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Geno62 Therapy

Worldwide population is 7.2 billion people!  285 million diabetic patients, in 2030 will be 437 million, 60 million in Europe, 6 million in Germany. 7.5 million new cancer patients every year, every 9th human has already cancer, total 833 million cancer patients; 98% of cancer patients getting chemotherapy die within 6 -24 months. Something must be wrong and the tendency is dramatically growing towards more disastrous figures.

Geno62 also known as uSonic-700N is a modern ultrasound and audio therapy device.

62 chemical elements frequencies, 23 quadrillion bits compiled from 1700 different sources, the primordial human code 277, subliminal signals are all recorded in Geno62 software (chip cards). This biophysical and acoustic information medicine device is a self-healing instrument, activating most primordial and essential frequencies for the living bodies. The integrative and revolutionary new concept developed by Prof. Kempe and its team is known as CIUM: Creative Intelligent Universal Matter.

The revolutionary technology is based on a totally new concept for health care: at any time, human body has over 95% healthy cells and maximum 5% may be sick cells. This leads to the fully new therapy approach: make thrive the healthy cells, suppressing so the sick cells! Healthy cells must be supported to the detriment of sick cells. Healthy cells must be able to recognize the sick cells, and this means to change the polarity of sick cells and allow inter- and intracellular communication.

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