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Tao-Medical Features:

Tao-Medical is a fully automated I’Ching acupuncture psychosomatic & biofeedback system. It combines ancient I’Ching acupuncture wisdom, Taoist universal teachings with modern psychosomatic biofeedback response and biological fractals. 

Customized information are collected through hand electrodes or spectral hand pads (skin galvanic response). Audiovisual acupuncture is used to balance spirit, mind and body, addressing simultaneously the psychosomatic cellular and regulative level, as well the more subtle epigenetic levels

Hundreds of pre-recorded programs for acute and chronic health conditions can be considered during the scan and introduced into the I’Ching acupuncture general therapy; this enables a more customized therapy responding to patients’ symptoms.

Tao Medical unicity relates to its special features such as auto mode to update “on the fly” patient’s diagnose and therapy, or collective remote broadcasting to potentiate the broadcasted therapy; as a result of these features Tao-Medical is one of the most efficient holistic therapy system known to mankind.

The psychosomatic therapy is addressed by using specific questions pre-recorded in Tao Medical system, which the patient has to answer; following this gateway, the patient is getting awareness of the root problems lying in his mental and emotional body.

Due to very accurate automated acupuncture testing, you can practice the best known acupuncture without spending years to learn the Chinese acupuncture; no risks, no side effects, no mistakes. 

Other common characteristics of Tao Medical System are:

  • Control of all hardware units over software (screen) uploaded on a computer
  • Software is working together with any of our hardware tuners and light emitters
  • Tuners setup a physiological connection between patient and the psychosomatic biofeedback system using hand brass electrodes or spectral hand pads
  • During scanning the system is running a probabilistic resonance offset process, based on a pre-determined focus  which represents patient’s major health concern
  • Pre-recorded programs can be additionally implemented during the scan for a more complex customized therapy
  • The system offers many setting options for the scan and therapy 

Like all other psychosomatic biofeedback systems we offer, Tao-Medical system has 2 major parts: 

1. Software with

1.1. Client administration

1.2. Tao Medical Software programs 

  1. Hardware with two options:

2.1. Tao Medical tuners and/or

2.2. Light spot emitters


Tao Medical for automated Acupuncture and Psychosomatic Biofeedback

Tao Medical, A portal between I’Ching acupuncture and modern psychosomatic biofeedback
Scanning & Testing: 

Tao Medical scanning uses I’Ching algorithms to determine the acupuncture points which must be treated to solve patient’s health problems. In the field “Focus” the current problems are to be mentioned. Additionally from the pre-recorded programs you can choose specific programs best matching major health problems described by the client. For each program there are pre-recorded specific acupuncture points, thus patient’s scan will provide points to be treated as per patients’ meridian assessment in combination with the points derived from the selected programs.


Tao Medical Pre-recorded programs

Second step is to select the scan options:

  1. Brass hand electrodes to measure skin galvanic response
  2. Spectral hand pads to measure skin galvanic response and body zone energy
  3. DNA sample to be added in the INPUT beaker, embedded in the tuner
  4. Remote scanning module


Tao Medical Scan options

During the scan 2 trigrams and finally a hexagram are generated; there are in total 64 hexagrams with a very specific psychosomatic significance. Learn more about hexagrams here: Tao Medical Educational Videos

During the scan the “Crystallinity, or Symmetry” of the body is calculated based on fractal algorithms. Body fractals can be used to determine the “level of illness” as compared with the general situation and as such generated body fractals also have therapeutic implications. A fractal is calculated on the basis of certain mathematical formula. TAO Medical fractals are calculated based on individual parameters from the client`s data. The fractal graphic can then be used as an “affirmation image”.


Tao Medical scan results: trigrams, hexagrams, fractals


Tao Medical scan results: trigrams, hexagrams, fractals


Tao Medical Fractals


Tao Medical scan results

In the upper area you can see the hexagrams suggested in accordance with Taoist and I’Ching teachings; for ex. for scanned patient in our above example, the hexagram 24 is matching client profile. Each hexagram describes a psychosomatic behaviour and this can be used as an affirmation to balance patient’s health problems.


