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Understand Mesotheliomas, your single choice for life

This article is dedicated to all those who are struggling with ascites, pleural effusions, pericardial tamponade, all part of the mesothelioma healing process.

The Cancer “iron rule” states that every disease is a special program of nature to help resolve a very specific biological (psychological) conflict shock; we call this according to German New Medicine DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome). Once it happened, this conflict shock triggers a brain edema, called Hamer Herd (HH) which is easy detectable by CT. Depending on HH location this brain inflammation will control specific histologic changes in the corresponding organ: tumors, necrosis, ulcers, or organ malfunctions.


HH in the brain

What is ontogeny: Ontogeny, also called morphogenesis, is the origination and development of an organism, usually from the time of fertilization of the egg to the organism’s mature form. Ontogeny, embryology and developmental biology are closely related and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. In 2003 the term ontogeny has been used in cell biology to describe the development of various cell types within an organism. 

Ontogeny is useful in many disciplines such as biology, psychology, cognitive neuroscienceand developmental psychobiology. Ontogeny is also a concept used in anthropology as “the process through which each of us embodies the history of our own making”.

Ontogenetic evolution of a human embryo follows the phylogenetic animal development:


Why is Ontogenetic System important for understanding diseases and healing mechanism? The ontogenetic system of tumors assigns all cancer and cancer equivalent diseases after cotyledon affiliation, i.e. after the three germ layers

  1. Endoderm
  2. Mesoderm
  3. Ectoderm 

To each of these germ layers belongs a specific brain relay which is activated by a particular type of mental-psychological shocking DHS conflict content; this brain relay developed together with specific organs and all belong to the same cotyledon. This cotyledon specific brain relay and the related organs develop a certain histological cell formation, characterized by a cell proliferation, a cell loss or a “dysfunctional organ” 

Based on this knowledge we can understand what really caused the diseases (during conflict active phase) and how the diseases will develop during the healing phase. We explained this in more details in our previous articles here Positive Medicine Part II.

Below is the synoptic picture of a disease evolution:


Mesothelioma emerges in organs developed from the middle germ layer (mesoderm). We know that organs developed from mesoderm are divided into two major groups:

  1. The first group is controlled by the old brain, cerebellum; these organs are Corium skin, Pericardium, Pleura and Peritoneum;
  2. The second group of organs is controlled from the cerebral medulla and belongs to the new brain.

Based on ontogenetic system of tumors and cancer equivalents we know that all organs controlled bycerebellum are building during the conflict active phase adeno-carcinoma, which is a cell growth. All the organs controlled by the new brain and its medulla manifest during conflict active phase with a cell reduction, i.e. necrosis, ulcers, holes and alike.

Cerebellum brain relays control the “inside skin” of the body, e.g. the skin around internal organs:peritoneum around the abdominal organs, pleura around the thorax and pericardium in mediastinum, around the heart. Organs skins (group 1 above) evolved from mesoderm and controlled by the brain stem develop cancers called mesothelioma, which are manifesting as a cell growth

It is important to know that all these mesothelioma are building a “liquid pouch known as effusion” during the healing phase which is a biological meaningful process.  Peritoneal effusion is called ascites, pleural effusion and pericardial effusion is known as pericardial tamponade! In principle this is a very good sign of healing but although feared as a complication of the healing process phase.

The major psychological conflict for all mesotheliomas is the attack on body integrity: An attack against

  1. the thoracic cavity -> Pleural Mesothelioma
  2. the abdomen -> Peritoneal Mesothelioma
  3. the heart chamber -> Pericardium mesothelioma
  4. the outer skin, a so-called blemish conflict -.> Melanoma Corium skin

Tumors for these organs can grow bulbous or “lawn shaped”; to better understand this please follow the examples below:

  1. If a patient received a real abdominal kick he will develop at that specific location a round, bulbous shaped tumour. During the healing phase this tumour will develop peritoneum ascites.
  2. If a patient is having a “virtual attack” on his thorax the tumours will grow “lawn, grass shaped”. This is usually an induced and virtual body attack conflict; for example a radiologist showed the patient on the X-ray a left breast tumour and said: “We must operate this and take it out”. The patient suffers in this very second a psychological conflict shock sensed as a virtual attack against the chest and later in the healing phase she will develop to the right side a pleural effusion. Why an effusion on the right side if the breast tumour was on the left breast? Well we doctors look at the X-rays or CT’s so that the patient is standing opposite to the doctor (mirrored) thus left side is right side for the patient brain. The organism triggers immediately a new growth, a mesothelioma, at that specific thorax location to protect itself against “the virtual thorax attack”.

  3. Your doctor tells you: “Your EKG shows us it is something wrong with your heart.” In this case the patient suffers a virtual attack on his heart. He sees himself at that moment having a “heart attack”. The organism triggers immediately a protection mechanism and this is then a pericardium mesothelioma. Frequently the patient informed now by the cardiologist to have a serious “heart problem” may develop a real heart attack due to the panic. Like this the patient is in a vicious circle, due to a recurrent conflict which eventually may have no exit (patient dies of heart attack). A vicious circle is always a dangerous thing that can always escalate and lead to death of the patient.

  4. Announcement of an abdominal operation causes in the vast majority of patients a peritoneal mesothelioma, so a cancer of the peritoneum; this is triggered by the “mental attack against the abdomen” which is to “be cut”. The patient believes after the surgery he has been “liberated from his evil” and as a sign of conflict resolution of his original abdominal attackthe ascites appears, as a sign of healing process. The doctors now are telling this patient he has a peritoneal cancer and the patient goes now from bad to worse. The diagnosis “peritoneal cancer” (according allopathic medicine: “metastasis”), triggers the next mental conflict of an attack against the abdomen. In one of our previous articles we explained in detail why there are no metastases; the new tumours formed after an initial surgery are to be related to new virtual body attack conflicts.

