize and Revitalize whole body, Rebalance the four body fluids (the humors), use only natural remedies, no chemicals poisons (such as pain killers) or pharma drugs, find your own sense of life, become positive, confident and courageous, balanced. Arthritis appears usually in elderly people because of a self-devaluation process.

Here are some natural remedies we recommend curing your rheumatism:

  1. Artemisia herbs to prevent and treat all serious chronic illnesses including rheumatism. Artemisia herbs stimulate the complete immune system and support a good functionality of kidneys, stomach and a smooth efficient digestion and excretion. Lyra Nara offers Vivid Artemisinin, a 98% bio-active Artemisia herbs extract with exceptional therapeutic properties for many chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions, including Rheumatism. (https://lyranara.me/product/artemisia-herbs-extract/)
  2. DMSO is an effective natural pain killer, blocking nerves conducting pain signals, reduces inflammations by suppressing inflammatory chemicals, improves blood supply to injured area by dilating blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity, it is the most potent radical’s scavengers and chelator of heavy metals known to man. It brilliantly acts as a carrier for all other drugs, supplements and it potentiates their effects; for ex. corticoids, antibiotics are showing less undesirable side effects and can be used in smaller quantities. DMSO is a muscle relaxant, boosts immune system, increasing production of white cells and macrophages, it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, increases permeability of cells’ membrane, allowing toxins flushing. We offer a wide portfolio of efficient DMSO based natural pain killers and real rheumatism remedies. (https://lyranara.me/dmso/)
  3. Largely used already in ancient and medieval time, Gold is the number one choice as rheumatism remedy. Make your own gold paste or back your own gold cookies from gold nuggets very fine powder (dust) mixed with spelt and water. Take 1 tsp for 2 consecutive days, 1 hour before breakfast. The amount of gold is clearly specified to avoid toxicity. This cure is a universal prophylactic for rheumatism and gout, many chronic conditions, colds, stomach catarrh, intestine weakness. Gold stimulates permanently the immune system via the mucous lining of the intestines. This cure must be repeated every year for 2 days. Call us for more guidance!! Today you have an elegant alternative with gold implanted close to the joints.  Prof. Gorm Danscher from the university Aarhus explained the healing effect of gold: gold inhibits the release of a protein which causes inflammations. Gold ions penetrate in immune cells and macrophages boosting the immune system. 9000 patients were treated successfully with gold implants.
  4. Eat cooked or backed quinces as many as possible; it is a real remedy for rheumatism and arthritis patients, it is one of the best prevention methods. Quinces purge the toxins producing rheumatism and stroke. You can add galgant and almonds or celery seeds powder and it becomes a tasty healthy meal.
  5. Intermittent fasting, eat only 1 meal with a rich veal knuckle broth; this soup contains easily digestible cartilages and bio-available calcium. Sprinkle celery seed and other beneficial herbs.
  6. Sauna and compresses, cupping are procedures which help to alleviate pain but also cure rheumatism.
  7. Bioenergetic therapy delivers frequencies to different parts of the body to reduce inflammation and pain. It is mostly a topical applied therapy to sooth the patients’ suffering. Some devices we recommend are: Med Matrix for a deep detoxification, Aquatone and Geno62 bundle both excellent tools to detox joints and sooth pain, reduce inflammation, improve bodily fluids, Phototherapy with Q Light Pro Unit to reduce pain, inflammation and joint stiffness, soften scars, close wounds, Laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation and increase joints mobilization.

The force to achieve all this is the single way to cure Rheumatism and it is an act of BRAVERY!

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A modern efficient therapy must deal with the root causes and not alleviate only the symptoms. And yet in the case of patients with chronic complaints, allergies or metabolic disorders, doctors soon reach their limits. Due to the complexity of human body physiology, to deal with chronic conditions implies a total treatment concept; causes must be found and treated on different levels, energetic, cellular and epigenetic, body must go into a healthy state which implies a well-functioning auto-regulation.

Chronic illnesses, acute infections or pain mostly occur when the organism lost its capacity to self-regulate and the “milieu” in your body lost its quality to sustain life. Modern biofeedback devices are directly geared to an individual patient’s reactive capacity, metabolic and stress situation.

Biofeedback, or bioresonance is an all-encompassing assessment and treatment modality utilizing patient’s own ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations. Pathological biofield information is collected from the body and body fluids using different electrodes to measure the skin galvanic response. This is directly linked to autonomous nervous system (ANS), the control center of all inner organs and of their functions.

