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Amazing new price tag for best Psychosomatic Biofeedback device Mars III


StarMars III is a versatile and complex computer controlled psychosomatic biofeedback system worldwide. It works according the newest bioenergetic and informational medicine findings. It may be categorized as a “radionic machine”, whereby the term “radionics” is an old fashioned terminology and not representative for this kind of advanced device.

Mars III comes with a hardware and software. The machine is operated from a computer where the software and the database are uploaded.
This system can be also used for business consulting, career optimization, boost performance, buildings optimization, agriculture free of pesticides, fertilizers and for much more applications.

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Mars III: Most advanced Psychosomatic Biofeedback System

Mars III A great holistic experience.
Scanning & Testing

The biofeedback loop between the patient and Mars III generates resonance signals on 12 different levels corresponding to:

  • Cellular physical level
  • Mental and emotional level
  • Psychosomatic and regulative level
  • Spiritual level

Collected patient’s information (scan) is compared with thousands of pre-recorded energetic signatures for different remedies, diseases, organs, emotions, genes and chromosomes. Based on a mathematical stochastic algorithm, (i.e. calculation of highest probability), the most important aspects of a health condition are found and displayed. The results are displayed either in percentages or in scores from -10 up to +10. These are directly linked to the highest probability a patient may have a specific health condition.

Levels 1-3 represent resonances on cellular, physical level, linked to symptoms
Levels 4-6 represent resonance on psychosomatic, energetic level not yet manifested on cellular level
Levels 7-9 represent resonances with emotional, belief, habits, attitudes, not yet manifested on organic level
Levels 10-12 represent resonances structural for a long time existent, mostly found on cellular level, based on epigenetic information

Chakra scores interpretation:

1-3   Root Chakra
4-5   Sacral Chakra
6      Solar Plexus Chakra
7      Heart Chakra
8-10 Communication/Throat Chakra
11    Third Eye Chakra
12    Crown Chakra

Results (scores): can be displayed:

Over function (OF), shows Inflammatory, Infectious, Yang, Surplus, numbers are 0-10
Under function (UF) shows degenerative, chronic, Yin, Deficiency
Percentages (%): Results in percentages represent the importance of a rate, thus 100% is higher than 50%, i.e. that condition with 100% is twice as important as the one with 50%.

Potencies interpretation:

D ,X   same as levels 1-3
C    same as levels 4-7
Q    same as levels 7-9, more subtle
LM  same as levels 10-12 structural, aura, epigenetic
Potency 0-6       is on a vital cellular level (1-3)
Potency 8-21     is on psychosomatic level (4-6)
Potency Higher 200 is on mental level (7-9);
Potency Higher 1000 is on spiritual


Mars III: Testing module

Mars III Therapy:

In a second step test signals are being potentiated based on classical homeopathy principles and applied as a treatment in one of the following forms:

  • Homeopathic remedies: globules or tinctures
  • Transdermal carriers imprinted: Magnetic cards (EECS)
  • In remote broadcasting: therapy information are being sent into the patient auric field
  • Instant broadcasting: instantly transmission using hand electrodes
  • Color tuning therapy is a combined sound, color and biofeedback therapy given through hand electrodes and headsets

What can you treat with Mars III:

  • All chronic health conditions
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Epigenetic disorders
  • Emotional and psychological disorders
  • Organs specific conditions such as: acidosis, kidney, Gallbladder, Liver, Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular and heart, GI, Disbyosis, Intoxications, Sleep aid, Glandular and hormonal dis-balances, muscle-skeletal problems such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sensory organs affections, skin disorders
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids deficiencies
  • Remedies compatibility


Mars III Therapy module


Mars III: Color Tuning Module

This system can be also used for business consulting, career optimization, boost performance, buildings optimization, agriculture free of pesticides, fertilizers and for much more applications.

Scope of Delivery & System requirements:

Standard Mars III package

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Hand electrodes
  • Color Tuning Module
  • Connecting cables
  • Power unit
  • Starter kit
  • Manual & Training

Optional accessories

  • Large single coup
  • Twin large coups
  • EECS magnetic cards
  • Homeopathic carriers
  • Additional new rates packages
  • Optional Modules, Mars III Super-bundles
  • Color Supertuning

System requirements

  • Pentium 1 GHz or better
  • 512 MB  or better
  • 400 MB drive or better
  • Graphic 1024 x 768
  • USB plus

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Testimonials & Case studies

  1. My early trials for remote therapy using MARS III radionic instrument

Prof. Dr. Yasser El Naggar – Zagazig University – Faculty of Medicine – Egypt

In this study I presented a number of cases treated by tele-therapy, in which diagnosis and therapy were through automatic machine using a sample of hair or blood. The therapeutic remedies broadcasted to the patients were in code numbers, which represented the vibrations of the remedies, which balanced the disorders of the diagnosed organs vibrations. So the diagnosis and therapy were on the energy level of the body without any other factors affecting the results, especially of the children.

