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GOLEIC the vitamin D binding protein destroying cancer at any stage and many other diseases

GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make to destroy cancer. All 5 billion healthy humans make their own GcMAF. A  human makes 10,000 – 100,000 cancer cells a day, but your GcMAF, which has six attacks on cancer, destroys them every day.

If you have a severe shock, such as losing your house or catching pneumonia, that may give cancer the chance to send out an enzyme (nagalase) to prevent your body making its own GcMAF. If so, that stops the six attacks on cancer; without GcMAF, your immune system also collapses, and the cancer becomes chronic.

If external GcMAF is administered, five of the six attacks on cancer restart in minutes, and in three weeks the sixth, your immune system, is rebuilt to above normal strength. GcMAF is, of course, without side effects.


As a result of research carried out in our laboratory, peer reviewed and published in prestigious scientific journals, we were able to build a new molecule, Goleic, which we patented. It is 200 times more powerful in the laboratory, and perhaps 30% more powerful in the human body. Goleic is the one we use in our clinics.

Unlike GcMAF Goleic can be used in a nebuliser (the most powerful form of administration), and made into suppositories. It also isn’t blocked by medicines such as heparin.

Using the Protocols, a big part of which is diet, we usually eradicate stage 4 cancer in 6 months, providing the patient carries out the simple protocols, the SWISS Protocol in the clinic, and the Home Protocol at home. If you have had chemotherapy it will take considerably longer. If you have been “over chemoed” and your blood / immune system counts are low, we will have to get those back up first.

Cases we treat include:

  • Autism
  • Terminal stage 4 Cancer
  • Chronic Herpes
  • Chronic Acne
  • Chronic cirrhosis of the liver
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic depression
  • Colitis
  • Crohn’s
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • ME/CFS
  • Osteoporosis

And various types of Immune dysfunction including allergies. Research shows GcMAF can halt deterioration in Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and ALS, and in its role of immune system regulator, can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like Lupus and Arthritis. And is effective with wound healing.

There is nothing you need to avoid while on GcMAF.

Worldwide there are six billion healthy people with GcMAF inside them, and you can take anything with our GcMAF that they can. So we are not aware of any contra indications for GcMAF itself.

But there are contra indications for your immune system, which you are trying to rebuild. Generally, do not take medications unless you have to.

So, for the sake of your immune system

You should continue with any supplements that help the immune system. Anti-histamine is fine.

However, try to avoid anything that suppresses your immune system (or you may nullify the good effects of GcMAF:)

LDN appears to stop the action of GcMAF.

Externally administered heparin (used to stop blood clots) can completely block GcMAF, but not Goleic.

Aspartame -the well known sweetener – can negatively interact with your intestinal microflora and reduce your immune defences

All kinds of Corticosteroids (Prednisolon, Prednisone, Betapred, Solu-Cortef, Solu-Medrol etc). So avoid Cortisone and steroids if possible.

Anti- inflammatory drugs should be avoided. (NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Diklofenalk. Celebrex Aspirin etc should be taken in moderation.)

Cytotoxic medications or chemotherapy (Cyclophosphamide (Sendoxan) Etoposide (Vepesid) Metotrexat, Taxotere, Taxol, Navelbine etc etc) although there is some evidence GcMAF may reduce the side effects and the damage these poisons do.

Radiation Therapy.

Morphine (Morfine) analogs, (Morfin, Tramadole, kodeine, Fentanylplasters, Oxynorm, Oxycodon etc). Take buprenorphine instead.

Dr Yamamoto also warns against beta blockers (seloken, Selo-Zok etc)

Carrageenan (Chocomel) can block macrophage (gcMAF) activity. Also known as E407 or E407a.

Remember, in men, high cortisol will cause a man to lose his testosterone down the road because cortisol will block testosterone from working at the cell receptor sites. A man will lose his sex drive and be 15 kgs overweight. He will frequently have high cholesterol and high triglycerides. It’s a perfect setup for a heart attack.

Food for your immune system (and neurological system)

Dr Tomas Tallberg MD, head of the Helsinki Institute for Bioimmunotherapy, has published numerous research papers over the last 40 years which state that lipids are needed to rebuild your immune and central nervous system where the patient has cancer or autism.

