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The key to understand bioresonance lies in the knowing and understanding the fact, that all vital processes in living bodies are influenced and controlled by different electromagnetic oscillations (frequencies). Everything and everyone in this universe has characteristic frequencies associated with specific information; we are all part of a multidimensional unified field. Modern physics made already this statement; why is the medical school not following this principle?

Humans generate:


  • Radio waves coming from internal organs (heart, arteries)
  • Infrared waves coming from head and rest of body
  • Optical waves emitted by the skin

Bioresonance therapy is also called bio-physical information therapy (BIT), bio-energetic therapy (BET), energy medicine and vibrational medicine. Whatever the name, the method is based on the notion that electromagnetic oscillations emitted by diseased organs are different from those emitted by healthy cells.

The electromagnetic oscillations referred to in bioresonance therapy may be compared to (but are different from and much finer than) the cardiac impulses detected by an electrocardiogram (ECG) or brain “waves” as measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Bioresonance is not a classical “electrotherapy”, just as it is not a “radiation” therapy of any kind. Most of all, it is not a “paranormal medical method of treatment”, the effect of which has to be believed in to be able to induce a healing effect! Bioresonance therapy makes use of the latest discoveries in bio-physics and has been thoroughly and scientifically researched and proven.

How does Bioresonance work?

Damages or disturbances to the body may alter the internal milieu, so that body’s biophysical and biochemical functions are affected and sickness occurs. For example, harmful substances such as heavy metals affect the body on the regulatory, physiological, psycho-somatic level; this is due to the ultra-fine oscillations that these stressors possess. Pathology appears when long term stressors limit self-regulation processes. Chronic disease may present focal symptoms but pathology is distributed throughout the matrix, system wide. The most important and largest matrix in living beings is the connective tissue matrix.

Allopathic treatment of chronic disease (symptoms suppression) does not address the cause of the diseases. As a result, the matrix becomes more dysfunctional. Successful treatment of chronic disease requires a successful restoration of the matrix to full competence and all its functions must be addressed.

Bioresonance is an all-encompassing assessment modality utilizing patient’s own “ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations.” The method had its inception in 1977 after development by the German physician Dr. Franz Morell and electronics engineer Mr. Erich Rasche from whose names the name MO-RA originated. The goal of quantum bioresonance therapy is the restoration of the body’s self-regulatory ability.

During more than 20 years of research, carried out by well-known scientists in Germany and abroad, it was found that each individual possesses a unique spectrum of ultra-fine electro-magnetic vibrations which can be electronically sensed, processed and then utilized as therapy.

Today, it is known, that the chemical processes in living bodies are controlled by “information” associated to the bioenergetic field. Furthermore, organs and cell types possess characteristic oscillations which are at the same time unique to each individual due to specific individual information. Thus we are unique and at the same time a fractal part of the unified field energy.

Bioresonance devices allow transferring, inverting, amplifying, attenuate and separate (filter) the collected vibrations. Pathological biofield information is collected from the body using different samples:

  • Electrode(s) applied on the diseased body part(s)
  • Secretion from body fluids (isodes)
  • Medications
  • Virtual signals (Synergy)
  • Frequency generator

Therapeutic Frequencies

The patient usually receives treatment from a bioresonance device via a hand and a foot “electrode”. As Bioresonance therapy is not an electrotherapy, the electrodes are electrodes in name only as no external electricity passes through them during the treatment.

The patient’s own oscillations enter and exit the bioresonance device via the electrodes in the same way as nerve impulses are conducted into ECG or EEG devices. Specialized electrodes may also be used to target specific skin areas or pain sites.

The body’s debilitated regulatory processes are then unburdened and strengthened via the rebalancing technology.

Usually, during the first stage of treatment, so-called basic therapy the whole of the body is harmonized. In the second step of treatment localized diseased areas of the body, for example pain regions are addressed. The device settings are readjusted for this second stage and special electrodes (e.g. magnetic type, roller or flexible electrodes) are often used.

Generally Bioresonance is understood as a bundle of frequencies collected as pathological oscillations, inverted and sent back to the patient.

Treatment Frequencies can be of one of the following type:  A, Ai, H, Di


Frequencies A: All frequencies picked up from the patient are fed back in an amplified or attenuated form and they are inducing “a residual toxic stress in the body”. These frequencies are mostly used to transfer information from one substance to a carrier (pellets, water-alcohol tincture, others).

Frequencies Ai: Are inverted and fed back (180 deg. Out of phase). These are mostly used to treat “intolerances or allergies”.

Treatment with (A+Ai) is mainly used in an automatic, rhythmic alternating sequence, alternating between “Ai = attenuation” and “A = provocation”. It is used for patients with reaction blockages for residual toxin stress.

Frequencies H and Di: “H is a harmonic frequency” and “Di is a disharmonic frequency”. Through a separator the physiological (H) and pathological (Di) frequencies are separated. The physiological (H) frequency is fed back in an amplified form; the pathological (Di) is inverted and thereafter fed back. This treatment is used in patients with strong general stress and in those who have weak reactions; it is used generally to maintain a healthy balance through regulative biological processes,

The quality of a bioresonance device depends on the quality of the band-passes (channel or filters which cut frequencies into a due range). Usually bioresonance devices are working in the range 0-1MHz, often between 0-500KHz.

