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Psychosomatic Biofeedback Systems

Psychosomatic Biofeedback Systems (PBS) are latest state of the art scanning and therapy systems combining in a unique way advanced biofeedback with psycho-somatic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, light and sound therapy.

A general characteristic of all these systems is that scanning and therapy work in remote, at long distance, due to the involvement of informational (morphogenetic) field; thus patients’ DNA samples can be screened to establish dis-balances (dis-eases). Broadcasting of therapy information (transmission) is used to correct patient’s bio-energetic field. The major assumption here is that all inanimate and biological systems have three entangled levels: informational level, bioenergetics level, cellular level. The information restructures the energy which then manifest at the cellular level as healthy or diseased cells. This new kind of devices is 100% in accordance with latest discoveries and theories in physics such as unified field, universal entanglement, human energy is a toroidal field exchanging permanently scalar waves (information) with the cosmic morphogenetic field, DNA, chromosomes and microtubules are highways on which information are travelling into and outside biological bodies. Learn more here: Psychosomatic Biofeedback Literaturea-p-fp.jpgPsychosomatic biofeedback systems (Aura QRS and Photon-5)mars3cst.jpgMars III and Color Supertuning

What are biofeedback devices?

Simple biofeedback devices are bio-frequencies measuring systems. When scanning, biofeedback devices collect different frequencies from the subject (usually using electrodes placed on the skin). Electrocardiograms or electroencephalograms are classical examples of biofeedback devices.

A more developed version of biofeedback systems is the so called “Bioresonance” when the frequencies collected from the subject are split using band path filters into harmonic (healthy) and disharmonic (dis-eased) frequencies. The disharmonic frequencies are electronically inverted, amplified and finally given back to the patient during the therapy. Bioresonance was developed by German pioneers doctors such as Dr. Rash and Dr. Franz Morell, Dr. Ludwig. This is an over 70 years proven technology working on the bio-energetic levels of biological systems.

What are psychosomatic devices?

“Psychosomatic” means psychological profile is interacting with the somatic level, meaning mental and emotional features are influencing the cellular, organic level. Psychological features are thoughts generated by the brain as electrical signals, associated with emotions generated as magnetic signals; both together plus social environmental influences generate attitudes, habits, and beliefs, all stored in our subconscious mind (subliminal). This is what today epigenetics clearly demonstrated that diseases are not genetically pre-determined, but permanently changing along with the psychosomatic profile and environmental influences. All these changes are manifested with different vibrations in the bioenergetics field around biological systems. Therapy means in this sense changing and harmonizing information on the epigenetic levels to treat diseased vibrations, which finally will manifest in healthy cells. Here is the cross-point where psychosomatic and biofeedback. To enhance and accelerate these changes light and sound as harmonic frequencies are being applied during the therapy.

Psychosomatic biofeedback systems count 3 major parts all synergetically working together:

  1. Software operating from an external computer
  2. Hardware (bioenergetic tuners) 
  3. Light Spot emitters and sound 

Psychosomatic Biofeedback Devices facilitate a complex holistic screening and an integrative therapy on psychosomatic, cellular and spiritual level. Customized treatments are supported by homeopathic remedies, transdermal carriers like cards or patches and broadcasting sessions, direct light & sound therapy.


Psychosomatic biofeedback devices are usually operated from an external computer on which are uploaded a class of different programs and data base specifically designed for holistic applications and life coaching activities such as:

  1. Biofeedback therapy
  2. Psychosomatic therapy
  3. Wellness & Spa
  4. Life and relationship coaching

Software characteristics:

  • Control of all units over software (computer)
  • There are 2 software modules combined, one for client management and one for the specific diagnosis and therapy modalities
  • Software is working together with bioenergetics tuners
  • Programs are built customer friendly, easy to learn and use
  • Excellent 3D graphic leads you through the software, not possible to make mistakes
  • There are multiple ingenious features to help saving, printing, creating important results synopsis
  • Simple and efficient instant licensing procedure after placing an order
  • Easy to add new programs, expand your portfolio with additional systems
  • Most complex therapies are made possible when using the bioenergetics tuners with light spot emitters

screenshot.pngPsychosomatic Biofeedback Software screenshotscst.jpg

Color Supertuning Software Screenshots

General PC requirements:

  • For software installation you will receive a DVD or CD
  • It runs with Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows® Vista SP1 or SP2, Windows® 7 (Edition Home Basic or better) or Windows® 8 (all versions)
  • Windows® Internet Explorer® Version 6.0 or similar browsers
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel-Core-i-Serial, AMD Athlon X2/X4, AMD Athlon II, AMD Phenom II X2/X4
  • Memory: min. 1 Gigabyte
  • Hard Drive: 500 Megabyte free memory ; Hard drive must be compatible with NTFS system
  • Display : min. 1024 x 768 Pixel
  • 1 free USB for hardware connection
  • Graphic 3D compatible


You can purchase psychosomatic biofeedback systems with several hardware options:

  • With bioenergetics tuners only
  • With bioenergetics tuners and light spot emitters combined

Bioenergetic Tuners

Bioenergetic tuners are measuring resonances between patient’s energetic field frequencies and thousands of pre-recorded energetic signatures of health conditions.

The holistic testing is established based on skin resistance measurements using a pair of brass electrodes. Alternative the scan can be processed by using patients’ DNA samples or patient pictorial representations.

Based on these information therapists gain important insights into the patient’s energetic spectrum. The dis-balances are illustrated in different ways: in specific colors, in meridians and acupuncture points, in frequencies specifically collected on spiritual, psychological and cellular levels. Complex testing reports are automatically generated by the software and can be printed out.

In order to find out more about potential causes, often deeply rooted in the people’s beliefs, therapists can additionally use different questions; these are specifically selected based on the scan results. In the presence of the therapist the patient himself needs to answer several questions. Thoughts and beliefs stored in subconscious mind as habits, attitudes, emotions, stress, education, current social constraints (family, social environment) are often adopted from family structures and belong to the one history; all these little puzzle pieces provide therapists and patients with problem-solution approaches. In many cases these approaches are helpful and thus can lead to the patient’s faster recovery.

Bioenergetic tuners have an output cup for transmitting the balancing frequencies and information to different carriers like globules, tinctures. Magnetic cards are suitable trans-dermal carriers. Beyond that, all tuners provide an excellent tool for a remote harmonization of the individual more subtle fields.

Tuners components:

  • Input beaker for DNA samples scanning
  • Output beaker for remedies imprinting
  • Accessories for remote broadcasting
  • Hand brass – gold plated electrodes
  • USB-Anschluss
  • Card encoder for transdermal carriers imprinting

biotuners.jpgBioenergetics tuners with brass Hand electrodesbhe.png

Bioenergetics tuners with Spectral light palmar electrodes

Light Spot Emitters

Light spot emitters in different sizes and shapes are a second hardware option to be added to the psychosomatic biofeedback systems. The spot light emitters are a new generation of light devices using a very sophisticated and unique (patented) light emission process. Its uniqueness lies in emitting a vivid and brilliant color light, located only in visible spectrum at a very precise and narrow wavelength. This light is unique due to:

  1. Very high coherence
  2.  Very narrow and precise wavelength, located only in the visible spectrum range (IR and UV were fully excluded)
  3. Shorter treatment time along with a very deep penetration into the tissue, because filters are not used
  4. This light shows a very high intensity, however the human eyes can accommodate this intensity with no need of any protection (opposite to laser light and some other light therapy devices on the market)
  5. This light is highly efficient in many therapies due to the very precise wavelength, lack of parasite (noise) frequencies and deep penetration
  6. This light has a “still and quietening effect” as it does not include any “parasite” frequencies like the power grid frequency of 60 Hz
  7. Through a special based color light generation, a unique right-handed polarized light quality of the highest purity and brilliance is offered for specific treatments

This very unique light has an intrinsic therapy effect on skin care, wound healing, pain care, depression care and many other applications. When combined with bioenergetic tuners and with specific software, light spot emitters are tremendously improving the therapy effects.emitters.jpgPyramid light spot emitter           Ball light spot emitter     Stand light spot emittervc2.jpg900 mm light spot emitterblueemitter.jpg

450 mm light spot emitter

All our psychosomatic biofeedback systems are 100% produced in Germany in ISO 13485 medical certified facilities and are of an exceptional quality. We offer following psychosomatic biofeedback systems:

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