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Positive Medicine – II

The secret of medicine is to distract the patient, while Nature heals itself. (Voltaire)


We are continuing our journey on Positive Medicine. We will learn from this article how all plants, animals and all living beings on this planet obey five primordial nature’s principles. A disease isn’t a hazard or is caused by an outside invasion of pathogens, it is an inside body language we must learn and understand. This teaching is to be found in German New Medicine (GNM) developed by Dr. Hamer in the 1980th.  GNM is an overwhelming scientific prove that psychological burdens are physically affecting our brain and body. 

Dr. Hamer had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy applied to cancer patients at the Tuebingen University Clinic in Germany; by far the highest known today worldwide.  Dr. Hamer treated 6,500 mostly advanced cancer patients and 6,000 were fully healed. That is over 90%, almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional cancer treatment today. So it is worth to learn more about GNM, being one of the most viable and promising option in treating cancer and any other diseases known to men kind.

GNM exposes and explains all known diseases in the frame of 5 meaningful biological principles of nature. These principles accurately describe the medical and biological relationship between the nature and living bodies; living beings are considered to be a whole, composed of psyche (generic name used for thoughts, emotions, attitudes, habits, beliefs), brain (mental) and organs (cellular level).

GNM is teaching us thatit is absurd to wonder whether psyche could determine physiological changes at cellular level. Interactions between psyche and body are coordinated by the brain. The brain is a kind of a big computer of our body and the psyche is like the programmer. Psyche programs the brain and the brain programs the cells (NOTE: in most of the cases this is the major pathway). GNM does not require any hypothesis and in rigorous scientific terms is reproducible for any patient case.

We previously understood the medicine as a battle between the Evil and the Good, the Pathogenic and the Healing agents. “Diseases” were considered as limits of nature, as insufficiency of the organs, a war started by our enemies, the microbes, the toxins, may be as a punishment from God. We therefore spoke of “malignant growth” and “benign growth”. We had to fight with the army of the benign i.e. immune system, with the help of good doctors and many good drugs, surgery, radiation, etc. We even thought we would have to fight cancer with the most extreme poisons. The medicine made a big mistake and triggered a big war between our bodies and medical methodologies and practices. We ended up by considering our body an enemy and started to fight it, to mislead it, to hate it. More and more people got sick and are kept alive by the big pharma industry, who actually is the winner of this game.

German New Medicine applies to humans, animals and plants, even to unicellular organisms – to the entire VITA. And it applies to all known diseases because these are “Meaningful Biological Special Programs of Nature”; all living beings operate their bodies according to these 5 biological principles. The cause for every disease is always a psychological conflict, a highly dramatic shock experience, called DHS (called by Dr. Hamer after the name of his son “Dirk Hamer Syndrome”; this is because after his son was shot dead Dr. Hamer himself made a cancer).

The 1st nature’s meaningful biological principle: The Iron Rule of Cancer (disease): The first biological nature principle has three criteria; in this case the word “Cancer” is a generic synonym to any other “Disease”

The DHS (Dirk-Hamer-Syndrome) conflict shock caught the individual “on the wrong foot”; it can be seen also as an opportunity of nature, because in that moment a special psychological program is turned on, affecting the brain and the body; it is noticeable, visible and measurable!  Exactly from the moment DHS sets-in the patient has a constant stress, i.e. he has very cold hands and feet, he thinks day and night about his conflict and tries to solve it. He cannot sleep at night and then only in the first half of the night, he has no appetite, he takes off on weight.

2nd Criterion

The DHS kind of conflict determines the localization of brain reaction called by Dr. Hamer “Hamershe Hearths” (HH), as well as the localization of the cancer in the equivalent organ(s). This unexpected shock leaves traces on the brain that can be seen using a computer tomography (CT). HH looks like concentric rings or can plot as the image of a water surface in which one has thrown a stone. 

Interestingly enough these concentric HH have exactly same shape and appearance as scalar waves, carriers of information. Thus formation of HH is to be considered an informational field interacting with our brain.

Going further with our interpretation the brain is an antenna receiving and processing information; for traumatic conflicting information the brain is damaged and edematous like marks occurs. Over 37000 CT documented by Dr. Hamer confirmed the existence of specific HH.

