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PDT is the short name for photodynamic therapy and is a methodology combining the biophotons emitted and received by the body under the influence of external light with other physiological treatments. A good example is the PDT cancer therapy when very coherent light (coming from special LED light or laser) is used as a carrier of a photosensittizer. Photosensitizers are a group of substances which can be activated using light generating thus an active oxygen negative ion (singlet). This oxygen ion is a very active oxidant and therefore kills a lot of cells, like cancer cells.

The coherent light plays two roles: one is to carry the light to a specific place/tissue and second is to activate there the photosensitizer.

Classical Chemo cancer therapy introduces also in the body a photosenzitizer like porphyrins however this kind of therapy generally makes some mistakes generating several important disadvantages for the patients: it is not specifically acting on a tissue, but generally over the whole body cells, becoming thus a toxic treatment with dramatic side effects. This is because it is administrated through IV and the blood stream carries this activated oxygen ions everywhere around.

The second big disadvantage of the traditional chemotherapy treatment is due to the short life time of any activated oxygen, namely 10 (ten) minutes, not enough to reach and properly act on the sick/cancerous tissues.

Last but not least are the horrendous treatment costs, which make the treatment less and less affordable for everyone affected by the big C. It is an invasive therapy with all the strings attached to this.

The combination of a light carrier acting directly, locally on the targeted tissue has a fantastic effect, by not invading/damaging healthy organs and by starting the activation process of the photosensitizer at the time and place when the light is acting as an activator.

Using this procedure and combining the right photosensitizer substances with good transdermal solvents and a very coherent light penetrating at 7-10 cm deep in the tissue (like IR LED or laser beams) a lot of new treatment modalities are opening up:

1. Cancer treatments

2. Joins treatments

3. Recovery of damaged tissues due to a multitude of known chronic diseases having those well-known devastating effect (diabetes, hepatitis, MS, ALS, any many more).

We offer one very simple device which does this job perfectly: Curator professional coming with 2 IR LED electrodes which can be applied everywhere on the body. One large electrode to cover a larger area like the spine or the entire abdomen can be additionally added to this device. All necessary supplies (photosensitizer) and transdermal solvents i the range of very affordable prices are also offered by us. Curator does also a transfer of frequencies from homeopathic remedies, Rife, Nogier, global scaling, all known to be beneficial for specific health conditions. (Learn more about Curator using these links:

A second kind of PDT is Color Supertuning, an amazing device combining coherent LED light, hemy-sinc sound and radionics. Radionics is handling bio-information using scalar waves; light and sound are electromagnetic waves. These are working synchronistically and synergetically to rebalance meridians and chakras, giving the right energy to the dis-eased cells/organs. The body is healing from inside using its own frequencies and reconnecting to the health fields; healthy fields are defined by Schumann resonance, by Super Tunes (frequencies generated by the planetary movements) all fields we were trained over thousands of years to leave in. This is another kind of PDT: under the influence of light (biophotons), sound (acting especially on our perception organs and brain) and radionic waves (bio-information given directly to cells) the body is dynamically re-adjusting/re-balancing itself. This can be achieved using our device Color Supertuning. Learn more about his device here:

The role of modern quantum radionics in alternative PDT therapy:

There is no efficient alternative therapy without a reliable holistic diagnosis. This is probably the critical problem of almost therapies of today, either traditional or alternative medicine. An accurate holistic diagnosis means to check the following:

  1. Bacterial, viral, fungal overload
  2. Parasites
  3. Vaccines strains
  4. Toxins of all kind
  5. Chromosomes and genes
  6. All organs and functional system in the body (respiratory, nervous system, heart and circulatory system, GI system, cells of all kind, muscles and skeletal system, glandular and hormonal system, etc.)
  7. All other diseases and symptoms which can couple with the main health problem
  8. Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids
  9. Psychological profile including emotions, sabotage programs, psycho-somatic reactions, etc.)
  10. Subtle bodies
  11. Energetic profile
  12. Allergies and nutrition
  13. Many other

When such a diagnosis is converted objectively in a treatment, there are no side effects, no risks, no mistakes and the remedies will work efficiently. This is the main role of radionics when used in combination with PDT or any other techniques.

Additionally radionics is the best prevention method as it reads the bio-information on different levels: physical level (organic manifested), energetic level (psychosomatic), emotional – causal level and genetic (structural) level. Before any other device or doctor can identify a tumor, radionics can is screening the energetic changes around an organ, reading an emotional profile leading to a change like a cancer, finding the chromosomes and genes changes under the impact of toxins and other stressors. Today it is main stream media that our diseases are a result of epigenetics, i.e. of all influences received from the environment as well as from cells information recorded from our parental lines.

About radionics please learn more here:

We invite you to learn more about radionics and PDT as well as about our modern radionics and PDT devices and services, feel free to contact us directly:

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