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Your Online Doctor

Your Online Doctor

Helps you Create Your Healthy Journey!


Your Online Doctor is an internet platform for “cross border medicine”; you can book online different holistic health care services and/or buy very unique remedies. It is an extensive and up to date educational platform for everyone.


  • Chronic Diseases
  • Minor Ailments
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Mental Conditions
  • Life Coaching
  • Remote consultations (by phone/skype) or online (by email)
  • Holistic health services
  • Remote diagnose and therapy
  • Provides customized homeopathic remedies
  • You can find here unique products helping you in major health conditions
  • Single trusted platform where to buy genuine Goleic to fight cancer
  • Our team provides professional, discreet, affordable online consultations and delivers customized naturopathic and homeopathic remedies.

Your Online Doctor consultations are based on guidelines which have been developed according to best practice and in accordance with latest information in holistic health care. We know that you will contact us only when you need advice.

We practice a modern holistic health care approach, where the patient is our focus and his overall health is our target. Based on recent discoveries in energy and informational medicine and by using sophisticated biofeedback, psychosomatic phototherapy devices, we address the epigenetic, psychosomatic and cellular level in their natural biological unity. Remove “dis-balances” to cure “dis-eases”, using energy and information, we show you how to reconnect to your healthy field, and your body will do the rest.

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