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The number of patients with systemic functional disorders who attend clinical practices has been steadily increasing for some time. These patients have been unsuccessfully going through many classical medical diagnostic procedures and treatment approaches. However the main symptoms are often still present and are sedated with conventional pharmaceutical drugs. In the therapeutic stage of medication these drugs are mostly associated with adverse side effects and risks. This means, for example, that the patient pays for his pain reduction with a chronic stress and other damages of organ systems, that were previously healthy or only moderately stressed. These patients become during the time “morbid patients”, suffering from several chronic diseases at the same time.

This is where modern naturopathic medicine, understood as regulatory and supportive medicine, can offer valuable benefits to all patients. In addition to classical therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine and manual physical therapy, there is another form of therapy, which makes use of the body‘s own frequencies, called Systemic Functional Bioresonance (SFB). This method is able to modulate the body‘s endogenous frequencies and to trigger self-healing processes; autonomic controlled SFB therapy, is listed by the German Hufeland Association and it is thus a recognized form of naturopathic treatment, absolutely free of risks, side effects or toxic drugs. It is part of a positive soft medicine guiding the body toward the total healing.

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ISO Certified medical device according 93/42/EWG Annex II

KINDLING-EASY is a self-calibrating measurement and therapy SFB device for daily use. The systemic functional therapy approach is based on the fact that, besides the organically identifiable diseases, an increasingly large number of patients complain of disorders that do not correspond to any pattern recognized by the diagnostic tests used in conventional medicine; these patients require additional diagnostic and therapeutic techniques offered by complementary medicine. Systemic Functional Bioresonance therapy with KINDLING-EASY is particularly valuable in a concomitant complementary role or as primary therapy for the so-called „acidic diseases“. Patients with autonomic dysregulation are also potential candidates for SFB therapy with the KINDLING-EASY device.

EasyKINDLING-EASY Device Unique features:

  • Automated treatment & diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and therapy individually tailored to the patient
  • Recurrent self-calibration
  • Simple measurement technique (hand-hand measurement)
  • In KINDLING EASYyou have synergetically integrated 2 SFB devices and one EDS device
  • Measurements can be delegated  at no risk of operational errors
  • Error-free parameter selection
  • Complex SFB procedures are fully automated
  • Intuitive use suitable for delegation
  • Graphic representation of the treatment development
  • No extra computer and software necessary, operational software in device integrated
  • Based on skin conductance measurements (integrated EDS), the device calibrates itself automatically every 2 minutes
  • Patients are receiving the most recent checked and individualized SFB treatment; this is in accordance to the body regulation requirements and therefore guarantees the selection of “operator-independent” error-free treatment parameters.
  • At the end of the treatment session patients and doctors receive a graphical representation of the whole SFB process. This gives doctors a great opportunity to discuss the results and subsequent to establish accurately the necessary therapy.
  • Unique in the world, Kindling Easy offers a fully automated diagnosis and therapy process, as well as immediate and comprehensive display of the treatment results. The effect is a high level of patient’s acceptance.
  • Efficient, Fast, High Accuracy, No Risks or Side Effects, Healing Effects immediately recognized, all this makes of Kindling Easy a tool for modern naturopathic practices compatible to ongoing cost-cutting
  • With just one button and the pictorial display, treatment can be performed correctly and independently by any operator.

What is measured during KINDLING EASY Therapy?

  • Conductance is measured in micro-Siemens (µS) from hand to hand
  • Use of high quality gold electrodes
  • Conductance is affected by sweating; the drier the skin, the lower the conductance and the smaller the measurement in µS. The moister the skin, the greater the conductance and the larger the measurement in µS
  • Sweat production is modulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS).The sweat glands of the palmar surfaces that are relevant to the measurement procedure of the KINDLING-EASY device are innervated by the autonomic nervous system
  • The two antagonistic components of the autonomic nervous system exert the following effects on the activity of the sweat glands:
  • The sympathetic nervous system increases sweating
  • The parasympathetic nervous system reduces sweating
  • The ANS is correlated with the body‘s regulatory capacity
  • The palms have a very high density of sweat glands (400/cm2)
  • Dehydration or skin keratosis leads to very low conductance values, which have their origin in the clinical picture of the patient and must be assessed accordingly.
  • Thermal overheating of the patient may of course result in high physiological conductance. If maximum conductance continually recurs, the possibility that the patient suffers from hyperhidrosis should be investigated.

Picture3How does KINDLING EASY SFB treatment work?

  • This treatment uses two separate channels:
  • Channel 1: endogenous frequency patterns (taken directly from the body)
  • Channel 2: exogenous frequency patterns (substances such as blood, urine, saliva, etc.)

Kindling Easy therapy_280215

  • Two wrist straps and a rubber electrode are applied to the body (e.g. over the liver)
  • Automatic verification of electrode connectivity
  • Automatic adjustment of therapy program parameters on the basis of the measured values
  • 7 cycles of measurement and treatment
  • Up to 100% of the therapy can be delegated
  • The method is very simple and is easily understood after a short briefing
  • Therapy can be carried out independently by the patient
  • Intuitive explanation on the display with words and symbols
  • Treatment can be applied with the patient sitting or lying down
  • Concomitant treatments can be carried out at the same time (e.g. infusion)
  • The treatment takes approximately 16 minutes
  • The treatment ends automatically using a series of beeps
  • The course of treatment is immediately displayed as a curve on the display

What does the curve tell us? A picture is worth a thousand words:


Red line          corresponds to an infinite conductance (∞ µS)

Green line      corresponds to a conductance of 40 µS

Blue line         corresponds to a conductance of 10 µS

Black curve    Measurements are carried out before each treatment to calibrate KINDLING-EASY device and are shown as a line diagram.

Interpretation based on energetic aspects (according to Dr. Voll):

Picture5Note: Specialists in classical EAV, electroacupuncture according to Voll, and bioresonance therapy should note that on the display of Dr. Voll’s device, the blue line corresponds to values below 50 SKT, the green line to 80 SKT and the red line to 100 SKT.

Interpretation based on activity of the autonomic nervous system:

  • Low valuesindicate relatively little activity of the sweat glands of the palms, and can be interpreted as a situation dominated by the patient’s parasympathetic system.
  • High valuesindicate increased activity of the sweat glands of the palms, and can be interpreted as a situation dominated by the patient’s sympathetic system.


  • The curve indicates the regulatory capacity of the patient. During treatment with KINDLING-EASY, one often experiences autonomic relaxation responses of the patient, such as unconscious deep sighs or wide yawns. These reactions often correlate with stabilized measurements or with frequently low measurements as well monitored on display.

Measurements & diagnosis:

Cyclical measurements and therapy with KINDLING EASY offers an optimized patient treatment. This methodology also allows a therapeutically very valuable overview of the energetics of the patient’s ANS status; this is a synergy between the palmar sweat glands activity and patient’s capacity to regulate his sympathetic and parasympathetic tone during treatment with the KINDLING-EASY device. For example, careful checking of the current situation is advisable for very low conductance (<3 µS), in order to investigate the origin of such a dominant vagal tone. This gives the treating physician valuable information that can assist in determining the further diagnostic and therapeutic needs of the patient.

Picture7In our workshops we provide additional information and incorporate therapy with KINDLING-EASY into an overall concept of milieu diagnosis and therapy, beneficial for the patient and easy to implement for the practice.

Technical Data:

  • 2-channel technology
  • Therapeutic frequency range of 1 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Treatment modes (program-based)
  • Treatment filters (program-based)
  • Signal amplification (program-based)
  • Input and output cups integrated
  • 5″ TFT display

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