Fascinating is that we are able to precisely know from the form and location of HH which DHS conflict was the trigger, which organ is affected, whether it is a cell proliferation (tumor growth) or cell loss (ulcerative) and to find out whether the conflict is in the active phase (ca-Phase means conflict active phase) or in the healing phase (pcl-phase means conflict-lysis phase).



Amazingly, Dr. Hamer was able to show that at the same time as the concentric brain lesion appears also the target organ CT may show such a concentric lesion. According to Dr. Hamer this happens instantly when the psychic shock hits the subconscious level and this same second is the start of cancer. However, also other diseases can be caused by the same mechanism. How severe a disease becomes may depend on other psychological, energetic and nutritional factors but its nature and location are determined by the content of the conflict shock.

The following example may illustrate the original survival value of this mechanism. Let’s assume a lion chases an antelope. The antelope must immediately mobilize all its resources to survive. The sympathetic nervous system takes over and in addition a specific brain center becomes active that stimulates lung activity. After the successful escape the animal rests and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant for a while to normalize body functions.

If instead a human gets a cancer diagnosis, even if the diagnosis is wrong, the same biological program is set in motion by the same fear of death that helped the animal to escape. The stress level jumps up and the brain-lung connections are activated but now there is nowhere to run. Until the conflict is resolved, which may take some hours, days or years, there will be constant stress as well as brain-induced stimulation of lung activity, which now takes the form of increasing lung capacity by the incessant division of cells; diagnose will be lung cancer.

3rd Criterion

The course of the conflict (psyche) corresponds to a particular development of HHs in the brain and to a very specific course of cancer or cancer-equivalent disease in the organ. Due to the constant stress (Sympathicotonia = dominance of sympathetic nerve), the communication lines of the cranial nerves come increasingly to damage, i.e. that area is continuously being affected, becoming an inflamed zone.

The corresponding organ is inflated by the cancer growth, or reduced by a cell loss, or changed in its healthy functionality. This means that if the conflict becomes stronger, the damaging effects in the body become stronger too; if the conflict weakens the effects also weaken on all other levels. If the DHS conflict resolves, then the HH regresses and the diseased organ immediately starts its own healing process.


If there is a relapse due to the DHS conflict reactivation, then all 3 levels are affected again and the disease restarts its course. This is called a “DHS Railway”. The railways are additional manifestations associated with the major DHS conflict based on different perceptions of it. One “noticed” without being aware the circumstances when a DHS occurred, like a flash snapshot, sounds, smells, sensations of all kinds and they retain these records practically for a long period of their life. These additional perceptive records are recalling always same DHS conflict and thus that disease never really has a chance to heal. We clearly recommend cleansing all existing conflicts, making peace with all those who harmed, abused or offended you; this is the single way to heal diseases. This is a perfect match with the ancient wisdom and the spiritual teachings.


If the patient succeeds in solving his major DHS conflict, he comes in the second phase of the “Special Biological Programme”, in the healing phase. With the beginning of the healing phase the organism starts immediately with the repair of the cellular damages – a cell proliferation or cell reduction and of course of the affected brain relay. And the longer the conflict has lasted, the longer the reparations will take.

With the start of the conflict resolution, the organism switches back to out of the stress phase into the resting phase, the vagotonia (Vagus is the parasympathetic major nerve). On the organ level we see now what was previously considered the most important target: stop the cancer! And at the brain level we see simultaneously how HH now becomes an edema (fluid retention) which slowly will recede and disappear.

We now understand the aging process as being actually nothing else as an overwhelming accumulation of HHs due to many conflicts (DHS) burdening our life. Then death is also a biological meaningful process, it is the single alternative to overall reset all programs due to so many DHS conflicts triggering specific brain damages and organs decay.

One has to understand at this stage that emptying the mind from chattering negative thoughts and releasing emotions associated with these thoughts and with different perceptions is exactly the right “pill” to cure diseases and to increase your lifespan at a higher life quality. Meditation and spirituality, live in peace, harmony and love are excellent tools to cure most of the DHS conflicts. The beauty of being emotional is the price paid for the necessary death to reset the life clock. This is the generic dilemma of men beautifully described by Goethe in Faust for example.

The 2nd nature’s biological principle: Each disease develops in two different phases if there is a resolution for the basic, major DHS conflict.

