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You never have to die of breast cancer!

Why Breast Cancer is women’s most spread cancer?

Let’s first have a look at the following statistical data:

  1. Animals are never being diagnosed with a breast cancer
  2. Tribal folks still living isolated from civilized world and school medicine never die of breast cancer
  3. In the civilized world 72% of women may die or are registered as breast cancer patients

Why is this happening? These statistic data clearly request a plausible answer and this is what we try to give you.

Women perceive their relationship with children, mates and direct relatives in their breast therefore is the breast the most susceptible organ to react to a surprising DHS conflict.

There are known 2 different types of breast cancer:

  1. Glandular breast cancer, medically known as breast adeno-carcinomas, felt during the conflict active phase as a solid hard lump in the breast, which in the healing phase is healing through caseation with the help of bacteria and fungus
  2. Intra-ductal breast cancer, felt as a stretching, pulling in a specific breast area; this symptoms are due to an ulceration (cell loss) of breast ducts during the conflict active phase. During the healing phase the ulcerations are healing by adding cells to repair the ulcer and a non-cancerous lump is left in the breast.

As all other cancers and diseases, breast cancer is also a result of very specific psychological stressors (conflicts); the psychological stressors (called in German New Medicine Dirk-Hamer-Syndrome or DHS) for glandular breast cancer are disputes, altercations, worries conflicts, while for an intra-ductal breast cancerDHS is always a major separation conflict. For right handed and left handed women the localization of the breast cancer is different.

“Child, mother, nest DHS conflicts” can originate from a stressed relationship with own children, own mother, own house, own nest. “Mate DHS conflicts” can be generated by the husband, boyfriend, father and mother in law, brother, sister, boss, neighbours.

DHS conflict content is different for each type of breast cancer and likewise are different localized the brain relays.

For glandular breast carcinoma the brain relays are on the external side of brainstem and thus are ontogenetically related to the mesoderm germ layer. Therefore this breast cancer is manifesting with cell proliferation during the active phase. Left side brain relay connects with left side located organ (breast).

The relays for intra-ductal breast cancer lie in the sensory organs region of the cortex and thus it is crossed relayed to the organ; this means left side is responding to the right relay and vice-versa. This intra-ductal breast cancer is manifesting with cell loss, ulcers in active phase and will build up the destroyed tissue during the healing phase. This is the natural surgery controlled by the intelligence of our body.


Breast glands cancer have their relays in cerebellum, known also as brain stem pons; left sided cerebellum relay controls  left breast and right sided relay controls right breast. In this case breast glandular cancer manifests as a hard tumor, a so called adenocarcinoma, which in healing phase (pcl -phase) is caseated with the help of bacteria and fungus leaving behind a squamous tissue. This kind of breast cancer are triggered by worries-dispute conflict either between mother – child or with the mate.



Many times milk ducts congestion is misdiagnosed as ductal breast cancer:





  1. A baby is falling down from his mother’s arms und hits his head; baby is for a while unconscious. Mother is right handed and she immediately gets into child-mother worries DHS conflict. She will get shortly a left breast adeno-carcinoma. This is how the body tries to help mother regenerate her baby, by producing more glandular tissue and thus more milk to better nourish her baby. When the baby is back to normal that adeno-carcinoma will immediately start regressing. If you go to a doctor you will get the diagnosis breast cancer, exactly to the wrong moment, when baby is OK and mother is healed in a natural way her increased milk producing glandular tissue.
  2. A woman has, before getting pregnant a DHS conflict with her mate. Before the pregnancy, during the 9 months and even after she stopped breast feeding her baby, the right breast still continues to generate milk. Going to a doctor she will be diagnosed with breast adeno-carcinoma, whereby this node in her right breast is nothing else as the result of a healing process. This healing process may manifest with pain and pulling (similar with the pain felt in case of shingles) in that breast region. The mammography will show a cavernous squamous tissue generated by the caseation of the original adenoid (triggered by the DHS conflict with her mate before the pregnancy).

