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SunSprite Hopes to Help You Get Enough Sun

juju331 SunSprite Hopes to Help You Get Enough Sun

Researchers have been using light monitors for decades to study everything from how the body adapts to changing sleep schedules to what effect light has on our mood, sleep, and overall health. A lot of this knowledge could be made more useful if people knew what their personal exposure to light is.

SunSprite, a new device that is scheduled to come out in a few months thanks to Indiegogo crowdsource funding, is designed to monitor and record your daily exposure to light. It clips on to your shirt, purse, or dress, and uses a solar panel to measure brightness. The same panel generates the electric power needed to run the SunSprite, so you won’t ever have to charge any batteries.

Certainly this will be a fun new addition in the quantified selfer’s toolbox and will hopefully lead to a bunch more useful data to analyze and get some sense out of.


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