We use to have a few hundreds of “cold diseases” described in our medical textbooks as well as a few hundreds of “hot diseases”. The “cold diseases” were those in which the patients had cold outer skin, cold extremities were in permanent stress and lost weight. The other variety, the “hot diseases” are those in which the patients are warm, have hot extremities, usually have fever, good appetite, but are permanently tired and exhausted. 

In our brain both phases have of course their characteristic HH development; HH is of different shape and consistency during each of the two phases:

  1. In the conflict active phase (Phase CA) HHs are always sharply marked with circles, so-called “target configuration”;
  2. During the conflict healing phase, conflict-lysis (Phase PCL) HHs showasswollen brain spots thus HHs become real brain edema. These are many times wrongly diagnosed as brain tumor or glioblastoma.


You may be wondering why the doctors did not have long recognized the “Regularity” of the two-phase nature of all diseases, if this is so well regulated. The answer is: if the conflict cannot be totally recognized and resolved, the disease is indeed a single-phase, i.e. the individual remains in the conflict activity phase, leans more and more and finally dies of exhaustion or sympathicotonia. Many good doctors understood that to help a sick patient it is necessary first to release DHS conflicting event and in parallel to boost his mitochondrial energy, to refuel the body.

This constant vagotonia virtually is interrupted at the low point by the epileptic-like crisis (EC) or sympathicotonic waveduring EC the brain flushes a large part of the stored fluid in the HH. The biological special program stops only with the return to normality (vagotonia or normotonia).

Each disease that has a conflict resolution has also a conflict-active phase and a healing phase, conflict-lysis. And each healing phase – unless it is interrupted by a conflict-active recurrence, also has an EC crisis, that is an envelope point of the healing phase at the lowest point of the vagotonia.

The EC is a process that Mother Nature has practiced for millions of years. It runs on all three levels simultaneously. The purpose of this EC coming at the peak of the healing phase is to help the brain edema to press and knock out the fluid so that the patient returns to normality. EC is not a normal epileptic convulsion with muscle spasms.

EC manifests differently for each disease. If the healing phase had already begun, majority diseases show a completely harmless manifestation during the EC. Some EC however can be more dangerous and need medical assistance to soften the symptoms.

During EC a patient re-experiences a very strong but short-timed DHS conflict activity, his entire conflict history. Thus for example EC may manifest as a strong angina pectoris. Anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin or low doses cortisone helps to manage a strong EC. The EC is the moment of truth! The most dangerous point is located directly at the end of crisis, because it shows whether that EC has been enough to turn things under control. The patients may notice that the vast majority of them manage to well survive EC.

During the second half of the healing phase beginning with EC the brain connective tissue (glia cells) is incorporated in the brain and HHs repairing actions start immediately. These HHs are now showing in a CT as a large white spot or area; this represents the end of the PCL phase, thus the final cure.

When doctors find in the brain CT gatherings of glia, (are also well stainable with iodine contrast agent), then the diagnosis usually is: “Brain tumor”! There are no brain tumors by definition, because brain cells can no longer divide after birth. What can be reproduced is the harmless glia, the connective tissue of the brain with the exact same function as the connective tissue of our body. This bright glia intensifies the HH which are visible in a CT; these are repairs of the organism, therefore a reason for celebration rather than to frighten the patients. There are no brain malign tumors!!

In case of “railway” DHS conflicts the healing phase never ends and a re-occurrence of the brain HHs and organ damages are the result of such a permanent conflicting situation.

The 3rd nature’s biological principle: The ontogenetic system of tumors and cancer equivalents

The embryologists consider an embryonic development to be divided in three cotyledons: the EndodermMesoderm and Ectoderm, from which are derived all organ systems. Every cell and every organ of the body can be assigned to a cotyledon. The German New Medicine therefore assigns all known diseases to a cotyledon class. We organize even all different tumors, swellings, ulcers, according to this cotyledonal evolution.



Each cotyledon is evolutionarily related to a special part of the brain, to a particular type of conflict content, to a specific histology.

The cells or organs that have evolved from the inner germ layer (endoderm) have their own relay, their main control area from where they are directed is located in the brain stem, the most ancient part of the brain. There too we find an ordered localization, because all starts with the disease of the mouth, nasal-pharynx; then they organize themselves and end counter-clockwise with the sigmoid colon and the bladder. Histologically this means DHS conflict will generate in these organs always cell growth, carcinomas or adenocarcinomas without exception. The organs belonging to this cotyledon do in case of cancer cell proliferation with compact tumors of the adenocarcinoma cell type, like in the liver, the intestines, the nodules in the lung, etc.

