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Prostatitis is a widely spread disease. Various ways of its treatment can be found in literature. The problem is really urgent since about 50% of adult male population notice symptoms of this disease at some moment of their life. The delay in medical consultation may lead to the development of chronic process. Chronic prostatitis is accompanied with symptomatology of various degrees and is often complicated by impotency, male sterility and associated psychological problems.

Usually medical therapies are: antibiotics, drugs for urination dysfunction, anti-inflammatory drugs, medication to improve microcirculation. In addition to pharma or natural drugs, are used also several physiotherapeutic techniques such as: thermal procedures (micro clysters), massage, laser and magnetic exposure. The difficulty that arises when treating prostatitis is associated with the direct delivery of the affected factor to the sore organ.

The device MAVIT, having so far no analogs, is designed to help urologists and patients with prostatitis therapy. The device allows conducting a complex physiotherapeutic treatment using simultaneously and strictly dosed: 

  • Thermos therapy
  • Magneto-therapy
  • Vibratory massage
  • Therapeutic effects resulting from MAVIT local exposure directly to the prostate are due to: Improvement of tissue microcirculation and periprostatic formations
  • Analgesic effect under vibration and pulsed magnetic field factors
  • Reduction of spasmodic and edematous components associated with prostate inflammatory process.

These healing effects are achieved by synergistic action of hyperthermia, vibration and pulsed magnetic field on prostate tissue and nervous structures involved in the pelvic nervous plexus which are easily accessible for the service area of MAVIT probe-applicator.


Mavit: for prostate disorders therapy

Main advantages of the Device MAVIT:

  • High therapeutic efficacy in treating chronic prostatitis
  • Significant reduction of treatment period
  • Reproducible results of repeated physical exposure
  • Stable therapeutic effect after the course of treatment
  • Increased effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory remedies, if used
  • The MAVIT procedures does not cause rectum irritation

MAVIT differs favorably from other systems for complex prostatic therapy:

  • There are no analog devices
  • Affordable prices for a home and clinical therapy
  • MAVIT is a medical novelty to be used for treatment of prostatic inflammatory diseases
  • It is very efficient, risk free, no side effects


surface temperature of probe servis area
37.5-42 °C
induction of pulsed magnetic field
3-30 mT
vibration amplitude
0.01-0.1 mm
weight, max
0.66 kG
power supply
220V±10%, 50 Hz or 120V, 60 Hz
safety class

We offer a full English version of the device with a suitable power supply voltage for your country.



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