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“There have been no advancements in the last 25 years with regard to the therapy and survival rate of cancer patients with metastasizing carcinomas in intestines, breast, lungs, prostate. At the same time the most recent figures issued by the cancer register of Munich University do not confirm that chemotherapy helps patients to live significantly longer, as the advertisements of pharma companies obviously suggest. Not only the death rate did not improve but it went even worse: in 2009/2010 in only one province in Germany total number of cancer deaths was 24400 with men 13000 and women 11400; About 30 years before in the same German province the cancer total deaths per one year was 17800 in total.

Today medical school does not know what cancer is, what causes cancer and have no idea how to treat this disease. Even with the most favorable statistics the surviving after chemotherapy is max 5%, usually 2%; however chemotherapy is applied all the time. 99% of radiation therapy damages or does not help at all in healing cancer. In 1942 first patient treated with Chemotherapy was a mice and at that time chemo drug was a derivative of mustard gas; the tumors first disappeared but after a while returned even more aggressive as before the chemotherapy and the mice died. When later same chemo drug was tried on humans, these also died.

If you look at all rich people who died of cancer, you may understand that not money is the issue, but the therapy applied, and this is always surgery followed by chemo. This prompts any intelligent being to reflect on whether the cancer therapy applied by medical establishments is really the best option; every person suffering of cancer should at least ask themselves in their own interest if chemo benefits them at all.

For a long time already naturopathic doctors were aware of the fact that body, mind and soul form an entity and that these three components influence each other. Modern physics can even prove these facts and it is much more advanced in science as any medical school. Illness always affects the human being spiritually, psychologically and physically, as a whole. “Health is a state of complete mental, social and well-being” and this is the WHO’s definition, believe it or not. Therefore, a cancer therapy must be a holistic therapy.

What is a disease? From the point of view of bioenergetic and psychosomatic medicine, an illness is determined by:

  1. A significant holistic energy imbalance
  2. An atypical vibrational state, cells lost their natural rhythm
  3. Body’s Auto-regulation processes went lost

Immunotherapy using PERTH is a soft therapy for the treatment of cancer which has a positive effect for the whole body without any additional side effects.

Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy (PERTH) meets the European, Russian and United States medical safety standards. PERTH is the only magnetic field therapy worldwide that is certified for people with pacemaker and pregnant women. 


Perth/EMG Immunotherapy for cancer remission

How does PERTH work?

The Universe, all living beings form a huge quantum field with only 1-part matter per 1- billion parts of vibrations quanta. These quanta define the INFORMATION & ENERGY field which flows in our body, forming the electromagnetic spectrum with all its different frequencies and regulating thus all physiological processes.

Pulsating Electromagnetic Resonance Field (PERTH) stimulates this “bioenergy field” through biological resonance with physiological electromagnetic impulses between 0.01 Hz up to 40.000 Hertz and amplitudes within the physiological biological window.

The effect of PERTH Therapy on human body:

“Cellular Communication” within our body takes place below the molecular level using electromagnetic signals, so-called “Biophotons”. Every second, more than 100.000 essential functions of every single cell of our 80 trillion cells define therefore the bioenergetic self-regulation of a living organism.

Using PERTH therapy, based on alternating weak electromagnetic fields, these regulative processes can be stimulated bioenergetically. Stimulation takes place by means of biological resonance effects. A prerequisite however is, that these intrinsically generated electromagnetic field frequencies reproduce exactly the natural body vibrations; today only PERTH devices are matching this essential biological principle.

In addition to the correct frequency, are decisive quality features for the therapeutically efficiency of a magnetic field therapy unit the magnetic field strength and pulse shape. The organism only “understands” signals whose magnetic field strength is within the range of the physiological threshold-in the so-called “ADEY window” or “Biological-window”. The alternating voltages and currents induced by PERTH devices correspond exactly to those parameters which a healthy body produces itself.

Complete body detoxification:

A toxic environment is the best “fertile ground” for cancer cell growth. A major component of a successful cancer immunotherapy is the detoxification process of the entire body. For an ultimate detoxification we offer unique foot detox bath along with our patented detox kit Detox XXL®; Detox XXL are different oral solutions for the elimination of various toxins, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and uncontrolled pH all favoring cell proliferation. Detox bath plus Detox XXL combined are the most powerful “tools” for the immune system detoxification. The immune system is getting stronger every day and can effectively eliminate all toxins. PERTH therapy is strongly supporting the immune system on a cellular level. The body’s own self-healing power can develop rapidly.


