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Sodium Thiosulfate Supplements for Health

Sodium thiosulfate, one of the critical medicines in the treatment of cyanide poisoning, is getting increasing respect as a powerful natural detoxing agent. It is also used in the restoration of rivers and streams that have been polluted with heavy metals, and it is in that respect that people are beginning to apply it to natural health care.

Sodium thiosulfate is a colorless crystal of sodium, sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen. Both the EPA and FDA consider it a safe substance and permit its inclusion in foods such as table salt. It is often present at therapeutic bath spas or thermal spas

Side effects from the use of sodium thiosulfate can include agitation and changes in both thoughts and vision. Nausea and tinnitus also possible.

Natural Cures: Sodium thiosulfate is said to be a powerful detoxing agent to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body. It is also a topical anti-fungal such as can be used for ringworm.

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