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The healing effects of pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) is known since 1869. Today it was clearly proven that optimized PEMF therapy has positive physiological, energetic, metabolic healing effects.


The optimized magnet field therapy (MFT) is a soft pulsating electromagnetic field known as pulsating energy resonance therapy – PERTH.

Today, on the market available PEMF devices, work in the range of 10 millitesla (mT), sometimes even higher using sinusoidal or squared electromagnetic waves, both very unspecific for our cells. These devices are old fashioned and do not induce a resonance with the very specific soft currents generated by our own healthy cells. Such PEMF systems are infusing into the body too much energy, partially converting into heat and therefore after maximum 12 times of usage, these PEMF machines damage more the tissue instead of stimulating healing.

Opposite to PEMF, EMG/PERTH devices work in microtesla or picotesla range inducing body’s specific very soft currents which goes into resonance with our cells. Additionally, EMG – PERTH devices work today with over 3000 different frequencies all biologically compatible with the human body own frequency spectrum (in Adey window). The soft currents generated in our body with PERTH machines mimic the oscillations of healthy organs and triggers through field resonance the self-healing auto-regulative processes. In the same way how organs get ill due to sickness induced frequencies, same organs can get healthy when resonating with the soft electro-magnetic induced frequencies with PERTH devices. Some examples:

  1. The soft current potential of nerve cells during a muscular movement is generated by Sodium ions which are flowing into and outside the nerve cells. This potential triggers healing processes and therefore overworked or injured muscles heal either through more movement or by having a PERTH session; PERTH therapy mimics the currents generated during the movement (Science 10/94). You can also mimic with PERTH machines the soft currents regenerating cartilages.
  2. With PERTH you can optimize metabolism by energetically balancing the anabolic, respectively catabolic processes; this can be measured, for ex. with any “Caloriefit” device. With PERTH you can heal a thyroid over – function as well as an under-function by balancing the physiological metabolic redox processes.
  3. All diseases are caused by a significant energy loss, i.e. the energy needed to regrow the cells dying every second is missing; with PERTH you can induce soft currents to balance the energy and trigger thus the self-healing processes. The energy balance as condition of a healthy body is an ancient wisdom, the Qi or Prana energy flow. Only energy rich cells can proliferate and regenerate and this was many times proven. Your body dies because of energy lack, a local or overall energy exhaustion or dis-balance.
  4. PERTH heals liver cirrhosis: women 76 years old with advanced liver cirrhosis, significant fluid accumulation, heart disorders and brain infarction. After several PERTH therapy sessions all liver lab tests are in normal range; after fluid tapping and PERTH therapy no more fluid was produced.
  5. Man 67 with aggressive hepatitis C, diabetes 1 and liver cirrhosis. After he did 3 times daily PERTH therapy over 6 months all liver values are in normal range, including HBA1c value. Man is working again.
  6. New born child with ROP (retinopathy of prematurity), scheduled for eyes surgery with bad prognosis; after 6 days with 4 times daily PERTH therapy, the baby had no retina damage, surgery was cancelled.
  7. Macular degeneration: 2 years PERTH therapy, the vision was re-established.
  8. Glaucoma: very efficient therapy, nu surgery or medication necessary after PERTH therapy.
  9. Tinnitus: 140 patients with acute or chronic tinnitus were regularly treated with PERTH; after first 4 sessions, about 40% were completely free of tinnitus, for other 40% the tinnitus was significantly lower and disappeared after further 10 PERT sessions.
  10. Vascularization problems as a consequence of diabetes I: 58 years old men after 14 PERTH sessions the foot improved by 75%.
  11. Osteoporosis: bone density improves after 6 months of PERTH therapy from 0.86 g/ccm to 0.95 g/ccm.
  12. Cancer: a women 42 years old got a strong death anxiety which dropped her energy within 2 days from excellent values of 98% down to below 38%. With PERTH her energy was significantly enhanced and thus the cancer went into natural remission.

With PERTH you can treat many health conditions such as:

  1. All chronic disorders of bones, connective tissue, joints with a significant cartilages regeneration.
  2. Cellular metabolism is improved, cellular nutrients are better metabolized and cellular debris is purged out faster.
  3. Heart is stronger, pumping more blood to the cells, improved capillaries circulation.
  4. Blood viscosity is lower with a strong anti-thrombosis effect.
  5. Breathing becomes more regular and deeper, more oxygen penetrates the cells.
  6. Regeneration and increased enzymatic system.
  7. Immune system boost through enhanced phagocytosis and antibody building.
  8. General cell regeneration significantly supported based on the enhanced energy available at the cellular level.
  9. Neurons are regenerating faster, with 1.5 mm/day instead of a rate of 1 mm/day.
  10. Lysozyme activation is 100% enhanced (lysozyme destroys bacterial cells walls).
  11. More buildup of prostaglandins and collagen.
  12. More insulin is secreted with a significant blood sugar drop; no risks of hypoglycemia.
  13. All diabetes late side effects such as retinopathy, nerves tingling, kidney problems, heart problems, diabetes foot, etc. are significantly reduced.
  14. Allergies are almost disappearing.
  15. The cytotoxicity of white cells against themselves is significantly reduced.
  16. All medical treatments using drugs are less toxic and show more efficiency, usually most of the drugs are being reduced.
  17. PERTH is a very supportive and beneficial Lyme disease therapy, life without symptoms.
  18. Rehabilitation process after a stroke or heart infarction is very fast, scar tissues are energized again, new cells are built.
  19. Pain relief of whatsoever kind.
  20. Virus and bacterial infections are faster treated.


Only with PERTH devices you can infuse additional subtle energies in an energetically exhausted system to trigger resonances with specific frequencies controlling body auto-regulation and self-healing forces. The human body is to be understood as a multi-dimensional system of different hierarchal sub-systems which in total create a holographic informational matrix. On different physical and chemical levels, it is possible to induce subtle changes to correct cellular processes out of phase, or dis-balanced, dis-eased. PERTH is a methodology of information medicine working through the electromagnetic waves generated, all biologically compatible with body own oscillations. The key of a successful pulsed electromagnetic therapy is solely defined by the intensity, amplitude and kind of waves generated in the PERT system. Therefore, PERTH systems are unique and efficient in any therapy and were sole over 35000 times worldwide.

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