All acupuncture points along with several additional information based on the scan results are displayed under “Acupuncture” submenu: additional information provided are:

  • The second column (“Acupuncture points”) contains the name of each acupuncture point
  • The third column (“Origin”) shows whether the acupuncture point was generated based on I’Ching or as result of the pre-recorded program. It is also possible for an acupuncture point to have two origins, in which case it is marked with “Both”
  • The fourth column (“Body side”) shows on which side of the body is the point located. There are also meridians in the body center, in which case the key-word “middle” is used
  • The fifth column (“Pinyin”) contains the Chinese name of the acupuncture point 
  • The sixth column (“Regulation”) shows the type of activity

Energy characteristics of the acupuncture points:

The acupuncture points are displayed in green if they are energetically balanced but not “bold” enough
The acupuncture points are displayed in red if they have a surplus of energy
The acupuncture points are displayed in blue if they lack energy


Tao medical Acupuncture points to be treated

In the scan results under submenu “Meaning” you can also see the specific psychosomatic significance of the hexagram; this must be discussed in details with the patient to resolve the psychological underground conflict(s):


Additional valuable details for the customized treatment are provided under the submenu “Additional information”:


Tao Medical additional information, Homeopathic & Herbal remedies

Tao medical, Automated Psychosomatic Light & Sound Acupuncture

This therapy works also in remote and as such it is worldwide the single known acupunctural long distance treatment. To follow up the treatment, the patient is receiving customized homeopathic and herbal remedies which are generated in the clinic by imprinting the corresponding vibrational signatures on virgin carriers like sucrose pellets, water-alcohol, or as transdermal magnetic cards.

If the patient is in your practice he will get administrated the therapy through hand electrodes, alternative through spectral hand pads or by using directly on indicated acupuncture point the “Audiovisual pointer”. Just lightly touch the tip of the applicator to trigger the trabnsmission with the right color on the right acupuncture point.
The acupuncture points will be executed sequentially, according to the order in which they appear in the table; the table is sorted from the upper side to the lower body side. In this case the transmission time is dependent on how quickly the points are processed. You determine the duration by the time you take for letting the audiovisual point applicator on the skin. Only when you take it off and it does no longer touch the skin the next point is activated. To make this transmission type work your patient has to hold the black electrode in his weaker hand (e.g. a right-hander in his left hand). If he is a “both-hander” it does not matter in which hand he holds the black electrode.

The therapy time can be individually determined:

  • Intensive regulation: High transmission speed within a short time, used in acute cases
  • Standard regulation: Medium transmission speed within medium time, used mostly in prevention
  • Soft regulation: Slow transmission speed within a long time, used in chronic cases

TAO Medical auto-mode function is to be used for updating patients’ scan and therapy by just clicking one button only.  Standard auto-mode menu allows an updated scan and therapy every 14 days. 

Printing reports are possible and below are shown the print options:


What can you treat with Tao Medical?

  • Tao Medical is the perfect tool for auto-regulation and psychosomatic therapy for all chronic conditions
  • It is a very efficient needle less, audiovisual acupuncture therapy with similar treatment effects or even much better as a classical TCM acupuncture
  • It is regulating psychosomatic and bioenergetics levels, thus suitable for all kind of psychological and mental conditions
  • All chronic health conditions can be successfully treated
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Epigenetic disorders
  • Emotional and psychological disorders
  • Organs specific conditions such as: acidosis, kidney, Gallbladder, Liver, Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular and heart, GI, Disbyosis, Intoxications, Sleep aid, Glandular and hormonal dis-balances, muscle-skeletal problems such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sensory organs affections, skin disorders

Tao Medical Hardware:
The hardware recommended to operate Tao Medical can be optional selected from:
1. Bioenergetic tuners (Tao Tuner)
2. Bioenergetic tuners with light spot emitters

