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Cairo-based fortune-teller claims Third World War will never break out

These predictions were made in January 2014:

A prominent Cairo-based fortune-teller and astrologer, Joy Ayyad, shares  her predictions for a Third World War, and also says who she believes will become Egypt’s next president. The Egyptian and the entire Arab media for that matter have been quite sensitive about the war theme, and small wonder, since the region that has never been known for long-lasting stability has been the scene of two wars (in Libya and Syria) in the past three years. Moreover, the Middle East has almost become the scene of other wars, both major and minor.

Will Israel strike Iran? Will the West and the conservative Gulf Arab monarchies start invading Syria? Just how will things move in Bahrain? Can local hotbeds of tension coalesce into one major flashpoint? There are a lot of reasons to feel uneasy. But local political analysts have been easily playing with the concept of Third World War, both figuratively (“The Third World War is already being fought”) and literally, as they describe their forecasts for the near future. In other words, the basic thing they are disagreed on is whether the Third World War has already broken out or is yet to begin.

The Cairo-based astrologer has been quick to calm down the residents of the Middle East and other regions.

“I, Joy Ayyad of Egypt, tell you that there will be no Third World War. Many other fortune-tellers, astrologers and even some clergy people claim that that war looms large. But this is wrong. I have been closely following all the Astronomical Map changes concerning the Earth. The Earth in general faces no threat of war as mass-scale use of violence. But the world is in for other battles. We will have to endure economic and information wars. The global battle for the hearts and minds of people will also go on. But we should expect nothing like the First or Second World Wars, when armies fought on land, at sea and in the air”.

Everyone in the Middle East and specifically in Egypt is looking forward to Egypt’s next presidential election. Most Egyptians would like to see the current Defence Minister, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, as their new president. He has been the most influential person in Egypt since Morsi was overthrown as Egypt’s former president. What do you think about the outcome of the elections?

“El-Sisi will not become Egypt’s next president. The man who will be elected to lead Egypt is currently staying in the United Arab Emirates, and his name is Ahmed Mohammed Shafiq Zaki(Egypt’s former Prime Minister who ran against Morsi in the 2012 presidential election run-off).

He must become Egypt’s next president, according to my astrological charts and the book of predictions that I often use. I have seen many indications to that end for quite some time now, but I have had doubts. For example, according to my book, the next President will be a person that’s “full of kindness”. But this follows even from his name, for Shafiq means the one who glorifies compassion in Arabic. His name must contain three letter M’s which is also true. But I had no information about his parents. When my friends provided me with that data, all the numbers added up, as it were.

I realize that what I am saying may seem strange to you, because many in Egypt have almost forgotten about him over the past 18 months. I deeply respect General el-Sisi, who has done a lot for Egypt. I realize that my forecast will anger many people in Egypt. But I can’t help it. I can see Ahmed Shafiq as Egypt’s next president.

Joy Ayyad has repeatedly caused Egyptians, as well as people in other countries to wonder. But many of her predictions have come true, which made people feel even more surprised, or even mildly shocked. Well, let’s wait and see if her prediction proves correct this time”.

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