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Super Tunes are Life Energy

Ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks (Pythagoras, Plato) followed later by Leonardo Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Newton and many others, knew about the universal dimensions, proportions and relationship between planetary universe, our world and the perfect proportional geometry of body or objects. These universal relationships were called “harmonics”. These harmonics were manifesting in sounds, colours, symbols, numbers and rhythms thus harmonics were associated with different cosmic and earth frequencies. Later these frequencies were calculated and generic called “Super Tunes”.
Super tuning is a new approach based on modern quantum feedback technology to trigger the healing process of a body by using universal harmonics, also called “health matrix”. Super tunes transport different information which can be saved on our biological chip, our DNA (DNA has a pool capacity of 3 Gigabytes). These super tunes penetrate our bodies by different channels like microtubules, connective tissue (J. Oshman: Energy Medicine). This “health matrix” is determined by the rotation and spin movements of all planets, Moon, Sun and especially of Earth. The Earth has three rotation movements, one day/night around its own axis, one yearly around the sun and one precession of own axis (in 26000 years).

Color & Sound Super Tunes

Super tunes are multiple octaves of the original calculated frequencies (a frequency is 1 divided by time unit /second of movement). SUPER TUNES do control since our birth on this planet Earth all psychosomatic and regulative processes in leaving bodies. This hand full of frequencies (usually 12 are important, can be expanded up to 21) we perceive as harmonic and supportive.
One of the most important frequencies for biological cells communication is the Sun Super Tune at about 7.5-7.8KHz and close to this frequency are all other Schumann frequencies (frequencies of Ionosphere).
A frequency of 172.06 Hz is used mainly in China, the green-turquoise frequency at 136.10Hz is mostly used in India and the red colour at 194.18 Hz is used in Western countries. These frequencies are shown in the table below:


Super Tune frequencies are related to sound (notes), to colours and to the 7 Chakras. Super tuning is a method of back-coupling or in-tune our bodies to those healthy frequencies and thus triggering the self-healing process in cells and on psychosomatic level.

Quantum & Informational Medicine

Diseases are the result of “traumata” generated by different causes emerging from environmental pollution (electro-smog, chemicals, weather changes), from food and drugs, from stress, from overloads with toxins, accumulation of acidic substances, infections with bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungus; all these factors are triggering anaerobe processes causing deep and grave regulative disturbances in our bodies up to a collapse of ATP metabolism often followed by cancer or death.
When we get stuck in a state of illness out of overexertion or emotional turmoil, our body needs a quick reminder of how to regain strength and operate smoothly again; this IS a “Balancing” process where energies and information are re-arranged in harmony with the other cells of your body and your surroundings.

Treatments in this kind of quantum and informational medicine are DEALING WITH the energetic and informational level, as these are considered to be the real control station of any sickness. Symptoms play a secondary role and a holistic diagnosis will assess the distortions in the bioenergetics field of the body. Matter (organs) is structured (formed) energy and to structure the energy it is necessary to have an information matrix which works similar to a computer software. Once this software will give the right “orders” and this information is carried properly to the hardware (cells/organs) the body will be in a balanced healthy status. This is the fundamental quantum and informational medicine approach for a holistic diagnosis and treatment. To control this complex diagnosis and healing process several advanced technologies and devices are being produced. Germany played for the last 50 years a pioneer role in this sense and it still offers best performing devices.

Read on about the advantages of quantum medicine here.

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