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Stay Tuned

Dear friends, during last 2.5 months I was extensively travelling around the world to research what is new in holistic medicine. I came back with amazing information, which step by step I will start to disclose to inform my loyal friends like you. The world is moving into the right direction, slowly in some regions and much faster in other countries. The target seems to be more spiritual entanglement with cosmic energies, epigenetic and psychosomatic therapies, informational medicine, light and sound; all are beingĀ  integrated into a cross border, self-sufficient and sustainable new health care system. Humans must understand the healing power is within their body, it just needs to be re-activated likewise our ancestors did, taking so their healing power back from a corrupt and bankrupt medical system. This is the real solution for all of us and there are now available many fantastic tools. Just bear with us, regularly visit our blog and website. With Love to all my friends, Christine

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