Tuners components:
Input beaker
Output beaker
Module for remote sending
Hand electrodes (brass gold plated)
Card encoder

Option 1: Tuners (only)
Tuners are necessary for the following functions

  • Scanning of subject samples (picture, DNA samples like body fluids on a swab) using the brass hand electrodes for skin resistance measurement.
  • Transmitting the scan results to the software for processing the resonance values; the software algorithm offsets subjects’ collected information to the pre-recorded information available in the database; based on a highest probability calculation the software generates different score values. As higher the score, as higher the probability of a resonance between the subject and that specific value from the data base.
  • Transmission of rebalancing information and frequencies can then be life transferred to the subject through hand electrodes and with the help of light and sound. It can also be imprinted on carriers such as globules, water.
  • Remote scans and remote broadcasting

Tuners main parts:

  • Input cup or gold plates embedded
  • Output cup or gold plates embedded (for remedies imprinting)
  • Card Encoder (for cards imprinting
  • Remote broadcasting module
  • Hand Electrodes
  • Spectral Light hand electrodes
  • USB Port (for connection to computer/software)


Tao Medical Tuner


Tao Medical Tuner with Audiovisual Pointer


Tao Medical Tuner with Spectral Hand Pads

Hardware Option 2: Tuners and Light spot emitters (together)
Light in different colors is used during Biofeedback re-balancing process, i.e. the light spot emitters are radiating colored light necessary to balance the chakras.

Light Spot Emitters are all characterized by their clear and vivid colors. With the help of a specifically modified high performance selector different accurate wavelength are generated. This corresponds to the desired color shade in the visible light spectrum. In the color therapy as well as in the comfort zone the patients are treated with distinct wavelengths in an optimal way. The wavelengths are additionally balanced through our unique designed controller. Light spot emitters are patented and have an absolutely unique quality. This light has no UV-A, UV-B, UV-C or IR frequencies, it is a pure visible light, so that you can look into it. A particular advantage of this unique light emitting technology is the regular and uniform wavelength which produces the purest colors and is most suitable for different phototherapy applications, such as wound, acne, pain, depression, insomnia therapy. You can choose between the following light spot emitters:


Tao Medical Light Spot Emitters

Advantages for Your practice:

  • It is an exceptional efficient needle less audiovisual acupuncture with a strong psychosomatic component
  • The system is easy to operate and fully automated
  • You become an acupuncturist within 2 hours of training
  • Your treatments are always risk free, no side effects or mistakes, all treatments are full customized
  • Doctors get more patients (the device can be operated also by nurses)
  • You can increase your practice income as you diagnose & treat in minutes
  • You offer better and more diversified services to your patients such as diagnosis, therapy, remedies give out
  • You can produce your own customized remedies
  • Auto-mode is a unique tool, press one button only and weekly all your patients are receiving an updated biofeedback therapy, so called “therapy on the fly”

Scope of Delivery & System requirements:

Tao Medical software and programs inclusive client’s administration module
Tao Medical tuner with audiovisual pointer
Brass Hand electrodes
Spectral hand pads (optional)
Light spot emitter in a desired shape and sizes:

  • Pyramid light spot emitter
  • Stand light spot emitter

General PC requirements for Tao Medical Devices 

  • For software installation you will receive a DVD or CD. Software can be also downloaded from Bucher Coaching Systems cloud 
  • It runs with Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows® Vista SP1 or SP2, Windows® 7 (Edition Home Basic or better) or Windows® 8 (all versions)
  • Windows® Internet Explorer® Version 6.0 or similar browsers
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel-Core-i-Serial, AMD Athlon X2/X4, AMD Athlon II, AMD Phenom II X2/X4
  • Memory: min. 1 Gigabyte
  • Hard Drive: 500 Megabyte free memory ; Hard drive must be compatible with NTFS system
  • Display : min. 1024 x 768 Pixel
  • 1 free USB for hardware connection
  • Graphic 3D compatible

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