For women in the „civilized world these conflicts are played mostly outside the breast feeding time. However the conflicts, the breast respond as well the development through the conflict active phase and during conflict resolution phase are the same as above described. Always the women try to activate either the milk producing glandes or repair the milk ducts to help her child, her mate, her parents, etc. to come out of a critical situation, she worries about. These are all natural processes and each animal female will solve this naturally. In our „civilized world“, this will be categorized as a breast cancerous tumor. It never was and will be a real sick tissue, just the opening and the closure of very usual happening conflicts in our life as women.

Then how can happen that so many women die of “breast cancer”?

Well, most of the death causes are generated by the establishment servants, surprising your psycho-mental and emotional body with “a death diagnosis”. Do you know that when you will be told by a doctor you have breast cancer or even any other cancer disease, your body will immediately go into a life threatening conflict recalling archaic defence reflexes/mechanisms: such as “water retention” and “reversing Krebs cycle”to secure the proteins (uremia), or increased lungs’ alveolar tissue to secure more breathing capacity or even a liver overgrowth to avoid starvation. The specific individual perception will then manifest withadditional tumors or complications in the kidneys, liver or lungs. Most cancer patients die actually of so called “metastases” in major organs. “Metastases” explained such as “cancer cells penetrate the blood vessels and are transported to the richest blood circulated tissues” do not exist, simply because this would mean to have metastases in the heart and blood vessels, these being the blood richest places. The truth is that when you are confronted with a death threatening cancer diagnose, additional tumours are starting to develop as a response to anxiety and panic DHS conflicts. 

How to control then such situation? When you have strong symptoms is exactly when you are in the healing phase. Give then the necessary trust to your body’s intelligence to trigger and conduct the healing process, believe in a “positive medicine”, behave like all animals in the Mother Nature.

See a naturopathic doctor to help you through the healing phase and soften in a natural way your symptoms; see a psychologist and life coach understanding the positive medicine which believes in the body’s own healing power and will help you resolve the actual DHS conflict(s). Or you may consult a friend or a relative you trust; seeking help to resolve the DHS specific conflicts, the rest will do your body on its own.

Nobody has to die of cancer and even less of a breast cancer. Do not carry active conflicts, resentments, let all go away, forgive and restart building damaged relationship. Our body does its own “natural surgery” repairing the tissue. And if a lump was left in the breast, see it as a healing souvenir not as a threat.

There are some more aspects to be considered in this healing process: 

  1. Boost your mitochondrial energy, as cells poor in bioenergy cannot survive or regenerate due to lack of energy.
  2. Balance the psycho-chemical metabolic processes using the right nutrition, vitamin and minerals supplements and the right enzymes.

Energy depletion of cells is always a result of imbalances in your metabolic oxidative food processing. To generate enough cellular energy you need a balanced food intake matching your oxidative stress index; also you must have the right enzymes to convert this food into glucose and acetyl co-enzymated vitamin A intermediary, the real fuel the cells will intake. You need a hormonal balance to support this process.

To quickly increase your mitochondrial energy you can use one or all following methods:

  1. Take orally NADH: After many years of extensive research Professor George Birkmayer, M.D. Ph.D. succeeded in developing this stabilized form of NADH. Originally it was believed NADH is too unstable to be used therapeutically. The unique process of stabilization was the crucial breakthrough in developing a NADH product for oral application. Learn more about NADH here:
  1. Increase cellular voltage by using Nike RCK Vitamin C: learn more about this product benefits here:
  2. However the fastest way to boost mitochondrial energy is to use an orgone charger, either in form of a sleeping bag, whole body blanket or an orgone accumulator (ORAC). Any of above mentioned orgone chargers should have min. 7 and max. 15 plays. About orgone learn more here: or follow us on our future articles dedicated to this amazing form of life energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich.
  3. To buy orgone good quality products (natural wool combined with stainless steel mesh) use this link:

It is not recommended to take excessively antioxidants, moreover would be beneficial to increase the quantity of oxidants like the singlet oxygen (monoatomic negative oxygen ion), which can be supplied from hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite; hypercine (min. 4% or higher), a St. John’s herb extract. This ionic oxygen will help metabolize better your food, increase cellular oxygen, will additionally help to create a neutral slightly basic cellular milieu and finally will kill energetically poor or cancerous mutated cells.

