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Vita Chip: Amazing, Unique, Affordable Health Care for Everyone

We live today in an electrosmog matrix, that’s fact!  This electromagnetic matrix is constantly damaging our health; worldwide population is 7.2 billion people!

  • 285 million are diabetic patients, in 2030 will be 437 million, 60 million in Europe.
  • 5 million new cancer patients every year, every 9thhuman has already cancer, total 833 million cancer patients.
  • Degenerative diseases are today affecting almost everybody
  • Something must be wrong and the tendency is dramatically growing towards more disastrous figures.

There is no universal shield against this matrix!

There is a real solution to help you: VITA CHIP.

The vibrational information stored on Vita Chip interacts with biological systems. Since normal cells communication is a prerequisite of good health, Vita Chip helps to eliminate disharmonious frequencies. Vita Chip is designed according state of the art aerospace technology which was in need of a solution for astronauts to deal with extensive cosmic radiation and related health conditions.

As an active Bio-Transmitter, VITA CHIP is converting electrosmog harmful energy into natural healing & energizing vibrations. The results of biophysical testing at the IGEF Research and Analysis laboratory as well as many scientific studies (RECON studies have been published in the renowned journal Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering) confirm, that VITA CHIP supports cardiovascular, autonomous nervous system, optimal cellular metabolism with the following health effects:

  • Enhances sleep quality
  • Increased vitality & energy, no fatigue & exhaustion
  • Enhances cognitive abilities, concentration
  • Improves cardiovascular conditions
  • Increases overall wellbeing and health
  • Suspends health ailments related to electrosmog burdens
  • Reduces pathogens overloads
  • Reduces psychological problems, fear, anxiety, depressive symptoms
  • Revitalize visceral organs and their functionality
  • Improves Vision and Hearing
  • Enhances sport performances
  • Reduces dizziness, almost gone
  • Gastritis and colitis, ulcers are gone
  • Enhances creativity
  • Reduces chronic pain intensity from moderate and strong down to low or zero
  • Shortens time to completely reset pain by more than 84 minutes
  • Improves general wellbeing and positive mood

Simply place VITA CHIP on Wi-Fi devices, on your mobile or directly on your body and enjoy how pain, anxiety, stress, health impairments just vanished in minutes! If this does not happen you have 90 days’ money back guarantee.

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