Many patients feel an improvement after the first treatment. However, it is possible that the body will have to eliminate the harmful deposits freed by the therapy before improvement is felt. These toxic deposits must be eliminated as fast as possible but this may take some time in chronic cases. The liberation of these deposits may lead to short-lived initial reactions similar to those observed in homeopathic treatment. This is not a sign of inappropriate therapy and is no reason for concern. It is simply a temporary stage during detoxification. The easiest way to avoid or minimize this is by drinking lots of very pure, low mineral-content water during the treatment. Also important, are detoxification via the skin (by scrubbing the skin during the daily shower or while in a sauna) and via the bowel (constipation must be eliminated). In rare cases additional measures to aid excretion must be utilized.

In many acute cases (e.g. acute inflammations, infections or pains and certain intoxications) a single therapy session is sufficient to successfully mobilize the self-healing process. In cases of serious or chronic illness a number of therapy sessions are usually required.

In principle, bioresonance is a therapy device and as such it can treat all diseased parts of the body. Our experience says that this therapy is best suited for:

  • Allergies and food intolerance
  • Detoxification of all kind
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Weight Gain or weight loss
  • Asthma
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin problems
  • Auto Immune diseases
  • Infectious diseases
  • Neurological disorders
  • Dental problems
  • Pain
  • Sport injuries
  • Parasites
  • Migraine

For diseases with advanced physical damages, bioresonance can provide relief in case of symptomatic pains. Impairments due to bioresonance therapy are not yet known.

In the therapy session, the patient is treated exclusively with the endogenic information that is relevant at that moment and that is typical for him/her. External energy or exogenic substances are not applied during any phase of the therapy.

The number of therapy sessions required varies considerably from person to person. In acute cases, only a few therapy sessions often suffice to restore the self-healing processes (e.g. acute inflammations, infections, poisoning in the broadest sense, etc.). Longer or long-term therapy is normally required in case of diseases with severe or chronic symptoms.

What is the difference between Bioresonance and biofeedback?

Biofeedback devices do read specific frequencies on specific body levels; however biofeedback instruments do not process these oscillations (inversion, filter, amplification, etc.) to generate a customized therapy.

Why combine Bioresonance with EDS/EAV?

Bioresonance is a therapy method; to optimize the therapy it is necessary to have an accurate diagnosis. This can be provided by laboratory blood test reports, CT, X-Ray, Physician’s reports or by using Electroacupuncture (EAV devices); EAV is measuring skin resistance and thus establishes a correct body meridian diagnosis. Meridians are life vessels and according to TCM, diseases are caused by Qi energy blockages measurable at specific points and organs meridians. EAV means electroacupuncture according Dr. Voll, called also electrodermal screening (EDS).

The term – “Bioresonance therapy”
The term “bioresonance therapy” is currently used for a series of additional methods that differ from the classic bioresonance therapy to some extent as far as methodology and instrumentation are concerned. These include the biophysical information therapy, the VITATEC devices by Dr. Kiontke (Mitosan, Bemisan, Actisan), Zapper devices by Dr. Clark, the so-called Bioresonator devices (e.g. by Rayonex), Biotensors as well as Kinesiologic methods.

Many people consider Radionics being a part of the bioresonance therapy. If we consider that all is energy and matter is just a NOW visualization, or a hologram of a condensed energy (cell), then all vibrational therapies are correct to be included in the big group of QUANTUM BIORESONANCE.

Vibrations are electromagnetic waves and according to physics (Maxwell equations), electromagnetic waves (light, sound magnetic waves, optical and radio waves, etc.) have always an associated informational (scalar wave) part. Each antenna for Radio, TV, radar, mobile devices, is actually reading the scalar wave information. Like this you dial a number from your cellular device and this wave reaches the final recipient identified by his/her phone number; this is possible only after the electromagnetic wave was hitting several antennas. The antenna processed the scalar wave (information) associated with the electromagnetic wave generated by your device.

The difference between different methodologies and devices is based on the frequencies traded during the therapy and the specific body energetic levels these are interacting with:

  1. The energy given in form of oscillations measurable in Hertz (Hz) are changing bioenergetics levels (electromagnetic field) such as EDS, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field, light and sound therapy, laser therapy, etc.)
  2. The more subtle energy given as scalar waves (informational waves working like antennas) are mainly affecting psycho-somatic, spiritual, emotional levels (Radionics, Reiki, kinesiology, etc.)

Lyra Nara Inc offers different kinds of bioresonance devices:

  1. Classical Bioresonance hardware and software: Retec 2000CP, produced by the German company Kindling
  1. Quantum Bioresonance devices where EDS hardware is combined with different modern bioresonance software addressing more subtle levels like psycho-somatic, energy centers (aura & chakra) or energy meridians (as in TCM); systems like Bioresonance Triselect, or Aura Coach, Photon 5 and Tao Medical, produced by the company Bucher Systems in Germany, are representative examples of quantum bioresonance.


  1. Bioresonance therapy is first and foremost engaged in the reduction and elimination of disease causing ultra-fine, pathological, electromagnetic oscillations so that the forces and information regulating the body may be unburdened and normalized and the healing process enhanced.
  2. Bioresonance therapy has no undesirable side effects. Its application is trouble-free and for that reason is especially suitable for use with sick children.
  3. Bioresonance therapy is extremely versatile since practically every illness or disturbance, be it organic or functional, acute or chronic, already in progress or only beginning, may be treated with Bioresonance therapy


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