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Integrative Medicine


What is Integrative medicine? A medicine which obviously “integrates” all necessary tools for diagnosis and treatment on all levels defining the human (or animal) beings. Which are these levels? Well we all know now that these are:

–          Matter

–          Energy

–          Information

–          Spirit

Between all these levels exist interactions and synergies therefore you must treat the “body” as a whole, i.e. matter (herbal, nutrition, water), energy (Electro- or Laser acupuncture, Bio-resonance, Pulsed electromagnetic field) and information (quantum response/radionics, color super tuning).

Information structures the Energy level and the Energy organises the Matter. Information is thus the “cellular number”, Energy is the wave generated when the phone is ringing and Matter is the physical device. Allopathic medicine is dealing only with the matter, while naturopathic, holistic or integrative medicine is acting on all three levels, Matter, Energy and Information. Meditation, Yoga, Shamanism are mostly manifesting on the spiritual level, however they all interact with the other levels.

Healers who dedicated their life to learn and practice Prana, Reiki, TCM, Yoga, Homeopathy, etc. have an extraordinary value but they are quite a few who can be considered valuable experts. We need many of them to spread these techniques, to help humanity, to heal the planet. How and where can we find these EXPERTS to help us?

Well, the new modern integrative medicine is offering naturopaths the best tools to practice, to diagnose and to treat the patients, to prepare the remedies and to give their patients a chance to become an integral part of this process. Let’s have an example: one patient is diagnosed in your practice by using EAV, he is treated using a bio-resonance methodology and is given homeopathic globules to trigger and support the healing process. When he is at home you can instruct him how to use low level light laser to have some meridian points stimulated by himself, or he can have some colour therapy using color pointers; finally you can broadcast to him from your MARS III device those information necessary to assist his healing process. The homeopathic globules you could prepare for him in your own practice based on your diagnosis. To better prepare the body for this healthy balancing, the patient must exercise to relieve stress and this can be done by enjoying video games special designed to minimize or totally shut-down the stress status. A colour therapy would help him as well and even deeper as a stress relief game. Why this? Because in stress the body switches off the whole immune system and goes in the fight-flight modus, growth is stopped, visceral organs are in minimum functional modus, not a suitable status for treatments. An overall integrative medicine treatment is when the body-mind system of your patient triggers and controls the healing process; we transport the patient from his initial disease route to its specific healthy highway. From here the body knows what to do!

We defined a portfolio of devices serving this approach, helping you as a practitioner and your patients to faster achieve your goals. We provide a holistic integrative approach, enhancing the healing chances of your patients and improving your income as a practitioner. Have a look at our devices and let us guide you through this process of modernizing your naturopathic practice.

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  1. Our devices are medically certified in Europe and in North America
  2. The vast majority of the devices we offer are MADE IN GERMANY
  3. Most of our suppliers are ISO 13485 certified;
  4. The products we offer incorporate the most advanced, internationally available technologies for electro- and laser acupuncture, bio-resonance, bio-cybernetics (radionics), color therapy;
  5. Our devices cover both diagnosis and therapy
  6. Many of our products are expandable and combinable with each other (built modular)
  7. Our suppliers are the worldwide leaders in their respective field
  8. You won’t find the same quality at our price anywhere
  9. Our devices can reduce your treatment We sell only high end quality products,
  10. costs by tens of thousands of dollars compared to allopathic medicine and drugs
  11. Our devices help you become more independent from expensive allopathic procedures and pharmaceutical products as you are able to generate and multiply any needed remedy.
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