Case 1:

A male child 6 years old from Alexandria about 150 km from my place, had got fever of 39.5 C. His mother phoned me in the evening to describe for him the suitable homeopathic remedies according to radionic analysis as usual as many times before since about five years ; she said that she afraid of the coming cold which always accompanied with complications for her cerebral palsy child.

For the first time, I changed the method of diagnosis and therapy with this child by using Mars III radionic machine and I broadcasted him therapy program including all homeopathic remedies above and below +/– 6 and at all levels by both instant and future broadcasting for 10 minutes every 2 hours.

Next morning his mother told me that fever decreased gradually through the night until it became 36.8 C in the morning and no more bad signs or symptoms appeared in the following days as occurred with him before, and also he did not receive any treatment except that broadcasted to him by machine which was continued for 10 days.

Case 2:

A female child 9 years old live in Sinai about 500 km from my town had got common cold with runny nose and pain in the left eye with swelling of its upper eyelid. The father of this child is Egyptian and the mother is German, they had the first aid set of homeopathic remedies, and accustomed to ask my advice about the best remedies to take in different diseases according to radionic analysis using the hair specimens I had for all the family.

At that time I told him I will try with her a new mode of therapy and I broadcasted her using Mars III machine all the homeopathic remedies above and below +/– 6, every 2 hours for 10 minutes each time for 10 days by future broadcasting.

Cold symptoms disappeared completely in two days and the left upper eyelid swelling improved in the 4th day and appeared in the right upper eyelid which improved in the next 2 days, as her father told me after about one week.

Case 3:

The father of this young female child 45 years old, had got also common cold which soon complicated by allergic cough. This picture recurrent two times every year and deteriorated his health and obliged him to stay long time in bed in spite of ordinary medical treatment or homeopathic remedies.

This time I tried with him tele-therapy using Mars III radionic machine, by broadcasting to him homeopathic remedies with all levels from 1-12 above and below +/– 6, he improved quickly and could move and did his work, except for sporadic cough from time to time which disappeared completely after 6 days, he was happy because it was the first time since long time to pass such attacks without staying in bed and without using any treatment at all.

What was interesting for me in the therapy program made by Mars III machine that it contains cold and catarrh remedies for both the father and his young daughter and eye infection remedy for his daughter alone, which denoting the high accuracy of the machine in selecting the accurate remedy.

Case 4:

The mother of the same young female child, 40 years old, had got severe toothache and could not sleep for one night in spite of taking analgesics and homeopathic remedies. In the next morning after a phone call from 500 km, I started broadcasting both instant and future using homeopathic remedies above and below +/– 6.

At the end of the same day her husband phoned me again, saying that the pain increased for some minutes and gradually became tolerated and disappeared completely after 2 hours with no relapse until writing her case now after 45 days.

Case 5:

47 years old engineer live in Cairo, about 100 km far from my town, was complaining from severe pain in his neck and back of head, restricting his movement and radiating to both shoulders and upper limbs and upper back which preventing him from sleep deeply for 3 days.

Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs improved him little. He asked my help. By instant and future broadcasting for homeopathy program and muscular and nervous systems programs using the results above and below +/– 6, in the next night he slept well and moved in the next morning free completely of any pain.

After about one week his friend phoned him and told him about the magic of tele-therapy and he became believing in it, he answered him that he believed in it because he also had been treated with it and he had got good results with him and his daughter.

Case 6:

The mother of a female child 5 years old phoned me at midnight that her daughter had an acute attack of asthma with obstructed nose, mouth breathing and severe dyspnea with wheezing and deep red color of the face with its puffiness.

This child I followed her up since birth with only homeopathic remedies described after radionic analysis and made on a remedy maker machine. She was well through the last five years except for about 10% depending on modern medicine chemical drugs as antibiotics, antipyretics, etc. That is why I always called this young female child, the child of numbers, because she was born after 18 years infertility for her mother and father, who were clinically free and got their daughter after one year of treatment with homeopathic remedies numbers made by a remedy maker machine. After birth and for 5 years she was under my follow up treatment by homeopathic remedies for all diseases she got during her life which also numbers ; which means that radionic analysis by pendulum is a fact, homeopathic remedies prepared by code numbers on remedy maker machine are also a fact and effective in treatment of acute and chronic diseases. This is my conclusion after ten years of work on not less than 25 patients per day.

For her present case which followed a severe attack of common cold, I tested her hair specimen on Mars III machine for allergy test, respiratory system test and the indicated homeopathic remedies and I sent the results by broadcasting firstly by instant broadcasting for homeopathic remedies then respiratory system test results then allergy test results above and blew + /– 6 as such. After this I sent the same therapy by future broadcasting.

