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Sucontral D – the single blood sugar regulator without risks

Sucontral D - For a healthy diabetic lifestyle

Balanced dietetic food supplement for supportive treatment of disorders of glucose metabolism (diabetes type 2) under therapeutic control.

  • Proven high efficiency
  • Lowers blood & urine glucose levels naturally
  • Diminishes secondary symptoms of diabetes such as dermatoses, itching, sweat, tiredness, insomnia, strong thirst
  • Has proven vasodilation effect (contrary to classic antidiabetics of the sulphonyl-urea type with an effect based on the inhibition of ATP –depoending potassium channels)
  • No negative side effects (even when animals were given a 20times overdose they showed no negative effects in a controlled study)

Sucontral D capsules for diabetics contain a combination of a bioactive concentrate from Hintonia latiflora, vitamins and trace elements adjusted to the special nutritional requirements of diabetics (type 2, diabetes adult onset). Bioactive concentrates from Hintonia latiflora are known to possess a positive influence on carbohydrate metabolism. The plant has been used as a dietary supplement in Middle and South America for Centuries, and has been introduced to Europe in the beginning of the 20th Century.

Modern society permanently exposes the human organism to a high level of stress. In addition to mental and physical stress, environmental influences, the lack of proper recovery periods, and the choice of non-healthy food negatively impacts human physiology. Modern lifestyle frequently leads to a relatively low intake of vitamins, trace elements, or micronutrients. In patients already burdened by the effects of diabetes, there is, in addition, a higher requirement for certain vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant metabolites. Therefore the effect of insulin and oral antidiabetics can be greatly improved by counteracting borderline deficiencies of micronutrients with substances supporting the uptake of glucose into consumer cells, or the conversion of sugar into energy within the physiological metabolic processes.

With its scientifically proven combination of all the micronutrients known to take part in the metabolic processes for carbohydrates, fats and proteins, Sucontral D provides you with all the vitamins, micronutrients and trace elements you need as a diabetic.


The hypoglycemic effect of a Copalchi extract (Sucontral) was tested in 60 adult-male and female-Wistar rats in the present randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-comparative animal study. A control group receiving only an Altromin standard chow was compared to treatment groups which received an Altromin chow enriched with Copalchi dry substance at 0.028% m/m or at 0.28% m/m. The study period was 30 days. The distinctly significant blood glucose lowering effect of the Copalchi extract could be demonstrated in both treatment groups. No significant difference in the antidiabetic effect was seen between the two concentrations. The onset of action of the Copalchi extract was observed between treatment day 1 and 3. A20-25% decrease in the blood glucose concentration was achieved between the 7th and 15th day of treatment and remained at this level thereafter. This plateau was reached in the female rats already between treatment day 3 and 5. The parallel observed increase in the mean body weight was not striking and generally was the same between the test animals and the control animals. (



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6 thoughts on “Sucontral D – the single blood sugar regulator without risks

  1. Nancy Ferrer says:

    I have taken Metformin but after years of taking it, it produced
    diaherea and stopped taking it.
    My dr put me on Glipiside but does not get my glucose down far enough. Glucose in 200’S.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for sharing with me your problems with Blood glucose irregularities.
      Best would be to switch on ketogenic diet and take our sucontral plus
      Coprinus and Maitake medicinal mushrooms.

      Take care and Be well

      Dr Christine Siepe

  2. Herbal says:

    Hi Dr.
    My A1c showed my blood sugar as 6 …. My dr. Had not told me to take any medication ,but for prevention I would like to take Hintonia, which I read on Terry talks naturally. I do take care of my diet and read a lot ,but would like you to suggest the best care and dosage for this natural medicine.please , will highly appreciate.

    1. Hi
      Indeed, Sucontral is fantastic for diabetes prevention and therapy.
      We sell this product, give me a call and I can take your order. Take care

  3. Halita says:

    Hello! I was curious if this could help with defeating or at least keeping the diabetes effects at bay. I am looking for more natural way of controlling my diabetes other than your conventional methods that are out there. Can you please tell me more about this product?

    1. I kindly recommend you our DMSO compounded product: HERBESO DIABETES WELL
      containing Sucotral among other beneficial herbs. It will help regulate blood sugar and much
      more important also the insulin level. Here is the link:

      If you have diabetes 1 and already manifest neuropathy in the toes or limbs please add to Herbeso
      Diabetes Well also HERBESO PAIN KILLER which is not only killing the pain, but it also opens the
      capillaries damaged by diabetes, avoiding gangrenes and later on amputations. Here is the link:

      I also recommend Strophanthin which facilitates a better oxygenation of your entire body; a powerful
      and well functioning heart along with a vigorous blood circulation will inhibit further diabetes complications
      an eventual stroke or thrombosis, etc. Here is the link:

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