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Dr. Peter Gariaev & Linguistic Wave Genetics

As more light is shed on the areas of energy, frequency, genetics, and DNA, the old story from conventional science and physics that DNA is 97% junk is, well just that, junk. Dr. Masaru Emoto was closer to the truth when he stated that, “since we only aware of and activating 3% of our DNA, we are therefore 97% ignorant beings.”

From Russia comes more great work in the field of Linguistic Wave Genetics, a modern spin on an old theory that has had its methods and research in the dust bin of history until recently. Russian Wave Geneticist, Dr. Peter Gariaev is unknown to those outside most circles of physics, science and health, yet considered a pioneer to the others on the cutting edge of what is currently possible in those fields. His unique work, along with others, has the potential to provide humanity with a much needed upgrade in their current understanding of what is possible. Or as many have put it, his work is helping us remember who we are and what we are truly capable of doing with all that “junk DNA”. In what is sure to be a viral interview with Ethann Fox of Awake and Empowered Radio, Gariaev discussed some of his seemingly amazing, but real findings, as well as the work of others in his field.

In order to better understand Gariaev’s work, he (and others) insist that we acknowledge that the 1962 Nobel Prize winners James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins missed some key points that caused the field of DNA and genetic research to be built on an incomplete foundation from the start. He states, “We must first alter our entire understanding of genetics and move to a different understanding of the genetic code.”Gariaev goes on to state a fundamental fact that, “DNA is like written, readable text”. This genetic structure has an individual’s consciousness and thinking contained within. Put bluntly, Gariaev says, “It can think on its own”. Genetic information exists everywhere internally and externally. It can be found in physical fields, electromagnetic fields and torsion fields. However, Gariaev points out that “the way we transmit information in our body is through the electromagnetic and torsions fields.”

The following categories discussed in the attached interview give a glimpse into how expansive and far reaching these ideas are. In addition, it shows how Gariaev’s research, as well as others, are turning our current understanding of science & physics upside down.

Regeneration of Damaged Organs

To illustrate the potential of Linguistic Wave Genetics, Dr. Gariaev describes a study that took place in Toronto, Canada in which researchers administered poison to a group of rats in order to severely damage their pancreas. The control group developed diabetes and died shortly after. The other group of rats received genetic information via a laser, targeted to re-grow and regenerate damaged pancreas cells. This group of rats survived and their pancreas became functional again.

Live For 1000 Years

Perhaps the most amazing information to come out of this interview was Dr. Gariaev’s answer to this question:  “With their technology and current understanding, is it possible to live for 1000 years?”  His response was “yes” and this is how he could do it.

Dr. Gariaev claims that there are one of two methods for assisting people to extend their lives to this degree.

  1. He would take the stem cells from the umbilical cord of a person’s newborn child, as well as tissue from the placenta.  Next, he would read the information from those tissues using a laser. Dr. Gariaev would then translate this information into a sound and record it on an MP3 to be listened to by the person every day.
  2. Dr. Gariaev speaks on the common theme that we live in a holographic informational world and this data is available to everyone. He states that he “has the technology to address the holographic person.” This is done by reading a newborn’s holographic information and transmitting it to an elderly or ill person, allowing them to regenerate, recover and even reverse the aging process.

 Regeneration of Unhealthy Plants

These concepts and ideas don’t just apply to humans, but can also be applied to plants, as Dr. Gariaev describes in an experiment he and his team performed. They took plants that had been damaged on the chromosomal level. The damaged chromosomes of one group of plants were talked to using a “specific algorithm” spoken through a generator in various languages. The other group had the same process repeated but the difference was that the words spoken were simply random, meaningless words. The first group of plants became healthy and recovered while the group given the random, meaningless words continued their downward progression.

 Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships

An unlikely question was posed that changed the direction of the interview. It was asked if a husband was critical towards his wife, is that negatively effecting the wife’s health? Dr. Gariaev explained that “Yes, the husband is causing certain genetic mutations via verbal genetic information. He is destroying the wife’s spiritual body and then, if continued, the physical body.”  But don’t fear, he also states that the opposite is also true.

Never forget: genetic code is an “in-formational” code and genes are all groups of “capital letters”, may be with a significance we do not understand now. Prof. Gariaev and his team at the linguistic Institute in Moscow are using information to recreate organs and cells. The association between the information (the word) and the light seems to be the key of our life. Thus we have naturally everything we need to regenerate, it is just a question of time to understand how to entertain a dialogue, how to re-inform the our own informational code, our DNA and genome. Prof. Gariaev is a pioneer in his R & D work about linguistic genetic and the solution must be really simple. More to come!

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