Detox XXL® Set to be used in conjunction with PERTH therapy for a successful cancer therapy

Meridian balancing with PERTH is essential to activate “self-healing power”. Without balancing the meridian energy there is no healing possible. On average cancer patients have an energy level of less than 25% from a healthy energy level and this means the immune system is nearly not functioning anymore. Immunotherapy builds up the energy level thus the immune system. Natural self-healing power can be activated again. Main effects of optimized magnetic fields are:

  • Support of blood circulation in arteries, capillaries and veins
  • Increase in partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) immediately
  • Improvement of metabolism
  • Increase protein production
  • Stimulation of defense cells (T lymphocytes and macrophages)
  • Stimulation and harmonization of gland functions and of lymphatic system

Use EMG/PERTH Profi set to heal cancer

  1. Control Unit EMG / PERTH Professional (Profi) use program P5 special designed for cancer therapy.
  2. Use two applicators: A whole body mat applicator (120 cm x 50 cm / 47inch x 23 inch) and a pillow applicator (50 cm x 30 cm / 20inch x 12 inch) for local treatment.
  3. Buy 10 Detox XXL (liquid, two components), a supply for app. 6-8 months

Important Note:  Cancer patients who had chemo- or radiation treatment before need more time to recover, because the immune system is almost fully damaged.

Treatment recommendations:

1) Use the mat or pillow applicator and connect to the EMG/PERTH control unit. Chose therapy program P3 (morning), P2 (midday) and P1 (evening). Set the timer 30-60 min, Level indicator at 3, 2 or 1, and run the therapy program until the system stops automatically. Cancer patients will need to run additional the cancerProgram P5 to the above described therapy programs. The same time frame each session at least 3 times a day.

Detox XXL® Set: start using the detoxification treatment immediately. Depending on the state of cancer and / or tumor size, start using it 2-3 times a day until CT shows significant tumor reduction (shrinking). In many cases you should see this result after app. 14 days. Follow the instruction carefully! If you have questions, please consult your physician or our certified personnel.

Effects of PERTH in cancer therapy:

  1. PERTH normalizes and optimizes the metabolism: a pathologically high metabolism is decreased and a low metabolism is increased to normal levels.
  2. PERTH always has an energy balancing effect; malignant hyper-energy is reduced and the energy lack is brought to normal values. This means that energy balancing takes place between YIN and YANG, top – bottom and left – right of the body. This energy balancing is essential for curing cancer.
  3. PERTH normalizes within 3 months the acidosis and hyperacidity
  4. Using PERTH ATP production is significantly increased
  5. With PERTH partial oxygen pressure is increased by 20 mm Hg
  6. PERTH improves significantly the microcirculation
  7. The changes in contact potential in the cells’ membranes during PERTH are very unfavorable to tumor cells and thus it damages cancer cells
  8. Where tumor cells are masked by fibrin the contact potential oscillations are cracked by PERTH and tumor cells can be recognized by the immune system
  9. Applying regularly PERTH the immune system is generally strengthened; PERTH is supporting the sympathetic activity through different processes related to pineal gland activity
  10. PERTH support cell regeneration (tissue repair)
  11. With PERTH the potency of phagocytosis (gluttony) of the white blood cells is increased
  12. PERTH stimulates production of prostaglandins which is increased by 57%
  13. PERTH stimulates melatonin production
  14. PERTH stimulates 11-hydrocorticoid production
  15. PERTH stimulates significantly production of collagen, (increased by 11%) and according Niedzwiedski the development of metastases is hampered.

EMG/PERTH devices are the single systems on the market which generate and work through resonances created between healthy human organs and very low magnetic information, in the range of 0.1 – 10 picotesla (pT); EMG/PERTH devices do not work according magnetic induction fields laws.

In order to make a knowledge-based decision about which cancer therapy you want to choose, you must know the alternatives and only then you can weigh up the pros and cons of the various options you have. Lack of information limits your freedom of choice. I hope I have encouraged you to think about this matter.

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