Determine your metabolic type and precisely follow the nutrition and supplementation plan described in the books written by Dr. George Watson. On this website you can do a metabolic testing and receive your customized metabolic nutrition plan. 

As your metabolism food processing is at a great extent dependent on how healthy your liver is, check your liver and start a serious liver and gallbladder cleansing plus a controlled liver enzymatic balance. Very helpful is to reduce Nagalase and to enhance the vitamin D binding protein (GcMAF), boosting immune system in a very natural way.

Nagalase, or Alfa-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (nagalase) is an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is (increased) secreted by cancerous cells in the process of tumor invasion. It also is an intrinsic component of envelope protein of various viruses, such as HIV and the influenza virus. It is secreted from virus-infected cells. 

Gc-protein is the precursor for the major macrophage-activating factor (MAF). Gc-protein carries one trisaccharide consisting of N-acetylgalactosamine with di-branched galactose and sialic acid termini. By the deglycosylation the (complete) tri-saccharide is removed from the Gc-protein. The glycosylated Gc-protein cannot be converted to MAF anymore.

Normally MAF is produced from Gc-protein by sequential removal of the galactose and sialic acid termini from this protein by respectively beta-galactosidase of inflammation- primed B lymphocytes and sialidase of T lymphocytes, with N-acetylgalactosamine as the remaining sugar. Macrophage-activation for phagocytosis and antigen presentation is the first step in the immune development cascade. Lost precursor activity leads to immunosuppression.

Increased activity of nagalase has been detected in the blood of patients with  a wide variety of cancers, like cancer of the prostate, breast, colon, lung, esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, testis, uterus and ovary, mesothelioma, melanoma, fibro-sarcoma, glioblastoma, neuro-blastoma and various leukemia.  For various types of tumors various levels of nagalase activity were found.It seems likely that secretory capacity of individual tumor tissue varies among tumor types depending upon tumor size, staging, and the degree of malignancy or invasiveness.  Increased nagalase activity has not been detected in the blood of healthy humans.

It has been established that the nagalase activity is directly proportional to viable tumors burden.  Studies correlating nagalse levels with tumor burden suggest that the measurement of this enzyme can diagnose the presence of cancerous lesions below levels detectable by other diagnostic means. In research a day after surgical removal of primary tumors from cancer patient’s nagalase activity suddenly decreased to near the tumor-free control level, suggesting that the half-life value of nagalse is less than 24 hous. The short half-life of nagalase is valuable for prognosis of the disease during various therapies..

Nagalase is the intrinsic component of the envelope protein gp120 of HIV-virions and of the envelope protein hemagglutinin (HA) of influenza virus. Nagalase activity is the sum of enzyme activities carried by both HIV virions and unassembled envelope proteins.

You can purchase from our company this complex in form of an olive oil soluble GcMAF, called Goleic, delivered either in a dropper bottle or as injectable vials. 8 doses of each 0.25 mil, enough for one week costs USD 683 plus shipment costs to final destination. We take orders only by phone.

Medicinal mushrooms such as maitake, agaricus reishi and corioulus delivered as a mixture of extract and powdered mushrooms are needed to remove the cellular ash wastes. You can visit us here Extract Powder and order the natural cancer fighters 

Last but not least each conflict active phase is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and the healing phase by the parasympathetic process (vagotonia). A determination if you are a sympathetic or parasympathetic driven individual will determine how fast you are going through the conflict active phase, respectively conflict resolution phase. Use a systemic functional Bioresonance device like Kindling Easy to support the balancing between the two major nerves and speed-up the healing phase.


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