First attack against body integrity was solved; now the ascites or mesotheliomas appeared during the healing phase and a new vicious circle starts. The patients panic this time because the docs say “we will have to take fluid out of this ascites, again a new attack against body integrity. Ascites return again and again.  The ascites are coming back as a sign of renewed healing and so it goes back and forth; this has always the potential of a dangerous escalation.

Such a vicious circle appears also when effusions and ascites are punctured all the time to extract the fluid and the patient suffers many relapses. This is clearly a new conflict recurrence and the effusions are strengthened now by the repeated punctures. This bad game can go on for months so until the patient is exhausted and due to this vicious circle; for example one major death cause of these repeated puncturing is the fact that the patient gets very low in his protein serum levels; the ascites fluid is generated by the blood serum and thus the patient is practically starved to death by the ascites punctures. Strong protein loss is finally the real cause of worsening patients’ health situation and death. 

Which is the correct way to handle mesothelioma cases?

  1. Doctor must carefully examine a patient of course clinically, psychologically and cerebrally.
  2. Doctor must very gently instruct the patient and explain at the same time how the disease will develop and which are the symptoms appearing during the conflict active phase, as well as during the healing process.
  3. One must prepare the patient that effusions will come as soon as the patient has resolved the major body integrity attack conflict. The patients can easily adjust to the ascites or pleural effusions. Patients thereby suffer no panic; on the contrary, he/she is welcoming the ascites as a good sign and thus relaxed waits for the final healing.
  4. If a patient can understand what and why something happens in their bodies, they will face no further panic attacks (sensed as attacks against their bodies) over this frightening amount of hypotheses about incomprehensible, senseless or unstoppable processes and in most cases patients will not develop new body attack conflicts.
  5. All in itself is very logical for physicians with common sense, tact and empathy and a high degree of clinical knowledge. Both the physician and the patient come to a completely new role. The patient is no longer the passive person.
  6. There are some other tools which a well-trained doctor can use to ease symptoms and to accelerate the tissue repairs.
  7. Patients who developed a mesothelioma need a protein rich diet and a lot of amino acids supplementation.
  8. Pleurodesis: This is a surgical procedure which can prevent pleural effusions from recurring, in many cases. An irritating substance (such as talc or doxycycline) is injected through a chest tube into the pleural space. The substance inflames the pleura and chest wall, which then bind tightly to each other as they heal. Thus no more space is left for the fluid to develop an effusion.
  9. Pleural decortication: Surgeons can operate inside the pleural space, removing unhealthy tissue. Decortication may be performed using small incisions thoracoscopy) or a large one (thoracotomy). Considered the best palliative treatment which aims to ease symptoms rather than cure for pleural effusions, this common procedure for mesothelioma patients is usually performed in a hospital and calls for a 1-3 day stay.
  10. Both pleurodesis and pleural decortications are considered more effective treatment than a thoracentesis, which drains the fluid of pleural effusions but does not close the pleural space and thus allows re-accumulation of fluid.
  11. Administration of remedies such as Goleic or DCA help cleaning the malignity and thus can stop a mesothelioma; however like many other very good natural cures, all these remedies work only if the patient was instructed about the real causes, namely the content of shock conflict and is ready to resolve the conflict.
  12. An exceptional device like Kindling Easy which controls sympathetic and parasympathetic auto-regulative processes helps balance the sympathecotonia (conflict active phase) and vagotonia (conflict healing phase);  a regular Kindling Easy therapy (daily if possible)  reduces complications and softly translates the body into final healing phase with no additional complications. Learn more here Kindling Easy 
  13. As all is guided and triggered at the psychosomatic and emotional level, the very best tools to diagnose and treat cancer are radionic systems. Sometimes patients cannot reset their psychological stress, theDHS conflict, either because they cannot control their thoughts and emotions or they are not even aware about the conflicts generated by their beliefs, habits, all stored in subliminal, the unconscious mind. Radionic tools access these subtle levels in subliminal mind and through remote broadcasting can change in 1-3 days completely the energetic signature of thoughts and emotions, thus change attitudes, habits and beliefs. The healing process is thus being initiated. Learn more here: Radionics Machines andMars III or Tao Medical combines in one amazing system radionics with acupuncture. Learn more here: 
  14. Last but not least a qualified phototherapy or photodynamic therapies with soft lasers or power light spot emitters are very beneficial for the healing process. It is known and proven that biophotons carry information to specifically damaged tissues. Additionally light stimulates mitochondrial processes, boost body energy, rebalances metabolic oxidative processes, extraordinary beneficial for a cancer patient who is strongly energetic and protein depleted due to the cancer cells metabolism (Krebs and Warburg cycles) consuming double of ATP as compared with healthy cells. Additionally light therapy activates cardiovascular and lymphatic system helping eliminate the cellular waste (ashes). Yellow and blue lasers have a fantastic anti-inflammatory activity. Learn more here about Phototherapy Systems.

The fascinating thing is that we now understand a disease process with its real causes manifesting on all levels (psyche – brain – organ) and we must accept with amazement that Mother Nature has developed a wonderful, breathtaking Self-Healing, the crown of creation. The body is a self-auto-regulated entity and its biological meaningful processes must be known and respected; trust and love your body, delete and reset  all psychological conflicts by forgiving all those who offended and harmed you  and last but not least avoid as much as possible intrusive medical procedures; this is my message to all those suffering of diseases and consequences of inadequate treatments and then most diseases will disappear soon.

An invitation to all those who are fighting mesothelioma or any other cancers: get in touch with us before is too late and break your “cancer death imprisonment”.

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