All cells and organs developed from the outer cotyledon (ectoderm) have their control relay in the cortex, the youngest part of our brain. They all develop in case of DHS occurrence a cancerous cell loss in form of ulcers or a loss of functionality on the organic level, such as diabetes or paralysis, etc.

With organs developing from mesoderm we distinguish an older and a younger group. The cells or organs that belong to the older group of the mesoderm have their relays in the cerebellum, they still belong to the old brain; therefore they make compact tumors (cell proliferation) in the conflict active phase and of the adenoid cell type in the breast, also melanomas on skin, or mesotheliomas in pericardium and in pleura.

The cells or organs that belong to the younger group of the mesoderm have their origin in the medullary controlled area of the cerebrum and they manifest in cancer case in the conflict active phase as necrosis, cell-loss, like holes in bones, spleen, and kidney or in ovary.

The higher we have progressed in the phylogenetic evolution, the more developed and complicated the programs of our brain are: from the archaic oldest programs of our brain stem, through the somewhat complicated conflict content of the cerebellum, via the already considerably complicated medullary control of our cerebrum, to the cortical conflict content that is precisely controlled by our cortex.

Originally it was understood that a cancer is a tumor with strong cell proliferation. It was assumed that tumors cells swim away and could make elsewhere in the body secondary tumors, the so called “metastases”.

Metastases are always second or third DHS conflicts, mostly iatrogenic, that is medically caused. If today a patient gets a quasi-death verdict with the diagnosis “cancer”, then he will feel a devastating shock, which can develop other panic conflicts and new cancers, the “Metastases”. The story with metastases developed by cancer cells flowing to the most blood rich places is clearly not confirmed. Blood vessels are the richest in blood and you never can you find cancer cells in the arterial blood of a cancer patient. Heart and blood vessels never make a cancer and these are the organs with the most abundant blood flow.

That the cancer cells would go through their path through the blood was never observed: a cauliflower like cancer cell from intestine would suddenly wander into the bones, where they could turn into a loss of bones is of medieval dogmatism. The school medicine is not interested in the cotyledons theory. No one had realized how important these are. And that’s actually the reason why nobody has found a system in the entire carcinogenesis.

In the textbooks of the future people will no longer organize the diseases by discipline and symptoms, but after cotyledon types. All our biological conflicts can be classified phylogenetically. Therefore not only organs and brain areas belong together, but also conflicts are twinned evolutionarily, they all have the same histologic cell formation.

The 4th nature’s biological principle: The ontogenetic-related system of microbes

General understanding even today is that “microbes” are causing infectious diseases and this view seemed to be right because we found in the infectious diseases always the microbes. But this is not true because these putative infectious diseases have always been preceded by a DHS conflict-active phase. And only with the conflict resolution the microbes were activated by our brain. 

The microbes help us to clear the consequences of cancer tumors that are no longer needed after conflict resolution was completed; the bacteria can help to rebuild the cancerous holes, to close tumors through necrosis and to rebuild tissue destruction. So they are our faithful helpers, our guest workers

The idea of the immune system as the army fighting against the evil microbes is a wrong idea. The microbes are not causes of “diseases” but they are the optimizer of the healing phase. The 4th principle of the German New Medicine – The ontogenetic-related microbial system – arranges the microbes with the three cotyledons, because each organ group is related to a germ layer and also includes specific germ layer related microbes.

• The oldest microbes, the fungus and fungal bacteria (mycobacterium) are working on cancer for all organs derived from Endoderm

• The younger microbes namely bacteria are responsible for the organs derived from Mesoderm

• The Viruses, if these exist really, are working mainly on Ectoderm and brain

“Responsible” in this sense means that each group of microbes work only with certain groups of organs that have the same cotyledon type, they come from the same germ layer.

The time from when the microbes start to work does not depend on external factors, how we all had previously thought, but it is rather determined by our computer brain.

We need the microbes, the whole range of them, which is usual in our geographical location. If mycobacterium is missing then we cannot dismantle tumors in the healing phase. This has catastrophic consequences for a number of tumors: for a cancer of thyroid it means that the resolution of the conflict cannot be reduced and it will continue to produce large amounts of thyroxine. This is because the mycobacterium that normally degrades the tumor and leaves the Thyroxin level fall back to normal is missing. A cancer of intestine can cause significant complications and must then be surgically removed if there is no mycobacterium available.

