In our newest video we present you the revolutionary Diamond Shield Crystal system, a unique microcurrent system developed by Dr. Baklayan and his team; leading principle is that all meridians known from traditional Chinese medicine are related to each other in a well determined mathematical ratio. Moreover, all acupuncture points on each meridian follow the same mathematical harmonic ratio corresponding to the musical octave with 12 semitones. This is the “universal harmony”, the biological order, the cellular unity and living being’s coherence. Universal harmony principle was promoted in the ancient world by Pythagoreans.

The Diamond Shield Crystal brings you the following features:

  • Ideal for self-care at home and for therapy support by experienced therapists.
  • Its clear display and simple operation make the Zapper easy to handle by anyone.
  • There are 16 standard programs with a total of 116 frequencies according to Clark, Rife, Beck, Baklayan. Other new programs and settings facilitate the application and make the device a multi-zapper
  • There are over 50 chip cards with therapy programs pre-recorded for most of health conditions; some ex. are: Asthma, Allergies, Lyme, EPV, Hepatitis, Rheumatic conditions, Bronchitis and different respiratory conditions, Anxiety and Depression, Cancer, cardiovascular conditions, etc.
  • The Diamond Shield Zapper is a Clark Zapper, a Plate Zapper, a Blood Zapper, Diamond Shield Zapper – and most importantly, it can play any program.
  • The multi-frequency zapper can generate frequencies from 1 hertz (oscillation per second) to 2 million hertz (megahertz), with an accuracy of 0.01 Hz – e.g. 3.57 Hz or 8200.13 Hz.
  • By stimulating and discharging into the earth, the effectiveness of all programs is increased 3 times.
  • Diamond Shield: the shield for your well-being and health
  • Regulation, harmonization, activation of all meridians
  • A mobile and affordable therapy
  • Relaxation, detoxification and wellbeing on all levels

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Microparasitic Infection – THE REAL CAUSE OF CANCER

Today, cancer is an epidemic despite tremendous progress in medicine, international R & D work, billions spent by the pharma industry, governments and NGOs. The number of deaths from cancer is steadily increasing.

Why is that so? Is it maybe because the theories, that have been put forward so far on how cancer develops in our bodies are flawed? Are our treatment approaches maybe wrong as well because of that?

In our newest video we analyze all the cancer theories in order to answer this question based on scientific evidence. Is cancer caused by genetic mutations, by viruses or maybe by microparasitical infections?

After we have arrived at a conclusion on the correct cancer theory, we present an integrative treatment approach based on natural remedies and energetic treatment devices that really works.

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  • B.A.R.T.

B.A.R.T. means: Blood Amplification Resonance Testing ; it is a biophysical testing method based on capillary blood calibration. BART is a method to test food, allergens, remedies, any kind of intolerances; it is very suitable for a terrain milieu and matrix regeneration therapy to boost auto regulation (ANS).

Learn everything you need to know about the B.A.R.T. system in this video.

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  • EASY QUICK CHECK – EDS, Bioresonance & Laser in one Easy Package

Easy Quick Check is a professional EAV device with a high accuracy of measurements easy to set up and operate. It can be used with a software (X-Kits) running on a PC. The software data base is showing graphically the acupuncture points to be measured and is recording automatically the measured values. You can elaborate reliably a meridian diagnosis and prepare your own, customized homeopathic remedies.

Learn about the concept behind the Easy Quick Check, its unique features and how to use it in this video.

You can obtain the Easy Quick Check exclusively here.

  • PULSE QUICK CHECK – Pulse Meridian Diagnosis

Pulse Quick Check measures blood pressure and pulse on different body zones. The pulses measured on different body segments can be scientifically assigned to the twelve TCM meridians, providing information about acute and chronic energy fluctuations. This procedure is the same as in TCM pulse diagnosis. Pulse Quick Check is suitable for monitoring the progress of various treatment procedures and can be delegated to the personnel in a practice.
In TCM it takes years to learn how to correct establish a pulse diagnosis; with Pulse Quick Check you generate this kind of diagnosis in 10 minutes.

In this video you learn about all of the unique features, how to use it and much, much more.

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