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GENO62 (uSONIC-700N)


Worldwide population is 7.2 billion people!  285 million diabetic patients, in 2030 will be 437 million, 60 million in Europe, 6 million in Germany. 7.5 million new cancer patients every year, every 9th human has already cancer, total 833 million cancer patients; 98% of cancer patients getting chemotherapy die within 6 -24 months. Something must be wrong and the tendency is dramatically growing towards more disastrous figures.

Geno62 also known as uSonic-700N is a modern ultrasound and audio therapy device.

62 chemical elements frequencies, 23 quadrillion bits compiled from 1700 different sources, the primordial human code 277, subliminal signals are all recorded in Geno62 software (chip cards). This biophysical and acoustic information medicine device is a self-healing instrument, activating most primordial and essential frequencies for the living bodies. The integrative and revolutionary new concept developed by Prof. Kempe and its team is known as CIUM: Creative Intelligent Universal Matter.

The revolutionary technology is based on a totally new concept for health care: at any time, human body has over 95% healthy cells and maximum 5% may be sick cells. This leads to the fully new therapy approach: make thrive the healthy cells, suppressing so the sick cells! Healthy cells must be supported to the detriment of sick cells. Healthy cells must be able to recognize the sick cells, and this means to change the polarity of sick cells and allow inter- and intracellular communication.


Sick and healthy cells polarity

(- -) polarized cells and (+ +) polarized cells are sick, consume up to 600 times more energy as healthy cells, especially (+ +) cells are overheating.

From the experience of last 70 years of bioenergetic therapy we know that sinusoidal waves are not recognized by human cells, with the exception of nerve cells; thus Geno62 is using digitalized frequencies, compatible with all human cells. Twenty-three quadrillions of frequencies were digitalized and recorded as 23 quadrillion bits. Among these frequencies are the vibrations of 62 chemical elements, the constituents of living being cells, the primordial code of first egg cell after fertilization.

Old fashioned devices working with strong frequencies, mostly shaped as saw teeth, or squared, or even sinus are not resonating with the living cells, are damaging the tissue. On top they mix and interfere with all frequencies from our surroundings creating even more dangerous vibrational cocktails. Our bodies are not habituated to this new environment; we are nature’s children.

All satellites’ communication takes place around 27 KHz same frequency at which all living cells have their glucose switch; no wonder so many degenerative diseases, cancer and metabolic disorders are today following the same growth curve as the increasing number of satellites. We all know the negative effects of wireless technologies, especially on hemoglobin functionality and thus on cellular oxygenation pathways. We cannot avoid these frequencies and their damaging health effects. We can only apply different balancing and repair procedures at cellular level; and for this we do not need new and stronger frequencies, just more (digitalized) information communicating with our cells. Geno62 is the first device of this kind.

Genetic oriented acoustic impulses in digital form are transmitted to the cellular matrix (cellular water); the intracellular water changes cellular polarity (inversed polarity of sick cells changes into the regular polarity of healthy cells) and sick cells can be now identified by the immune system. Healing means in this case reactivate self-healing at cellular level. The body intelligence brings the process to the happy end.


Geno62 The Big Bang of your Life

Main Features

Geno62 is a holistic combination of audio and ultrasound frequencies in the range of 20 – 20000 KHz. Geno62 balances body’s biochemistry based on 62 chemical constituents; the device delivers all frequencies in digitalized form.


Geno62 a holistic audio and ultrasound therapy device


Geno62 device hardware and Software Chip Cards

The main hardware is the device itself, working on batteries type AA; the headsets are for audio frequencies and the body pads are for ultrasound therapy. The body pads must be plugged in the socket on the top side and the headsets on the bottom side. Pay attention that you have a good body contact with body pads, evtl. use an ultrasound contact gel.


Carry Geno62

You can setup the device at your end by using the click wheel located on the top, right side. Please note that the device has default settings and these were set up when you purchased Geno62.