Mycobacterium exists as long as there are unicellular organisms (billions of years), long before animals or people came into life. They have a clear goal to dismantle the tumors controlled by the old brain at the beginning of the healing phase. Parallel to tumors growth the mycobacterium population increases also in the conflict active phase.

So we know now that we must have mycobacterium because they are not susceptible to the stomach digestion! Apparently our organism knows how much and when to start increase the mycobacterium population, just in time and at the right growth rate to be used as tumor caseation. Each Tbc healing phase is associated with night sweats! When the tumor was destroyed these helpers just get silent, no worries about Tbc symptoms, these will shut down shortly thereafter.

After the second WWII many people got Tbc and it was a real epidemic of tuberculosis. This is because of so many cancers triggered by the starvation and death fright DHS conflicts or by losing a beloved member of family. Actually mycobacterium was just healing those cancers and after some years the Tbc disappeared, leaving may be just 2% of deaths behind it.

The surgeons use bacteria as healers in those cases when a comminuted fracture does not close: they open that fracture through a perforation and insert a series of nails and keep it open, because an open fracture heals with bacteria much faster than if it would remain closed.  Finally bacteria promote the bone building, but they also break down supernatant or unnecessary bones splinter. The main task however is the bone reconstruction.

Today we “eradicated” Tbc using artificial pharma drugs and we stranded in a 90% cancer death raise. We fight a natural process and the nature revenges its helpers.

We now understand that microbes are meaningful according to the nature’s 5 biological principles. They have grown with us and for us. They are each a member of a control loop, which we had not known. However the control loops of nature cannot work if we arbitrarily remove the minuscule “sorcerers”. So pretty much of everything we had made in the “modern school of medicine” was and still quite is a lot of nonsense (for ex. when using antibiotics and vaccines) or chemotherapeutics.

The 5th nature’s biological principle: Every disease is a meaningful special biological program of nature (SBS)

All illnesses can be explained by the nature’s biological laws and can be precisely reproduced for each individual case. Diseases are no senseless errors of nature which must be fought; each disease is a meaningful special event in our life. Then which is the biological sense of diseases?

We can understand the biological sense of diseases only from the embryology prospective. We must include the bio-social context in this biological understanding. Finally we must question whether our current understanding of diseases’ origin and the nomination with the term “dis-ease” per se is right or wrong.

It was proven: the biological meaning of diseases depends on each cotyledon types and is incredibly important and even one of the central pillars for understanding of the entire German New Medicine. For this reason we may actually no longer speak about diseases, but of a special nature’s program. The beginning of this special program is the DHS, which we know already is a meaningful biological process. DHS started to activate an overall “Meaningful Biological Special Program” (SBS).

The biological sense as we have seen appears obviously during the conflict active phase and a second time during the conflict-lysis phase. Mother Nature has taken the liberty to realize both in different cotyledon groups of organs, although the old brain-controlled organs and the cerebellum-controlled organs are otherwise diametrically opposed in their behavior:

–       The old brain-controlled organs make cell proliferation in the CA-Phase

–       The cerebellum-controlled organs make cell loss in the CA-Phase

But in terms of their biological sense we must not forget that Mother Nature has in its mind the PCL-phase before the DHS even sets-in. During the DHS Mycobacterium starts multiplying already; however mycobacterium starts being active only during the Conflict –lyse phase. Mycobacterium is “pre-produced” as many as afterwards necessary for removing the tumor through caseation.

Example 1: large intestine cancer

If an ugly, heavy conflict was quickly “swollen down” the “morsel” appears in the gut; because it is too large the individual suffers of colic. This is the moment when the DHS sets-in and a special program of the nature (SBS) is being activated; an intestine cancer starts growing. This means rapid cell proliferation. School medicine considers this process a “highly mitotic growth, i.e. highly malignant!”

At the same time mycobacterium starts multiplying. The biological sense is: The intestine cancer consists of millions one way “disposable cells” producing particularly strong digestive juice. Literally gallons of digestive juice are produced and with this the mass of tumor is reduced and sometimes it is small enough and slips out. This is the conflict-lyse.

