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Many renowned physicists stated more than 70 years ago that everything in life is vibration. In the frame of the modern unified field theory and quantum entanglement we learned that to each vibration or electromagnetic wave is associated a scalar pulsating wave carrying aninformation attached and guiding thus the vibration toward a selected target. You can understand now how your mobile phone works: an electromagnetic signal generated by your phone is travelling to the next antenna where the scalar wave is extracted; the ID of the targeted recipient is processed by the antenna to guide the EM (electromagnetic wave) wave to the next antenna. Like this the call generated EM wave will finally reach the recipient, identified based on the phone number dialed. It is important to understand the “leading role of scalar waves” in the creation and controlling of the macro- and micro-universe and of all living beings.

We all know the beneficial effects of sun light, natural food and herbs, spring water, so we all know that different vibrations heal us and support all regulative processes in our bodies. We all know as well that all information we receive from our surroundings or when interfering with other individuals impact our psycho-emotional body as well as our epigenetics levels. The psycho-emotional conflicts and traumatic events are migrating within 3-7 days from our conscious mind (thoughts) into our subconscious mind (subliminal) and consolidate as ourbeliefs. The role of our beliefs in changing our life, triggering diseases or easing and healing our mind and body was practically demonstrated by the epigenetic; we are not genetically determined but epigenetically (by our surroundings and beliefs) controlled.

Today even the medicine school establishment is understanding more and more the role of psychosomatic and informational medicine. I like to call the bundle of the two The Positive Medicine, as it always leads to a holistic healthy state.

One more argument on your journey to support Positive Medicine: known today by well educated doctors, MD or ND, in our body are always minimum 96% of cells in a perfect healthy state, even when you are very sick, the number of diseased cells is not higher than max. 4%. If the medicine will concentrate on the 96% healthy cells and will help this significant majority to thrive and reach 100%, we will have very few sick people, no bankrupted health systems and no aging health issues, even our lifespan will be defined on a totally different scale. The positive medicine we promote is addressing those methodologies and that specific equipment targeting to multiply and support the 96% healthy cells, which will conquer the minority of less than 4% sick cells.

We are all addicted to negative words and thoughts and negative emotions, as our brains were formatted in this sense by main and social media and by all educational institutions, religions and medical system. People live in their 4% conscious mind and pay attention only to 4% sick cells (sickness). Negative emotions bundle into negative attitudes, which clone together into negative habits and finally emerge into negative beliefs and guess what? The negative beliefs are stored in the 96% subconscious mind and this mind is much more powerful than 4% conscious mind. We were cut-off from a natural access to our subliminal, where the real healing potential is available.

Why are we addicted on our diseases? All sick people talk all the time about their diseases, keep paying attention and thus consolidating these “dis-easing” thoughts and emotions feeding the sick cells.

If the combination of these 4% sick cells and 4% conscious mind brought us today to billions of sick people and collapsing health care systems, why we do not re-focus on the 96% healthy cells and guide our healing work through the subliminal? May be the ancient wisdom was right when asking to clean your karma and practice “for-giveness” (to give diseases) and “for-getness” (to get health).

We were created as self-sufficient healthy living beings and for millennials people knew or were guided how to activate their own healing power; however already in the first centuries through crusades and different religious doctrines, these natural abilities were brutally shut-down and suppressed.

Vibration & Information Harmony

Diseases are the result of a “traumata” generated by the lack of understanding our bodies and an insufficient real education about the major aspects of life. We were trained to get immediately scared when we do not understand what’s up and fears are triggering our ancestral fight and flight reflexes. All these factors are triggering anaerobe processes causing deep and grave regulative disturbances in our bodies up to a collapse of ATP metabolism often followed by chronic degenerative diseases and death.

When we get stuck in a state of illness out of overexertion or emotional turmoil, our body needs a quick reminder of how to regain strength and operate smoothly again; this IS a “Energetically Balancing” process where energies and information are re-arranged in harmony with body healthy cells, psychological and spiritual activities and with our surroundings. It starts with our mind settings and must go over to our virtual “storehouse”, the subliminal. Do not forget this: you set you sick and you set you healthy, this power to heal is within you”.

Symptoms and pain, which usually appear in the healing phase, play a secondary role. Holistic diagnosis will assess the distortions in the bioenergetic field of the body. Matter (organs) is structured energy and to structure the energy it is necessary to have an information matrix which works similar to a computer software. Once this software will give the right “orders” and this information is carried properly to the hardware (cells/organs) the body will be in a balanced healthy state, a so called homeostasis. To control this complex diagnosis and healing process several advanced technologies and devices are today available. For the last 100 years Germany played a pioneer role in this sense and it still offers best performing devices.

General advantages

Holistic diagnosis & therapy are more accurate, less subjective, faster (seconds, minutes). Health testing and treatments involve whole body addressing different regulative and psychosomatic processes:

  • Testing can be done in remote by using different DNA samples; patients do not need to see a practitioner face to face
  • Holistic assessment is more costs effective as any allopathic diagnostic
  • Holistic therapy is always non-invasive, painless, no adverse reactions, no side effects, Safe for all ages, Safe for pregnant women and unborn fetus, Safe to use with other medicines and treatments
  • Holistic treatments are more affordable: far less expensive than allopathic procedures and even generic drugs
  • Holistic remedies, usually homeopathic remedies and herbals, do not operate by chemical action but rather by information and frequency transfer
  • Holistic treatments target real causes of diseases; in chronic condition the time created a new energetic and informational profile which affected the cells and thus the organs. It is very difficult to treat at this stage only by using drugs and/or surgery. In this case many REPAIRE or REPATTERNING processes need to be triggered at cells level after biofilms (a continuous film created by different kind of microbes around tissues and organs) were broken. This job can be induced only by “re-informing” the system and “re-structuring” the cells energy
  • Practically all health and mental conditions generated by psychological traumata, by intake of toxins can be treated with positive medicine


One of the major health benefits when using positive medicine is certainly the efficient prevention. Many serious health conditions can be detected before they are already manifested at the cellular level. For ex. a tumor in a very incipient status shows up in a specific energetic spectrum which can be detected by informational medicine. At this stage it is much easier to treat and cure effectively. Same is the case with many other serious health disorders.

Positive medicine is not a one-way method; it is a complex bundle of modalities and remedies that act properly on all body levels. It integrates knowledge and techniques developed by ancient traditional medicine (TCM, Vedic, acupuncture) with modern homoeopathy, biofeedback and psychosomatic methodologies, light & sound therapy and last but not least with spiritual coaching (Shamanism, spiritual rituals & prayer).
A healing process with positive medicine is irreversible and holistic, i.e., the disease never returns as the psycho epigenetic patterns which triggered that condition were deleted and replaced by new positive information.


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