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Biofeedback Triselect



Biofeedback Triselect Features:

Biofeedback Triselect is a new and unique psychosomatic biofeedback device addressing simultaneously the psychosomatic cellular and regulative level, as well the more subtle epigenetic level. Biofeedback Triselect system offers a complex and efficient psycho-energetic regulation therapy. The multiple level regulation process is made possible by using three different frequency band-passes which can be individually controlled and adjusted. All three levels above mentioned are synergetically and independently regulated. Like all other psychosomatic biofeedback systems, Biofeedback Triselect has 2 major parts: 

  1. Software with

1.1. Client administration

1.2. Software programs

  1. Hardware with two options:

2.1. Bioenergetics tuners and

2.2. Light spot emitters

biofeedback-triselect-hard-and-software-131115.jpgBiofeedback Triselect Hardware and Software

  • Control of all units over software (screen) uploaded on a computer
  • Software is working together with any of our bioenergetics tuners
  • Tuners setup a physiological connection between patient and the biofeedback system using hand brass electrodes or spectral hand pads
  • During scanning the system is running a probabilistic resonance offset process, based on a pre-determined focus  which is the major health concern
  • Pre-recorded programs for therapy are adjusting on specific test results, thus treatments and remedies are fully customized
  • Three different and well defined frequency band passes for Subtle (Spiritual), Psychological and Somatic level are running at different speed
  • The system offers settings for Fast, Standard and Soft regulative therapy
  • Unique auto-mode function to measure and adjust the “therapy on the fly”; once per week press one button only and the system will measure and elaborate customized new therapy in remote
  • Collective broadcasting to take advantage of potentiated collective healing intention of up to 150 participants, transmitted through broadcasting

Biofeedback Triselect, Treat & Harmonize Spirit – Mind – Body
Scanning & Testing: 

The patient’s vibrations are measured as skin conductivity reaction via hand electrodes and loaded into the system. The software then separates these collected frequencies into harmonic and disharmonic vibrations. The disharmonic vibrations are directly related to dis-balances and therefore are inverted and combined with the patient’s own harmonic vibrations. Patient’s own harmonic vibrations are thus strengthened while the disharmonic vibrations are completely eliminated. This procedure triggers the patient’s self-healing power, so called auto-regulation.  The system’s name “Triselect” means that measured vibrations are classified and separated into three different categories depending on the frequency range (in Hz)

1. Subtle (Spiritual) level band-pass

The subtle band-pass selects vibrations in the range of 315-1400 nanometers. This covers an area beginning with ultraviolet radiation (UVA) across the visible spectrum of light to the infrared radiation (IRA). While this spectral range 315-1400 nm of frequencies is applied to the client, a measurement is conducted via hand electrodes to monitor and display client’s response. The frequencies represented by different colors, are those frequencies the client resonates with and these are recorded during the scan. In contrast to the band-passes for psychic and somatic level, on subtle (spiritual) level, it does not take place a separation in harmonic and disharmonic frequencies. Frequencies of specific wavelengths the client resonated with are later radiated in the appropriate colors using the light spot emitter.

2. Psychological level band-pass

The psychological band-pass measures vibrations in the range 25000 – 100000Hz.
The harmonic vibration of the green area representing client’s own healthy vibrations is electronically merged with the inverted disharmonic vibrations (shown in yellow) and added to the lower green area of the band; this is now the therapy vibrations package. This green area of the band-pass thus contains the clients own vibration plus the opposite disharmonic vibration which so far, in its original form, blocked his or her self-healing power.

3. Somatic level band-pass

The somatic band-pass measures vibrations in the area of 0 Hz to 25000Hz. Somatic band-pass processes and saves collected vibrations as in the psychological case.

screenbr.jpgScreenshot software during the scan and therapy

Setting the focus and additional information:

The goal of the treatment may be entered into the field “focus and additional information”. If this field is left blank, the scan and transmission will relate to the patient’s current situation. Further information such as a homeopathic medicine or an affirmation can be entered here as well, which may later be taken into consideration during transmission process.

Results and Rating

The amount of harmonic and disharmonic patient vibrations are put in relation and displayed as percentages in the “Rating” field. The green portion of vibrations represents positive harmonic vibration, while the red portion represents negative, disharmonic vibration. One can see the size of the bars on the chart, as well as the correlating percentages left and right in the bar. The more red color, the more disharmonic patient vibrations were found, the more severe the patient’s problem.

How often perform a scans?

Generally scans are performed once a week. One should use the scan-type (initial scan or follow-up scan) suggested by the system. Depending on circumstances measurement may be performed up to once a day. The more frequent values are obtained, the more precise one can document and review reaching of the goal.

Pre-recorded Programs 

Dozens of programs are pre-recorded and may be used in addition to the customized therapy. You may choose as many programs as you like to be transmitted additionally to the customized therapy. You should however limit yourself to significant problems of the patient. In most cases the smaller problems will automatically be solved during treatment of the major problems.

Biofeedback Triselect, No side effects, no risks, customized therapy with body own frequencies 

Once all options have been correctly set the patient is receiving therapeutic frequencies through hand electrodes. The system starts the transmission of the previously scanned and processed data. To this bundle of harmonic vibrations it is possible to add optionally selected pre-recorded programs. The appropriate band-passes and frequencies are displayed, together with the colors in the required wavelength, given that a light spot emitter is connected.

Intensive regulation

The loops of the individual band-passes are set in such a way, that transmission duration is 2 minutes. You may use this option when a transmission needs to be performed quickly and intensively.

Standard Regulation

The loops of each of the individual band-passes are set in such a way, that transmission duration is 10 minutes. You may use this option when a transmission of medium strength should be performed.

