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“Metastases” the school medicine unproven dogma

“Metastases” in conventional medicine are explained as “being cancer cells of the primary tumor (usually first diagnosed cancer) migrating to other body tissues and organs”.  To support this theory, conventional medicine requires 3 unprovable hypotheses; we call these “Dogma”!

Let’s have a look at one very spread cancer, the prostate cancer. Conventional medicine explains for ex. that prostate cancer cells generate “metastases” in the pelvic small basin area because this is the closest region to prostate. But how does the cancer cell migrate from prostate tumour to the small pelvic basin’s bones? Here is what you are taught during a school medicine study:

There are two possible ways:

  1.  Via the lymphatic system

This way is ruled out, as there are no anatomic lymph channels in the bones (pelvic small basin). Incidentally, lymphatic channels are also not in the lungs and the brain. “Metastatic cells” cannot reach any of above mentioned organs via the lymphatic vessels, anatomically impossible.  The lymph is a one-way street, because all lymph channels open into the venous angle and the lymph fluid thus enters the venous blood directly into the right heart. From there this “floating cancer cells” would pass through the lungs back into the left heart ventricle and through the arterial blood will go into the periphery of the body.

2 .  Via the blood vessels

Ask any doctor to show you one cancer cell flowing in the bloodstream:  it is a dogma of school medicine as in the blood was never found a cancer cell! Otherwise donated blood would need to be examined for cancer cells, but this is not done, just because nobody could ever detect cancer cells in the blood.

Also the dogma that metastases form in those organs with best blood vascularization cannot be proven; blood richest organs are the heart and blood vessels and in these organs we never get a cancer tumour of whatsoever kind.

There is now way how cancer cells can travel from one organ to another!!

The cancer cells metamorphosis:

We still need to find an explanation how cancer cells based on cell proliferation (prostate carcinoma, growth) can change into cancer cells based on cell loss, shrinkage, like wholes formed in the bones of pelvic small basin (bone cancer).   It is known that the prostate gland tissue and bone tissue are very different and therefore cancer tumours are different in these two different kinds of tissues.  This metamorphosis was also elevated to dogma in mainstream medicine. How this metamorphosis is possible: “First cell division (growth) and then same cancer cells manifest suddenly with cells shrinkage?” Every oncologist pretends he has understood this!

And why are you treated with chemotherapy poisons to kill those evil cancer cells in the blood, which were never been seen by anyone!

According to New Medicine the “metastasis” is nothing but a consequence of new subsequent psychological conflicts triggering new cancers. It must therefore be other conflict(s) shock happening.

For example:

  1. The school medical prostate treatment usually ends with impotence. As a result, the patient suffers a sexual self-devaluation conflict, which – like every sexual self-devaluation – relates to the small basin in the pelvis: “In bed, I’m no good!” All bone and joints health problems are linked to self-devaluation conflicts.
  2. If additional tumours appear in lungs (carcinoma) or in kidneys collective ducts (water retention and evtl. urine Krebs’ cycle inversion), these are due to the death freight archaic reflex setting in when you are shocked by your doctor with the “cancer diagnose”.


Metastases do not exist, instead new cancer tumours are formed due to the conventional cancer therapy given in hospitals.

When you manifest most of symptoms, your body is in the healing phase, the most unfavorable moment to start any kind of therapy, especially with additional toxic chemotherapy.

To avoid “metastases” you must stay away from any additional shocking, traumatic conflicts; you must learn how to handle psychological conflicts at your end and resolve these as soon as possible. As sooner as better, primary and following cancers have no chance to set-in.

Educate yourself about everything what a doctor is telling you, get 2-3 more opinions and listen to your gut when making your decisions.

Be well and take care

Dr. Christine Siepe

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