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High Vibration Nutrigenomic Remedies using Scalar Energy

Your choices of action may be limited–but your choices of thought are not.  Find something to feel good about and get out of the way, and allow the cells to receive what they’ve been asking for. That is the key to healing.
— Abraham

Natural, Holistic Approach to Well-being

Our central concept here at Ascended Health is to utilize science, consciousness and nature as a blueprint to heal ourselves.

For example, our approach to the problem of gum disease is to first get rid of underlying infection, then provide a multi-faceted nutrigenomic bioterrain for the oral cavity to heal and regenerate itself in a self-sustainable fashion. Through continuous use of these bioterrain-based products, we have created a reproducible way to get rid of acute and chronic pathological infection of the oral cavity.

With this holistic, all natural approach to oral hygiene, we don’t use any synthetic chemicals. We aim, whenever possible, to use organic and/or wild-crafted whole food herbs and extractions. By holistic, we not only approach the physical energy body, but we pay attention to the other three energy bodies as well: Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Modern medicine only pays attention to the physical & mental energy bodies, but traditional indigenous medicine wisely used all four energy bodies. By doing so, one can reset the biological “eco-terrain” that determines which species of microorganisms would naturally inhabit our body. Once this happens, a phenomenon known as “competetive exclusion” occurs – where probiotic microorganisms occupy and protect the body’s microniches to the point that pathogenic microorganisms cannot establish themselves.

Our focus is in maintaining a healthy microbiological eco-terrain in our bodies – not just our mouths. What many may not realize is that every square inch of our outside body has a microbial community growing on it. Our alimentary canal – from the mouth to the anus – is still the “outside” of the body (we are actually a big doughnut), so as with our skin, bacteria and other microbes occupy our mouths and gut. They are symbiotic with our body and essential to our well being. Without these organisms, we cannot digest our food, make vitamins and keep out harmful bacteria that cause disease. Our body’s microflora are as much a part of our “immune system” as our immune cells. They protect their space where they live by keeping other foreign bacteria out.

This is why it is essential, especially in the case of our oral cavity, we don’t do anything to kill the normal bacteria that God meant to normally occupy that space. Because of this belief, we think that using anti-septic mouthwash (the ones that kill off all the bacteria – good and bad) with chemicals is one of the worst things you can do. This insures that your mouth will constantly be stressed to put good bacteria back into place. Often times, it doesn’t. Getting root canals or any other procedures that change the structural integrity of our mouth – that is bad as well, as it opens up new spaces for bacteria to invade and fester.

Our first approach is to be non-chemical & non-pharmaceuticalWe use natural herbs, oils and magnetic healing earths to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. We need to be as natural as we can be, because our bodies don’t recognize synthetic compounds. They respond to god-given natural compounds which have evolved alongside of us for the millennia. Synthetic compounds are singular in nature, whole earth compounds carry alongside numerous micronutrients and co-factors necessary for growth that scientists have yet to discover. This is why they are so much more effective. We don’t have them in modern medicine because you can’t patent them and synthetics can be sold at a much much higher profit than naturally derived and sustainably harvested herbs.

Our second approach is to use oxygenWe oxygenate our oils in a hyperbaric chamber with not just ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2), but actuall 10 kinds of oxygen, from O1 to O10. They are many synthetic forms of oxygen-based biocides (google “Chlorine Dioxide”) and yes, these chemical approaches are used in dentistry, but while they give off oxygen, they also are poison to the body by giving off Chlorine, Flouride and other poisons. With this in mind, we don’t use fluoride or soap in our products. These, again, are poisons. Yes – poison to the pathogenic bacteria, but also to our bodies and the good bacteria. The stuff we use aren’t poisonous to us and our good bacteria.