Soft Regulation

The loops of each of the individual band-passes are set in such a way, that transmission duration is 30 minutes. You may use this option when a transmission should occur at weak strength but for a longer duration. The effect is the same in all four cases. The transmission however occurs more intensively with shorter durations and less intensively with longer durations.

Auto Mode therapy:

Auto Mode is an amazing therapy tool: with weekly one click only, this software module is adjusting “on the fly” the diagnosis and therapy. Using remote diagnosis and therapy, the tuner scans remotely all recorded patients and adjusts the aura energy replenishing accordingly.  Each patient gets a written report emailed to his pre-recorded email address. The effect of activating Auto Mode is permanent body energy refuel with optimal energy supporting all healing processes.

Collective Broadcasting:

Collective intention broadcasting amplifies exponentially an intention transmitted to a targeted patient. With this tool you can transmit wishes, desires or special treatment affirmations to the collective pool of users. In a second step all registered users will send back to each patient his personal registered wishes, desires, therapy commands. You do something for the community and the community will do something for you. The effect of this collective broadcasting is hundred or thousand times stronger.

What can you treat with Biofeedback Triselect

  • Biofeedback Triselect is the perfect tool for auto-regulation and therapy of chronic conditions.
  • It is a complementary therapy method to any other medical and alternative medicine
  • It is regulating psychosomatic and bioenergetics level, thus suitable for all kind of psychological and mental conditions, chronic diseases
  • All chronic health conditions
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Epigenetic disorders
  • Emotional and psychological disorders
  • Organs specific conditions such as: acidosis, kidney, Gallbladder, Liver, Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular and heart, GI, Disbyosis, Intoxications, Sleep aid, Glandular and hormonal dis-balances, muscle-skeletal problems such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sensory organs affections, skin disorders

Biofeedback Triselect Hardware:

The hardware recommended to operate Biofeedback Triselect can be optional selected as:
1. Bioenergetic tuners
2. Bioenergetic tuners with light spot emitters

Tuners components:

  • Input beaker
  • Output beaker
  • Module for remote sending
  • Hand electrodes (brass gold plated)
  • USB-Anschluss 
  • Card encoder

Option 1: Tuners (only)

Tuners are necessary for the following functions

  • Scanning of subject samples (picture, DNA samples like body fluids on a swab) using the brass hand electrodes for skin resistance measurement.
  • Transmitting the scan results to the software for processing the resonance values; the software algorithm offsets subjects’ collected information to the pre-recorded information available in the database; based on a highest probability calculation the software generates different score values. As higher the score, as higher the probability of a resonance between the subject and that specific value from the data base.
  • Transmission of rebalancing information and frequencies can then be life transferred to the subject through hand electrodes and with the help of light and sound. It can also be imprinted on carriers such as globules, water.
  • Remote scans and remote broadcasting

Tuners main parts:

  • Input cup or gold plates embedded
  • Output cup or gold plates embedded (for remedies imprinting) 
  • Card Encoder (for cards imprinting
  • Remote broadcasting module 
  • Hand Electrodes
  • Spectral Light hand electrodes  
  • USB Port (for connection to computer/software)

bqrs3.pngTuner with brass electrodes


Tuner with Spectral hand pads

Hardware Option 2: Tuners and Light spot emitters (together)

Light in different colors is used during Biofeedback re-balancing process, i.e. the light spot emitters are radiating colored light necessary to balance the chakras.

Light Spot Emitters are all characterized by their clear and vivid colors. With the help of a specifically modified high performance selector the colors are first into an exactly defined wavelength. This corresponds to the desired color shade in the visible light spectrum. In the color therapy as well as in the comfort zone the patients are treated with distinct wavelengths in an optimal way. The wavelengths are additionally balanced through our unique designed controller. Light spot emitters are patented and have an absolutely unique quality. This light has no UV-A, UV-B, UV-C or IR frequencies, it is a pure visible light, so that you can look into it. A particular advantage of this unique light emitting technology is the regular and uniform wavelength which produces the purest colors and is most suitable for different phototherapy applications, such as wound, acne, pain, depression, insomnia therapy. You can choose between:

  1. Small Light spot emitters
  2. Large light spot emitter (450 nm, 900 mm)


Small Light spot emitters


900 Stand light spot emitter

Advantages for Your practice:

  • It is an exceptional supportive therapy for all other medical and holistic treatments
  • It is easy to operate, can be also used as a home biofeedback device
  • Doctors get more patients (the device can be operated also by nurses)
  • You can increase your practice income, you diagnose & treat in minutes
  • You offer better and more diversified services to your patients (diagnosis, therapy, remedies give out)
  • You can produce your own customized remedies
  • Auto-mode is a unique tool, press one button only and weekly all your patients are receiving an updated biofeedback therapy, so called “therapy on the fly”

Scope of Delivery & System requirements:
Bioresonance triselect software and programs inclusive client’s administration module

Bioenergetic tuner
Brass Hand electrodes
Spectral hand pads (optional)
Light spot emitter in a desired shape and sizes:

  • Pyramid light spot emitter
  • Stand light spot emitter

Testimonials and Case Studies

Excellent Devices 
Posted by ND O.P. located in Canada on 4th Nov 2015
I bought the full package Tao Medical – Biofeedback Triselect – Aura and since then my patients are easier to diagnose and the treatments are much more complex and efficient. All these software have amazing features like auto-mode for a weekly updated therapy by just punching a button. Another extraordinary function is the collective broadcasting when collectively all users of these systems are helping each other to enhance the remote broadcasting therapy. 

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