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Quickly find bacteria observed in your area

Antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens is a developing problem that requires constant vigilance and knowledge of strains affecting the local population when prescribing treatment. To help clinicians make more informed decisions regarding which antibiotic to prescribe to their patients, Epocrates has teamed up with athena health to release a new app that provides information about pathogens and antibacterial resistance at a community level.

The Bugs + Drugs app, now available for iPhones and specifically optimized for iOS 7, uses athenahealth’s EHR database of 15 million patients to display what the latest lab results in your area are showing. There’s also resistance information provided to help with prescribing.

Some of the features of the app:

  • Lists of bacteria observed in urine, blood, and skin for geolocated communities across the country
  • Antibiotic drug options organized by organism susceptibility
  • Epocrates’ trusted drug content, including dosing and contraindication information with links to complete monographs
  • Continual updates from athenahealth’s cloud-based EHR database


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