Our third approach is to reset our body’s bioterrain. We do this by using actual terra firma itself: natural high energy mineral earths from Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Wyoming and Vanuatu. These have primordial archebacteria & trace minerals that set the stage for seeding our oral cavities with the correct bacteria to inhabit our niche spaces. They also are magnetic (contains natural chelators and activated carbon) and have been shown to bind heavy metals and poisons. The earths that we use are the blueprints from which the bacteria grow from. They are the actual soil from which our body’s garden springs forth. Its purpose is to bring your natural eco-terrain back into balance. Just as in nature, the species of microorganisms inhabiting our bodies seek to maintain homeostasis. When we do things that put them out of balance, we get into a position of dis-ease.

Our fourth approach is to use conscious vibrational energyWe imprint all our earths with lemurian quartz crystal powder, and transfer healing vibrations to it. Quartz is used as radio transmitters to hold frequencies. Our frequencies come from the study of whales and dolphins. They emit healing frequencies. We have actually recorded the sounds of Blue Whales off the coast of Chile (Patagonia) and Hawaii giving birth. We also have recordings of fresh water nurse dolphins in the Amazon that heal sick humans back to health. We use toroidal coil wrapped lemurian crystal resonators on full moons and solstices to ping our waters, oils and earths with these healing frequencies.

The result is nothing short of amazing. To top it off, the highly oxygenated elixirs we have actually can whiten your teeth naturally. This is a side effect and was never intentional. We believe that this approach should revolutionize the oral care market, and it is only a matter of time until others follow and utilize our holistic approach.

Light & Energy

The best artists & architects in the world innately know that their works are partnered with light. The way it shines at a particular hour during a particular season in a particular latitude is important to how the space feels. If you don’t acknowledge light as your partner and be aware of how she can affect and be of service to your work, you will end up with something with no life force: no soul, no movement and most importantly, no emotion.

We view our remedies the same way. Through resonant vibrational frequency, we strive to give them a life of their own – a consciousness with the sole intention of giving you what you have been missing. Rather than give you products with amazing ingredients in pretty packaging, we focus on putting out a product with vibrational frequencies (e.g. light energy) embedded in them. We view our products as nothing less than elixirs of vibrational energy that magnetize to specific parts of your body and resonate it to a state of rejuvenation and regeneration.

For this reason, we place special attention to anything that can affect the vibrational frequency of our elixirs and remedies – including the way the products are mixed, packaged and labled. As you see above, we even label our products with sacred geometry and words (Google “Dr. Emoto Messages from Water”).


Holistic Nutrigenomics

Just as architecture is as much about the materials as the design and feel, natural remedy formulation is more than just the ingredients. It is about the vibrations that go into it – from the growing of the ingredients (organic, wild-crafted, ethical), the mixing and the packaging (even our labels carry conscious “Emoto” vibrations & scalar energy into our products). We view our products as messengers of light, a vibrational energy feeling you hold in your hand and pour into the body vessel of skeletal DNA.

Our aim is to get your body to resonate in the way it used to when we were children. When we were all powerful and knew life as an eternal flame. When we could fall down, scrape our skin and not think about how our bodies would heal themselves, because we just knew it would magically repair itself.

In other words, can we get to a point where we see our our own illness in a context which is bigger than ourselves? Believe it or not, we all used to do this – just ask your children.

We do in fact control how we heal and repair ourselves. Modern science, through the study of Nutrigenomics or Nutrigenetics, has proven that our DNA is a predictor of future events with what we eat and put into our bodies. However, nutrigenomics do not take into account one thing – the concept of free will and intention. Our DNA, contrary to what modern medicine may what us to believe, is not set in stone. It is proven that we can activate and inactivate DNA purely from thought. We just need to be connected to the consciousness that brought us into this earthly realm in the first place. The key is in the vibrations of what we eat and what we think.

Once we can change our vibrations (our thoughts, emotions and environment), our bodies (yes, our DNA) cannot help but follow. When this happens in a good way, we heal. When this happens in a bad way – we get disease such as cancer. Our body is just doing what the vibrations in the cell’s environment is directing the DNA to do. When the body is not at ease with the vibrations you are giving it – you are in “dis”-ease.




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