Body pads are very sensitive, thus use them with care; do not put them on a dirty, oily skin and not too close to each other; for ex. you can hold them in your left and right hand or between left and right toes. A very good position is on left hip front and lumbar right back. Body contact intensity is shown on the display and as better the contact is as darker the bar is. Take care of the pads and clean them regularly.

How to use the software:

The three chip cards, Yellow, Green, Red are containing 23 quadrillion digitalized frequencies.

You will always start with the yellow card, which contains 62 chemical elements frequencies. The yellow card can be used by everyone, also private users. It comes with two different programs:

  • Buddha to calm, relax the mind and body
  • Volcano to energize, and power your body


62 chemical elements are human body constituents

Yellow card therapy/Buddha program

  • Synchronizes both brain hemispheres through the pink noise
  • Establishes best alpha wave state, around 8-13 Hz
  • Balances autonomic nervous system (ANS) and all interrelated hormonal biochemistry, triggers auto-regulation and homeostasis
  • You will sleep better and stimulate body regeneration
  • You are more focused, concentrated relaxed and calm
  • You change cellular polarity from unipolar (- -) or (+ +) or inversed polarity into a healthy cells polarity; healing process starts and the sick cells are recognized by healthy cells which enter into resonance

Based on individual sensitivity the duration of therapy sessions with yellow card are to be determined as following:

The therapy timing is: every 48 hours first three sessions, twice per week, once per week and thereafter once per month. Your body will let you know when you need again Geno62.

Yellow card/Volcano program must be used with care, max. 1-3 minutes. After finishing the therapy with the yellow card, always use for 2 min green card to stabilize the information received.

Major functions in our body are controlled by ANS and therefore it is vital to bring this system in balance and thus trigger a deep autoregulation process, direction homeostasis.


ANS (Autonomic Nervous System)

ANS is strongly related to hormonal system and to the limbic system. Major functions in limbic system are with the hypothalamus and hippocampus, both supervising whole glandular system and thus all internal organs.

There can be a sympathetic or parasympathetic dominance or a balance between the two:

  • Symptoms such as rest and digest, anxiety (kidney), seclusion, procrastination, grief (lungs) are specific for parasympathetic dominance. Use in this case RED card!!
  • Symptoms such as fight and flight, aggression, rage, anger suppression, frustration, resentments (liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas) are specific for sympathetic dominance. Use GREEN card!
  • Are we back to normal, ANS in balance, then use yellow card, for maintenance & prophylaxes


ANS and Geno62 cards/programs

The Head is the sender which receives signals from central nervous system (CNS) & autonomous central system (ANS) through the pons located in the throat.

The Throat is the communication bridge using hormones travelling through 12 nerve pairs (pons) associated with all sensorial perceptions. Throat is more important than the head.

A very important role plays the first vertebra Atlas. If when using the red card program 4 (Gen-Para-Aca) it comes to chest and throat tightness and pressure, nausea, headaches, it is an indication that the Pons are blocked, probably Atlas is not centered; immediately stop Geno62 therapy and proceed with cranial sacral therapy.

The Body is the receiver; When the communication between central nervous system and peripheral nervous system is blocked then gastrointestinal (GI) system is malfunctioning with associated hypertension and high level of stress hormones such as cortisol.

Sympathetic Nerve controls blood vessels, lymphatic system, all flat muscles, all immune cells. Sympathetic Dominance must be treated with green card, to bring calm, relaxation. Sympathetic nerve is controlled by Hypothalamus; Hypothalamus’ pathology and sympathetic dominance manifests with the following Symptoms:

  • Inside tensions
  • Waking up between 1-3 AM, sleep disorders
  • Constipation
  • Water retention (edema)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Blood sugar
  • Middle of the spine pain
  • Thermoregulation malfunction (fever, excessive sweating, shivering)
  • Vision disorders
  • Metabolism disorders
  • Glucose metabolism disorders
  • Stomach-intestine disorders: ulcers, mucosa
  • Vasomotor disorders: high blood pressure, ADH Vasopressin unbalance with urine retention
  • Leucocytes suppression, Cytokines unbalance
  • Pain in the big toe(s)
  • Digestive disorders
  • Stomach, Liver and Large intestine disorders
  • Stress, Irritability
  • Emotions: Rage, Furious, impatient
  • Organs: Liver, Stomach, Prostate, Pancreas problems
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Emotional instability
  • Arterial Hypotonia
  • Stomach, Intestine overstimulation (irritation)
  • Hungry, no saturation control
  • High heart bit (pulse), wheezing
  • Bladder contraction

geno4.pngTotal program duration is 50 minutes

Harmonization therapy, reduces stress, cardiovascular regulation, more calm and relaxed, breathing is lighter, immune system more stable, better speech, better sleep

  • Self therapy after 1-3 months’ Yellow card treatment
  • Use mainly ultrasound pads, not the head sets
  • Therapy time increasing from 1-5 min up to 15 min max; never use max. 50 min therapy time

Parasympathetic nerve is mainly related to the temporal lobe, more precisely to Hippocampus; It controls Thyroid, Adrenals, Pancreas, Gonads. Parasympathetic dominance must be treated with Red card. Specific symptoms for parasympathetic dominance are shown below:

  • Inside Conflicts, contradictory behavior
  • Anxiety & Panic attacks
  • Tightness in the throat, chest
  • Knee(s) pain
  • Many times exhausted, burned out
  • Thyroid problems
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Kidneys disorders
  • Joint(s) problems
  • Emotions such as crying, irritability, anxiety, mood changes
  • Immune system weakness
  • Feeling cold all time
  • Heart congestion and feeling chest tightness
  • Short breathing, cough, wheezing, lungs and bronchial disorders
  • Stress

geno.pngRed card is to be used only by doctors!!!  Red card is contraindicated to be used in case of serious cardiovascular problems.

Each program runs for 20 min

There are 10 programs divided in 4 basic programs and 6 secondary (derived) programs:

Basic programs are:

  1. Phybio ACA (Anti – Cancer Frequencies) use for stress relief
  2. Phybio Gen (General) use for epigenetic blockages
  3. Phybio Para (Parasympathetic) use for parasympathetic support
  4. Phybio Prosta (Prostate is here a symbol for imbalances in lower belly, stem cells programs, healthy cells proliferation)

Secondary programs are:

1.  Phybio Gen + ACA
2.  Phybio Gen + Para
4.  Phybio Gen + Para + ACA
5.  Phybio Gen + Para + Prosta
6.  Phybio Gen + Para + Prosta + ACA
7.  Phybio Gen + Prosta

Geno62 therapy effects are felt immediately and can be proven with any diagnostic device. See below images of aura and 12 meridian changes after 2 minutes’ therapy with Geno62.


Geno62 2 min. therapy: Aura changes


Geno62 2 min. therapy: Meridian changes

Technical data:

• 5 buttons on the front for operating the device
• Digital Audio Standard / MP3-Player functions
• Ultrasound-frequencies in the range of 40kHz up to 98kHz
 Buddha 44kHz
 Volcano 88kHz
• Audio Frequency range: 20Hz up to 20.000Hz
• Pink noise generator (1/f):
• Permanent measurement of skin conductivity
• Display to show:
 Audio mode
 Ultrasound mode
 Volume audio
 Skin conductivity
 Play mode
 Battery charge status
 1 x Piezo-Electrodes /Body pads for ultrasound
 1 x SD/MMC-chip card slot
• Current: Battery 1 x 1,5V Type AA
• Size and Weight: 90 x 65 x 20mm; 65g (without battery)


Control buttons

Learn more by visiting our Training & Support section (Geno62 manual) 

Scope of Supply

•Ultrasound – Generator with integrated Audio player
• Flash memory 3 cards, yellow, green, red
• Battery charger for 4 batteries at a time (AA)
• Body pads (Piezo-Electrodes)
• Ear sets
• Belt pouch and belt clip
• Manual
• Info-brochure

Watch the video here GENO 62 THERAPY

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