Biofeedback follows recognized principles of physics, wherein a frequency can be canceled out/neutralized with its inverted counterpart. When scanning with a biofeedback device, you measure human body biofield vibrations. In a second step, these vibrations are filtered using electronic band paths and split into two groups: pathogenic (disharmonious) and healthy (harmonious) frequencies. In a third step, pathogenic frequencies (out of phase) are inverted and together with the original collected healthy own frequencies are fed back to the body. This new vibrational therapy cocktail triggers resonances at cellular level and annihilates the pathogeny. Body starts to auto-regulate, and can now reach the perfect state of health known as homeostasis. This is how every biofeedback device works.

The main question is: what causes illness characterized by pathogenic frequencies? The answer is: all epigenetic stressors, microbes, toxins which electromagnetically disturb the body own biofield and thus stopped the free life energy flow (Qi or Prana) and the cellular communication.

Biofeedback therapy is always free of risks or side effects as biofeedback works with the body’s own frequencies. It is a non-invasive correction of body own frequencies activating self-healing potential.


We present here a unique biofeedback total treatment concept, a systemic functional biofeedback implying following steps:

  • DETOX YOUR BODY: Eliminate stressors and electromagnetical disturbances; every good therapy must start with a thorough detoxification to eliminate the detrimental interfering frequencies. We recommend Med Matrix.
  • DETERMINE CELLULAR DAMAGES: After a deep detoxification, you can read the body’s frequencies again and use biofeedback principles to reverse the cellular damages. We recommend Med Select.
  • TRAIN THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (ANS): balance sympathetic and parasympathetic activity and trigger auto-regulation and self-healing potential. We recommend Kindling Easy
  • MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO ELIMINATE EPIGENETIC STRESSORS: To enhance the healing process and make it permanent you must take care of your DIET, deal with your own emotions, habits, attitudes, correct subliminal sabotage programs by changing your beliefs.

Biofeedback total treatment concept health benefits:

  • Biofeedback total treatment concept can deal with any chronic health issues:
  • Treat inflammatory and degenerative conditions
  • Balance body energy
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Diagnosis and elimination of latent burdens, vaccines, toxins, heavy metals
  • Reverse damages due to geopathic stress and electrosmog
  • Allergies and food intolerance diagnosis and therapy
  • Elimination of pathogens such as parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus
  • Pain therapy based on root causes elimination
  • Generate customized remedies for a patient’s tailored therapy
  • holistic restoration of the matrix (connective tissue) to full competence and therefore all its functions must be addressed and restored

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The Vivid Artemisinin extract we offer is a proven cancer killer which can be used at home with no risks or side effects. The healing power of Vivid Artemisinin extract is a result of the very high concentration in extracted Artemisinin, over 25%, compared to all other commercial products which contain 0.5-2% max Artemisinin.

Another reason why our Vivid Artemisinin is so powerful is due to the synergy between all Artemisia natural products co-extracted such as flavonoids, but not only; in Vivid Artemisinin extract the peroxide bonds were perfectly preserved due to our unique gentle and efficient extraction process (patent pending).

The cancer therapy recommendations:

Stage I or II:    21 days therapy with one bottle daily, containing 25 mil Vivid Artemisinin

Total costs: USD 1260

Stage III or IV: 42 days therapy with one bottle daily, containing 25 mil Vivid Artemisinin

Total costs: USD 2520

During the therapy with Vivid Artemisinin Iron must be kept high. The mechanism how Artemisinin destroys cancer cells: peroxides bonds available in Vivid Artemisinin are cleaved in the presence of iron working as a catalyst; this process is selectively taking place only in the tumor cells, no toxicity to healthy cells. The in tumors generated reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the cancer cells killers.

Our Vivid Artemisinin has a bioactivity of over 98%, unbeatable on the market nowadays.

In our video of today, we present a cancer total treatment concept to bring cancer in total remission sing our unique VIVID ARTEMISININ.


Some facts:

  • Over 70 different cancer types were successfully treated with Vivid Artemisinin
  • 2000 years ago, Artemisia Annua extract was used to heal malaria and this product is still used today for over 55 different infections
  • Over 40000 publications and clinical studies done at renowned universities demonstrate the healing potency of Artemisinin

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