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Livewater_SM_091215“Everything came out of water and life can exist only where water is abundantly available.” saidJohann Wolfgang Goethe.

When life appeared on this planet water was covering most of the Earth’s surface. Life started in water and nature demonstrated that all natural waters are self-cleaning and self-maintaining, thus it is a sustainable and self-sufficient process. This is still today the case so far the mankind did not destroy the natural ecological system.

Following our civilization development, water became soon an agro and industrial agent and as such the dirty, contaminated and unhealthy was born. Today the water must be heavily processed to be used and re-used as potable water, or as an industrial “consumable”.

The scientific research and engineering of water processing started about 60 years ago and first achievements were delivered by an Austrian engineer Victor Schauberger; he was the first one who made possible lumber transportation by engineering special water channels to mimic the natural water flow. Since then we know that any kind of water optimization apparatus must obey nature’s principles and one of this principles is forming vortexes or whirls.

When Masuro Emoto started to photograph frozen water crystals he discovered that water is tremendously responding to “information” and has a “memory”.

Learn more about scientific proof of water memory:

Other examples showing how informed water can generate different results when used on biological systems:


Rice treated by thoughts as “Thank you Rice” “You Fool Rice”


Water treated with the words   Water treated with the words “Idiot water” 

“Love You”& “Thank you water”                     “Fool you water”

Water quality problems appear in potable water, either in city water networks as well as in bottled water:

  • Lime deposits and hardness
  • Bad taste
  • Excessive chlorination and fluoridisation
  • Presence of pesticides and fertilizers (nitrates, nitrites)
  • Residual pharmaceutical drugs (hormones, drugs) and other metabolites
  • Heavy metals
  • Detergents, chemical agents of different kind
  • Increased Pathogenic germs
  • Increased oxidative potential due to water disinfection treatment
  • Water structure is lost when flowing through pipelines or when bottled water is transported over long distances

Getting contaminated means already unhealthy water, but losing the structure makes of water a sickness agent, as it destroys the body fluids structures.

A good water technology must:

  • Reduce significantly lime, heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, detergents, residual pharmaceuticals, oxidants
  • Reduce significantly pathogens
  • Increase water crystallinity and form structured water, usually hexagonal shaped
  • Be tasty such as good spring water
  • Be an ecological and economical solution which means no consumables, no energy consumes, no maintenance.

Our Livewater technology along with our Livewater optimizing devices are matching all above mentioned requests. Livewater is not a filtration, reverse osmosis or a softener system; it is a complex water optimization method using two of major water properties for self-cleaning:

  • Whirl, form many vortexes
  • Structuring by imprinting specific information
  • Ionic oxygen content is significantly increased

It is proven in laboratories as well as by doctors using Livewater with their patients, that Livewater is an efficient healing fluid, thus a tool for a sustainable alternative medicine.

  • Reputated R & D institues or laboratories were analysis Livewater:
  • Institute Hagalis: Crystal Analysis
  • Biophotonic Institute Prof. F.A. Popp: Electroluminescence Measurements Interdisciplinary R & D Kurt Olbrich: Microbiology analyses
  • Environmental Institute Dr. Hirschel: Redox potential measurements
  • Chlorine analysis Dr. Fässler: Hoefer Darkfield analysis

Results from mentioned institutions were mind blowing:

  • Livewater is 8.5 times better as any bottled or potable city water
  • Livewater is saving 20-50% water costs (same flow reduced water consume) without any flow regulatory mechanism

Applications of Livewater:

  • Home potable and cleaning water, organic gardening
  • Private and public pools without chlorine
  • Healthy agriculture water for irrigation, watering and livestock farming
  • Potable water from tap for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Livewater for Bakeries, Wineries, Breweries, etc. for better quality products and more economical production process
  • Potable water for Tourists in Hotels, Restaurants, SPA, Wellness, Resorts, etc.
  • Industrial Livewater for different processes requesting cooling water, water as solvent, icing technologies
  • Livewater for Retirement homes, hospitals, clinics, schools, kindergarten

Read More Here: LiveWater

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