From that moment on the mycobacterium controlled by the brain starts its work; over millions of years trained, the mycobacterium knows perfectly which cells (the disposable cancer cells) must be ca-seated and which cells must be spared. The whole thing happens with vigorous typical night sweats towards morning and the high, later lower temperature. It will be just the newly formed cancer cells degraded by caseation and then later a scar plate remains.

The lesson for this patient is: DHS started with the indigestible (greedy) loss of a car, house, an inheritance, a business. The patient reacted according to an “archaic biological reflex” and made of this indigestible “morsel” a cancer in the large intestine. Mycobacterium helped tumor to decay after conflict resolution.

Let’s suppose during this healing phase with colic and some possible bleeding in the stool, the patient goes to see a doctor. The doctors tell the patient you have a colonic cancer and you may have some more months to live. The second and a third reflex DHS conflicts are coming into this play: the starvation fear, thus a secondary cancer appears in the liver (the liver is the body’s cook and in starvation the liver has nothing to cook, it gets toxic and enlarges); simultaneously in the lungs appears also cauliflower growth, to increase alveolar surface to support more breathing. The liver and lungs growth will be wrongly diagnosed by the school medicine as metastasis.

Example 2: breast cancer

If a right-handed woman experiences a mother – child conflict, then it grows in the left breast an adenoid breast gland cancer, the breast glandular tissue multiplies. The biological sense is clearly to provide assistance to her infant.

For example in case the child had a developmental disorder because of an accident.  So mother’s organism tries to compensate her infant problem by producing more milk. As long as the conflict continues the so-called breast gland tumor grows. Only when the infant is again all right the resolution of the conflict will be carried out, i.e. the breast gland growth stops. What remains later is a cavern. This can either be a sporty with liquid more or less padded cavity or a kind of thinned area, such as a sponge. In any case the breast has pretty much the look that it had previously, is also fully functional in terms of current breast feeding, as well as the future ability to breastfeed is fully intact.

If a woman suffers a mother – child conflict outside the lactation, then a breast gland tumor grows and imitates the purpose of feeding the infant.

Example 3: kidney cancer

We observe here in CA-phase a necrosis in kidney tissue; at the same time the blood pressure increases to compensate the hole formed by the necrosis in the kidney tissue; functionally to allow that sufficient urine and urea are excreted. DJHS conflict is related to water or other fluid, like being drown or being flooded in its own house.

In the PCL-Phase the necrosis of the kidney forms a protuberance, which is filled with liquid. We call this a kidney cyst. Inside the cyst is now a strong cell proliferation and after 9 months, instead of the liquid, a solid tissue is built with its own vascular system. In time the cyst is everywhere “grown” but later when it is indurated (solidified) it will be self-eliminated. This is the biological sense in the PCL-Phase: with a constant growth both parenchymatous and functional at the end of the healing phase. A parenchymatous and functional organ enlargement cannot be permanent; these cells are indeed planned only for a short time and are then dismantled.

The biological sense in the cerebral cortex-controlled carcinomas is again in the CA-Phase, but in contrast to the cell proliferation in the old brain-controlled organs, here mucosa is cell shrinking of the squamous epithelium (necrosis), which is then built up in the healing phase. Thus the refilling of necrosis and ulceration were also referred to as cancer or sarcoma in the PCL-Phase because cell proliferation (mitosis) also takes place with large cells and large nuclei – but for the purpose of healing.

Not only each Meaningful Biological Special Program has its own biological sense, but also the combination of such SBS in terms of a so called “schizophrenic constellation” has a very special biological sense. It´s not something transcendental, illuminating or spiritual, but the fact that Mother Nature apparently has practiced in seemingly hopeless situations (i.e. psychoses) to open new dimensions, with which the individual still has a chance to overcome this difficult situation. So here the German New Medicine opens new dimensions of the meaningful therapeutic care and the role of psychosomatic development.

With the 5th principle, the German New Medicine is completed. We humans can in all modesty see now for the first time and even understand that not only the whole of nature is orderly but also that each individual process in nature is useful in the context of the whole. The processes we had been called “diseases” were not about senseless disturbances that had to be repaired by sorcerer’s apprentices again, but we see with astonishment that all this was nothing meaningless, malignant or morbid.

In Positive Medicine – Part III we will continue our amazing journey on German New Medicine and will present a kind of a “health dictionary”, where health conditions and symptoms are listed versus the specific psyche DHS conflict. Like this everybody will have a preliminary instrument to deal with his own health conditions, his own life.


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