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'In 2014 the world map will change' – Egyptian prophet

In 2014 the map of the world will change, while Russia will gain more political weight than America or China. Citizens of Saudi Arabia pay attention: you are in for a flood in the near future. These are only some of the predictions made by the Cairo “queen of prophecy” Joy Ayad 

In Cairo this beautiful young woman is called the queen of prophecy. In Egypt predicting the future is an ancient and honorable trade. In Cairo alone there are legions of prophets. But the Egyptians are untrusting people and they are far from believing everybody. But many people take this woman seriously.

Joy Ayad has a bachelor’s degree in French art and by vocation is an astrology and numerology specialist. Her predictions have been published for 10 years. And according to her numerous followers, these predictions come true with amazing precision.

But real fame came to Joy Ayad only this year when she predicted the ousting of president Mohamed Morsi. She did that at the time when the president’s position looked absolutely secure. However, on TV screens the prophet kept predicting the departure of Mohamed Morsi, which she considered inevitable. In response many TV hosts only smiled at her with skepticism. Eventually, the skeptics had to admit they were wrong.

Ms. Ayad, please remind us of some of the predictions you have made lately that have come true. And also, can you reveal to us the mechanism of your predictions?

I predicted the terrorist attack on the al-Qiddissin church in Alexandria and the death of Egypt’s Vice President Omar Suleiman. I predicted the earthquake in Iran and the hurricane in the USA. It was recorded on my Facebook page.

As far as the mechanism of predictions goes, everybody wants to know that (she smiles). I would also like to know. Some of my predictions initially surprised me personally; initially I sometimes don’t understand myself what the actual matter is. For example, it was obvious that one of the leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood would be humiliated because of some woman, while another one would act like a woman himself. When I announced that, I personally could not explain anything at the moment. And when shortly after that the Brotherhood was ousted, their spiritual leader (Safuat Higazi – the VoR) tried to flee from Egypt wearing a nikab (female clothing that conceals the body – the VoR), half of the prediction became clear. Then the second ranking person in the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat Ash-Shater was unmasked due to his wife – it turned out that his wife was engaged in providing coordination between the Brotherhood and the Palestinian Hamas.

I also predicted that al-Sisi (the Defense Minister who supported mass protests for Morsi’s ousting in late June – early July – the VoR) would become very popular, which came true. I said that a few months prior to the June 30 revolution.

This was talking about the past. What is in store for us in the future?

 I can say – and I am saying that for the first time – that Russia will gain great influence in the world, more influence than America or China. Egypt will regain its role as the leader among Arab states. Egypt and Russia will form a stable union. Egypt’s neighbors are in for difficult times. There will be another revolution in Tunisia and a change of power in Libya.

Also, there will be weather cataclysms in our region. For example, there will be snowfall in Egypt. There will be a flood in Saudi Arabia, most likely in Jidda.

In 2014 the map of the world will change, which will affect Russia as well. Russia will also have to fight against a large terrorist attack. It will succeed thanks to its law enforcement structures and due to some technologies, about which don’t know, but which are in reality the most perfect in the world.

In general, a lot will change in the world very soon. All the important events that determined the beginning of the new era, already took place in 2013. So far many of these events are hidden from people, but we will find out about them later. And now we all need to expect new times. They are coming.


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