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Create your healthy Journey

Hi Everyone,

We are collecting research articles and information on complementary & alternative medicines (CAM) and also western mainstream medicine. Our purpose is to provide quality information so people can make informed choices. There is good and bad of both sides (we try to be impartial!). Ultimately evolution is our guide – we evolved from Nature – all life depends upon the evolution and ecology of Nature for its survival. For now we would like to make a few points about human health that we think are important.

Holistic Health / Evolutionary Ecology / Dynamic Unity of Reality

It is well known that our senses are deceptive, that when we see things as being separate and discrete bodies this is an illusion. In reality matter is a structure of the universe and is subtly interconnected to all other matter in the universe (the wave structure of matter in space explains how this occurs). So ‘Holistic Medicine’ is not some fanciful ‘new age / spiritual’ nonsense – it is founded on scientific facts. Using science terminology (which I realise many people do not like) then all we are really talking about is evolution and ecology. That all things in the universe (including life on earth) are interconnected and changing (the dynamic unity of reality). So if you want to improve your health, then please realise that mind, matter (body) and space (universe) are one interconnected thing. Thus to improve your health you must consider these things together!

Business Selects for Profit – Not What is Good for Humans

The current medical system has become dominated by market economic forces which select for short term profit (and over consumption) rather than what is good for humans. This causes enormous problems for humanity. e.g. Multinational chemical / pharmaceutical corporations control many of the chemicals (herbicides, pesticides) that now dominate agricultural food production. They also patent genetically modified plants and animals that are resistant to these herbicides to increase food production and profits.
This method of food production is obviously destroying nature and harming humans.

The bizarre irony of this! They then also make massive profits by selling chemical drugs to treat the diseases caused by the chemicals they sell for food production. So they make profits while making us sick, then make further profits in treating the symptoms of these ailments.

The solution. Abide by the rules of Nature (evolution and ecology). Try to live in a non polluted environment (clean air and water, organic food). And abide by the evolutionary fact that we evolved to exercise every day outside in the sunshine (collecting / hunting food)! We live in a beautiful world – we just forget this when living in cities. And these cities are now full of tens of thousands of chemicals that are poising humanity (including unseen electromagnetic pollution with unknown effects).

We will be adding more to this over the next few months. Our message is simple though – trust in Nature, be aware of your connection to the world around you, as a foundation for thinking and acting wisely! Create your healthy journey and trust your own body intelligence.

An individual who wants to be self sufficient in all aspects of life and help/educate others become self sufficient also. I especially like the comment . “That a person is only as valuable as they are of help to others”. I really appreciate efforts by all who are able to take themselves away from commercial only aspects of life. Hence this site in alternative medicine and energy.

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