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OMsignal’s Biosensing Clothing That Monitors Heart Rate and Activity

OMsignal OMsignals Biosensing Clothing That Monitors Heart Rate and Activity (VIDEO)

Wouldn’t you like it if the shirt you are wearing could monitor your health and activity throughout the day and alert you when you are stressed or when you need to exercise?

OMSignal, a Montreal based start-up, is developing ground breaking clothing technology, specifically a shirt worn under regular clothing, that allows for monitoring of heart rate, breathing, calories, activity and emotional state. The data obtained from sensors in the shirt that are pressed against the skin are sent to a computer or a mobile app where the user can view heart rate, calories burnt, exertion, stress and even mood. This novel technology can even alert a loved one about a potentially dangerous situation such as a heart attack.

OMSignal’s product stands out from the numerous biosensing smart products such as bracelets, watches and phones, as this clothing technology fits seamlessly into one’s daily life. The sensors in the shirt are placed just below the chest to collect the most accurate heart and breathing data. Further, the shirt and sensor are washable, after removing a small box that contains the electronic components that store data and communicate with the wearer’s  smartphone.  This smart clothing technology is truly revolutionary and future medical applications for such clothing technology are endless.

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