In the next morning her mother phoned me and told me that her daughter slept directly 10 minutes after her last call till the next morning without any interruption.

After four months at 1 AM, this mother phoned me again that her daughter cannot take breathing at all, with blue coloration of her face, and I heard on telephone her sound of fighting for breathing. I started directly broadcasting the homeopathic therapy by instant broadcasting for two minutes and fifteen seconds and I repeated them again, then I broadcasted her chromo therapy in the same way. After this I sent for her by future broadcasting homeopathic remedies, chronotherapy, the results of allergy test and respiratory system test as therapy every hour for 10 minutes each. After 15 minutes she phoned me again and told me that her daughter slept after 10 minutes, but she took her breathing in two steps. I relaxed completely because I was stressed with this very high risk case, because I was not sure of the results and I was obliged to treat her. No one can imagine that tele-therapy by waves can do such improvement in this very short time and saved the life of that young female child from a distance of about 90 km. In the next morning her mother told me that after one and half hour of sleeping her breathing became normal and she slept well till the next morning. Really the first 15 minutes were critical for me and every physician knows this well, because I gave nothing to the patient. I was only sending waves which made this magic cure, without enough experience what to do in such cases with this new Mars III radionic machine.

Case 7:

A male German patient, 52 years old, live in Sinai in Egypt, 520 km from my town, had got fever for 3 days not responding to the homeopathic remedies he took by himself. The fever had no other symptoms accompanied it.

Since two months, he had got the same fever and treated with antibiotics in high doses for one week and he was afraid of repeating antibiotics again in this short time because of the severe weakness which followed the last antibiotic therapy which prevented him from work for some days. He phoned me asking my advice. I told him not to take any treatment, and I will broadcast him treatment with a new machine.

After one week, he sent to me a mobile message: Dear Dr. I want to thank you for the incredible help that you sent me with your magic tele-machine.

After one month, he visited me and told me that, his fever decreased gradually in one day and half and not returned again with feeling of vitality and good health, and he will be one of the members of tele-therapy group.

Case 8:

A male child 7 years old, was visiting Jordan with his Egyptian family, his father phoned me and told that his son had an attack of diarrhea every 15 minutes with abdominal colic and he wanted me to help him with tele-therapy.

I tested his hair sample I had before, and I broadcasted him with the results of homeopathic remedies tested by the Mars III machine, both by instant and future broadcasting.

After one week, the family returned back to Egypt and his father phoned me and told that, after the last telephone call while he was in Jordan, his child had 4 attacks of diarrhea within three hours without any abdominal colic which stopped after short time, then he slept for two hours and after that no diarrhea at all or abdominal pain.

This case was of interest to the father because he was in another country and the circumstances did not help him to ask for a medical help. His son was cured in a very short time, not interrupting or irritating them and at the same time he was in a good vitality.


My early comment on M.A.R.S. III radionic machine, against radionic analysis and treatment by other radionic machines and pendulum is that; Mars III machine in automatic module can diagnose the minute dysfunctions in any organ even at the level of the cell. The number of the diagnosed dysfunction data is more than that we get with any other machine, and every patient was surprised because it explained well his complains and his body organ functions. Also the number of remedies to treat these disorders is also more even after deleting the results below +6 and above – 6. By using the resulting remedies at all levels, we can get more rapid and complete cure because we treat all levels at once. If we imagine that the television receiver can receive 4000 channels from the entire world why we do not believe that our body who invent this receiver can do the same function and receive the resonant vibrations of the resulting remedies which balance the disordered vibrations of his organs and cells. The clinical experience said that: yes, and the results were rapid and complete cure with no side effects occur in very short time especially in the children which are not affected by any factors. So if we widen the scope of remedy selection for a number of detailed organ dysfunctions of the body, the detailed energy dysfunction, emotions dysfunctions and microbiology and parasite affections which cannot diagnosed by usual lab tests. And if we widen the scope of therapy using different modes as homeopathy, gem therapy, color therapy and others, we can balance even the minute vibrations disorders of the body.

Corrections of most of the vibrations of body disorders at the same time in my opinion is better than using one homeopathic remedy i.e. one vibration, or some and wait for results, to try again after a very long exhausted history taking from the patient without any basic rules control the selection of remedies by mind or even by the help of computer except the clinical experience which is not the same in all practitioners.

The more the remedies prescribed for measured organ disorders with measured potencies, the rapid improvement in the patient disease condition, and the acceptance of other doctors for complementary medicine as a method of calculated clear diagnosis and therapy methods depend on clear explainable scientific basis of modern technology today.


1- Bhattacharyya AK. (1994): Tele-therapy and allied science.  Published by Firma KLM Private Limited,Calcutta – India.
2- Keith Masson (2001): The Radionics Hand Book.



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