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The Stone Cutter

Once there was a Stone Cutter who, though he enjoyed his work and found pleasure in his daily routine, found that he was greatly dissatisfied with his position in life. One day he passed a wealthy Merchant’s house and, looking enviously through the windows at all the Merchant’s delightful treasures and rich and powerful guests, longingly thought how fantastic it would be to become a Merchant. With that – to his great and gloating surprise – his wish was granted. He became the Merchant! With treasures and friends galore. But soon he grew bored.

Then, a high-up and much revered Official turned up at the house, with gongs and attendants announcing his arrival. Everyone bowed down to him and listened with rapt attention to every word the Official spoke. ‘Oh how I wish I could be that Official!’ crowed the Stone Cutter. And With that, his wish came true. He went about his day, carried around in a luxurious chair spreading fear and hatred through the towns and villages.

Being such a hot day he soon grew tired and looked up at the sun. ‘Oh how I wish I could be the sun!’ He sighed, and with that he became the sun, pounding down on everyone’s backs and causing the sweat to pour over farmer’s brows. But as the day began to turn, a huge angry cloud began to smother the sun, obscuring the Stone Cutter’s view of the world and dampening his scorching hot rays. ‘Oh!’ He grumbled. ‘If only I were like the cloud, how powerful and clever that cloud is.’ And so he became the cloud, causing many a frown and sinking heart. Suddenly he could feel himself being pushed and pulled and tugged at in all directions by the wind.

‘How alarming!’ Said the Stone Cutter. ‘This wind isn’t controlled by anyone, how I long to be the wind!’ And with that, he became the wind; uprooting trees and causing everyone’s hair to get tangled in knots. Having such fun he didn’t notice until it was too late and ran straight into a large and unyielding rock.

‘My goodness!’ Exclaimed the Stone Cutter, what power and strength. If only I could be this great rock. But as he stood there, becoming the rock. He heard the chilling sound of a hammer pounding a chisel into his hard surface. ‘What?!’ He boomed, ‘What on this earth could be more powerful than me, a mighty rock?’ And with that he looked down to see, none other than a Stone Cutter.

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