How to test for allergies, food intolerances & dentistry problems using EDS

Electroacupuncture according Dr. Voll (EAV), known also as Electrodermal screening (EDS) is a very reliable and easy to use methodology to test material and remedies compatibilities and allergies.

The best medicine is your FOOD and therefore is suitable to regularly test what you eat and drink.

Not all supplements are good for you and those which are helpful cannot be taken over years; update every 3 months your supplementation.

You get many remedies and pharmaceutical drugs, learn which one really help you and are compatible with your health condition.

When you visit a dentist ask for dental materials compatibility test to avoid interferences between different non-compatible dentals materials.

Use EAV method, Wegamed or Kindling EAV devices famous for their accuracy and reliable quality (100% produced in Germany).

For consumers we recommend Akuport M2, easy to operate with a friendly design.

If you are professional doctor use Wegamed Test Expert Plus or Kindling Vistron with Homopath Expert

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