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Biocybernetics is a modern way of using computational science and computers to study complex biological systems like humans, animals, plants. All biological systems contain trillions of cells and run an undefinable number of biological interlocked processes taking place at the same time. Due to their complexity, all biological systems must be considered “Stochastic Systems” which is to consider the probabilistic calculation being the single way to characterize a state for living bodies at a due time. This kind of stochastic mathematics is made possible only by using computers with specific software to determine most probable “morphic” state. “Morphic” means each state is in a continuous change and nothing can be defined statically, all is dynamically changing and permanently morphing (changing shape).

All these ongoing morphic changes are emerging from the cellular energy and form the more subtle energies generated by the conscious mind (thoughts), by specific emotions and, last but  not least, by our beliefs (including attitudes, habits), latest being stored in our subconscious mind. Modern medical science clearly enforced this idea, that thoughts, emotions and beliefs have a strong influence on how our cellular system is morphing and responding. Today we speak about epigenetics instead of genetic predetermination.

However an accumulated primordial and ancestral cellular memory stored in cellular membrane (membrane = brain of cells) is having a multifaceted and deep influence as well; this corresponds to “Karma”, known from ancient wisdom. We inherited from all our ancestors their beliefs and experiences which were stored in their cells and in their subliminal memories.

Conclusion: all biological systems are quantum bioresonant systems obeying to stochastic mathematic laws (highest probability) and can be processed by using computers (cybernetics). Why Quantum Bioresonance? Because the quantum physics principles such as non-locality, discrete energy units (quanta), fractal structures, uncertainty do apply to all biological systems.

This being said all valuable instruments to be used in diagnosis and therapies of biological systems must specifically deal with different  energies collected from the biological systems and to stochastically process these signals usually with a sophisticated, highly performant software. This software always offsets collected information (from the biological system)

We must distinguish between two different classes of instruments depending on which signals from biological systems are being collected and processed:

Electromagnetic Bioresonance (EMB): body electromagnetic signals are collected during a scan. The subject specific frequencies are then split into harmonic and disharmonic, or in healthy, good frequencies and in dis-eased or pathogenic vibrations. The disharmonic frequencies are inverted (or harmonized), amplified and given back as a treatment. This is the classical Bioresonance known from Franz Morrell, Dr. Rasch and many other doctors who developed this technology 30-50 years ago. In EMB we are working with frequencies quantified in Hertz (Hz) and measuring the electromagnetic energy around the cells, organs, etc. Disharmonies are replaced by harmonic signals and thus “dis-eased” (sick) cells and organs are starting to vibrate harmoniously, becoming “eased” or “balanced”, which means “healthy”. This methodology is also called “Rebalancing technology”. One of the best devices of this kind is Retec 2000CP produced by Kindling. This device was described already in one of our previous article and is also presented with details on our website here.


A good EMB system must precisely separate harmonic and disharmonic frequencies using very narrow band-passes. It must also filter and amplify accurately the frequencies given back to the body. A highly performant electronics is the key to have a good EMB instrument. I know only a few such devices, all produced in Germany and among these Kindling Bioresonance devices rank on top.

Many of these instruments are coming with hundreds of therapy protocols. However biological systems do not respond always well on punctual or on specific symptom therapy: i.e. if kidneys are sick it does not mean you must run only kidneys protocols. This may be caused by fear and anxiety, or by ears affections, or by metabolic disorders, uremia, brain edema located on the brain stem, liver malfunctioning, etc. Question: which protocols shall I give then to my patients?

Well to this question there is only one correct answer: give your patients a holistic auto-regulative protocol to establish a dynamic equilibrium also called Homeostasis. Homoeostasis is governed by the autonomous nervous system (ANS) response. The balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system means all biological processes at a due time are functioning in perfect harmony and your body is in best healthy state. There is only one Bioresonance system I know at this time treating patients at the aim to achieve a homoeostatic status, namely Kindling Easy. See my previous article and product description on my web shop here. This is a Systemic Functional Bioresonance (SFB) possible today with Kindling easy only.


Kindling Easy therapy_2802152. Scalar Bioresonance (also called Radionics). For more subtle energies corresponding to psycho-somatic, emotional, habits & beliefs, vibrations are “stored information”.

From classical physics we know, that an electromagnetic wave, measurable in Hz, is always associated with an “information wave” for “guidance”. This elementary physics was described by Maxwell equations  for electromagnetism (EM) and was practically proven by Tesla in his attempts to wireless distribute electricity.

These informational waves, also known as “scalar waves”, are specific for all classical antennas used for TV, Radio, Radar stations, or for mobile devices as well as for any other wireless functioning devices. Scalar waves are not measurable in Hz, being only pulsating waves attached to the longitudinally moving EM waves. When EM wave hits an antenna, this is extracting the information (like for ex. a cellular phone number of a recipient) and redirecting the EM wave to the next best suitable antenna and from there to the next one and thus the target recipient is finally being reached, wherever this may be.Picture2

Picture3 Picture4 Picture5

Animation of scalar waves can be seen here:

As all living beings have an active EM field, the physics clearly predicts that these must also have an “informational field” manifested as associated scalar waves. This universal informational field was called by R. Sheldrake morphogenetic field, translated as that field morphing and shaping the matter and energy.

Question; where is antenna for living beings? Answer: DNA double helix, chromosomes and microtubules are the antennas and therefore these absorb and radiate information. Re-informed bio-energetic field starts a complex and almost instantaneous energetic restructuring process and finally the cells (matter) are morphing according to these changes. Scalar Bioresonance is also called radionics.

In the following article we will extensively present radionics systems, which we consider to be highly performant and accurate in diagnosis.

We must not forget that all biological systems have EM field associated with a morphic field, both synergistically controlling all changes at the cellular level. Thus we strongly believe that devices combining EMB (sound, light, pulsed magnetic field) and scalar Bioresonance, like Bucher Quantum Resonance Systems are the best choice.

Bear with us, more exciting information about revolutionary bioresonant systems to come soon.


against pre-recorded information stored in the database. Results are being displayed in form of different scores, which usually are higher for highest probability and lower for less relevant aspects.

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