He states you are unlikely to recover if you are on a fast food diet, vegan or vegetarian diets, or processed foods.

Your immune and neurological systems need to be fed with the right amino acids, trace metals and lipids if GcMAF is to rebuild them:

You need the original human caveman diet without red meat or fruits, ie white meat, fish vegetables, and the lipids provided by butter, cream, chicken liver, salmon, nuts coconut milk, offal. (Unfortunately the fastest place to get lipids from is canned (prion free) pigs brain ! Turn it in to a Pina Colada mix below.)

We soon expect to have specific powders containing the right amino acids and trace metals for the 6 cancer groups.

We treat usually terminal stage 4 cancer patients, including multiple myleoma and pancreatic cancer. We expect you to have, on average, a 50% reduction in tumour size (50% improvement in myleoma numbers) in three weeks.

When you go home you MUST do our home protocol. If you do, we then expect you to be cancer free in six months.

If you have stage 4 cancer, at home afterwards you need:

  1. A full 1ml of Goleic a day.
  2. At least 10,000iu of vitamin D a day,
  3. Eat white meat, fish and vegetables,
  4. No sugar or carbohydrates (so no cereals or bread) which feed cancer.
  5. If your weight drops below your ideal, 20 MAP protein tablets a day from Dr Reinwald Healthcare Germany.

Avoid the five main causes of cancer:

  1. Too much sugar
  2. Lack of vitamin D3
  3. Poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and trace metals, ,
  4. Lack of oxygen and exercise,
  5. Severe shock stress.

Stay away from: sugar, which feeds cancer, carbohydrates which turn into sugar; and grains beans and potatoes, which also contain cancer inducing lectins and poisons – wheat is the worst. Avoid soya milk which blocks the absorbance of trace metals.
Some sweeteners are damaging in other ways – asparthame lowers your immune system; even Splenda is a chlorocarbon like DDT – See
The best appears to be the natural plant sweetener Stevia, to which they add relatively harmless maltodextrin for supermarkets. Second best is saccharin.

Breast cancer
If you have a root canal, you are advised to have that tooth removed. (See article)
Avoid molybdenum, which makes breast cancer grow. The richest sources of molybdenum are legumes, including beans, peas, lentils and soybeans. Nuts, leafy vegetables and grains like oats, wheat and rice also contain ample amounts.
And ordinary milk contains estrogen, which is a growth factor for uterine cancer, and for breast cancer but less so.

In addition to rebuilding the immune system and activating macrophages, Goleic also has five direct actions on cancer cells, where its half life is three days. As a macrophage stimulator its half life is 5 days (the half life of macrophages is 6 days), so most importantly hugely increase the GcMAF dosage, and put into different parts of the body at least twice a week. IV is best.

If you can have surgery to reduce tumour mass, do so, but make sure you are on GcMAF/Goleic for at least three weeks before the surgery, so that your rebuilt immune system can prevent secondaries caused by cancer cells released by surgery settling elsewhere.

And then keep the GcMAF up for 8 weeks after scans show your tumours are gone, or nagalase first drops below 0.65.

To support the treatment with Goleic you need additionally to:

Sunbathe whenever you can.


Drink Water

Vitamin C



Alkaline PH

Vitamin B 17

Oleic acid

Green tea


27 thoughts on “GOLEIC the vitamin D binding protein destroying cancer at any stage and many other diseases

  1. donna garland says:

    I have Bile Duct Cancer, not oprebale have you got anything that kills cancer Cells

    1. Hi Donna, We have a package which for sure will cure your cancer; This package contains an extract of herbs produced in Germany in a fully new patented process. Additionally you need to buy Aquatone and Triomed CGI and Geno62. We guarantee complete healing within 42-60 days.

    2. Hi, Perfect for you to heal your cancer is our extraordinary Artemisinin herbs mix presented here in our last
      post. I do many treatments with these herbs and the rate of healing is above 98%. You will need 21 doses and
      you take these at home, no worsening, no side effects or any risks. It is worth to try, you will be amazed about
      the results.

  2. Hermy says:


    My 12 year old son is on the Autistic Spectrum with no expressive speech. Do you have a GoLeic package for nubulising, that may help treat his condition?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, better than Goleic is our new herbal extract, check it out here:

  3. Tony says:

    Hello, how can I purchase some Goleic for my Autistic 11 year old son, thanks.

