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“Infection” is an “In-fiction”?

Infection means etymologically: “contaminated condition, poisoning” and from Late Latin language “infectionem, inficere” which defines “contamination, poisoning by air or water”. It becomes difficult to support the medical dogma that bacteria are our health killers and therefore we need “antibiotics” (anti-bios meaning against life) and vaccines (vaccine coming from Latin vaccina, the feminine of vaccinus “pertaining to a cow”). If “Vaccines” pertain to a cow and not to humans, if our genome is to more than 98% a bacteria colony, which are then those bacteria “infecting us”? And why do we get something like “antibiotic” (against life) and vaccines pertaining to cows and not to humans? May be infection is a toxic, poisoning state communicated by air and water which is wrongly treated with more toxins like antibiotics and vaccines?

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