    1. Hi, Sorry we do not deal with Goleic.
      Try our new product Artemisinin, it is better.

      1. Greg says:


        Came across your site,very interesting
        I see in your post above you stated that the Artemisinin is better for Autism than Goleic
        I cannot find anywhere why this would be better,how does it treat that affliction

        Thanks Greg

        1. Hi Greg, The reasons why “Our specific Artemisinin herbs mixture product” is much better than Goleic
          is because it cures all GI disorders, supports a more accurate and better brain activity, is eliminating
          through a deep detox heavy metals, Aluminium, Mercury, Lead, etc and homo-toxins and helps purging parasites
          and any other microbes. The body starts to function properly and if you add a specific supplementation
          we would recommend the job could be completed up to a normalisation. Goleic is just an immune system booster.

  4. Kimberly Miller says:

    Have stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma in the abdominal cavity tumor about 7 cm. What do you suggest for protocol and how much will it cost to get all products. Please help

    1. Hi Kimberley

      By far more efficient is a treatment with our unique Artemisinin herbs super concentrated extract. Proven over decades its efficiency if administrated properly, you would heal your cell carcinomas within 21-42 days. You need one vial/day over first step 21 days, thereafter, and only if requested 21 days more. Check on our shop the prices. We can coach you during this treatment which is to be done at home, no risk, no side effects. Call me to learn more.
      Be well, Dr Christine Siepe

  5. koce Bakla says:

    Hi there
    My wife is stage 4 cancer patient.she is diagnosed with agresive inflamatory breast cancer which is now spred to the bones and can we order your products or how can we find you to come forbtreatment in germany and isbthere any testemonials or feedback from people you have healed from cancer please.and whats the whole protocol for this type of cancer

    1. Hi
      Order the product Artemisia herbs extract right away first 21 bottles and thereafter she must go testing;
      evtl. a second therapy period of 3 weeks with 21 bottles must follow. She will go in remission. It is
      necessary to detox as described in my recent video about Lyme disease. If you need more assistance call us
      ask for Dr Christine Siepe or dial ext. 1.

      1. Koce bakla says:

        Hi Dr.Siepe.
        Yes please I would like to call you.Can you please let me know on which number I can call and also I will need the whole protocol of doing the treatment..
        Thank you

      2. Koce bakla says:

        Hi Dr.Siepe.
        Yes please I would like to call you.Can you please let me know on which number I can call and also I will need the whole protocol of doing the treatment..
        Thank you

        1. Hi
          If you are located in USA or Canada just call the TFN 1 888 773 3196.
          If you are outside these two countries call +1 905 963 3974.
          Best time to call is after 2 PM ET. Waiting for you. Take care and Be well!

  6. Emily says:

    Hello, my mother had multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. She has recently recommenced chemotherapy, a new type called pomalyst with dexamethasone. My mum has been on chemo over the pat 3 years.
    Does gcmaf work while taking chemotherapy? What do you recommend? Thanks.

    1. Hi. GcMAF does not work when chemo therapy is ongoing.
      Best to use is our herbs extract to heal the cancer:
      Learn more here:
      In max. 42 days she is cured, no more cancer and I think
      this is what you want.

      1. August says:

        Does the artemisia herbs work for rheumatoid arthritis ? But

        1. Yes it does very well help in RA, it diminishes the pain significantly, helps reduce inflammations and cures infections/ estimated therapy duration 21 days repeat after 1 month for 21 days.

  7. Susan Cates says:

    My husband has Mykosis Fungoides stage 2. He is taking Targretin and using GcMAF high strength cream and by day 5 has had some positive results on his skin. What would you advise, please?

    1. You husband need Vivid Artemisinin 10 bottles, one bottle per day orally and topically. Buy this products here:

  8. Mariana Campos says:

    my friend has a brain cancer what do you recommend is there any chance of surviving?

    1. Yes, he must make therapy with Galvanic devices such as Vegetbalance Home, here is the link:

  9. Willie Rogers says:

    Do you guys still manfacture8 the vivd artemisinin? If so whats the price per bottle?

      1. Willie Rogers says:

        How can I order the products from your website?

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