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Biotonometry deals with the measurement of autonomic nervous system (ANS). Biotonometry was discovered by Dr. S. Rilling, who is the father of biotonometer device. Autonomic Nervous System works without the centers of the cerebral cortex and thus it functions without a conscious mind control. It is synergistically functioning with the hormonal system, being controlled by hypothalamus and the brainstem, especially by Medulla oblongata und the Brainstem Pons. ANS is responsible for all vital functions:

  • Blood circulation
  • Heart beat
  • Breathing
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Blood pressure
  • Control gastric juice secretion

ANS consists of two parts working antagonistically: SYMPATHETIC NERVE (S) and


Biotonometry is the single method which makes possible to record ANS’ activity in seconds. This works by electronic measuring at the same time of Tissue Resistance (R value) and Tissue Capacity (C-Value).


Applications of Biotonometer:

  • Thousands of cases realistically treated and measured with the Biotonometer
  • There is no other device which can evaluate ANS and guide you through the most suitable therapy application
  • Based on measured R and C values it can be avoided an irritation either of P or of S
  • Parasympathicotonia irritation may be a result of wrong medication
  • Placebo effects can be measured
  • Good therapies must be customized and not applied as “STANDARD CARE PROCEDURES”
  • Biotonometer measures life the effects of specific remedies, supplements, of treatments on any kind of patient, for each known health condition
  • Biotonometry is very fast, realistic, reproducible and cost effective
  • Biotonometer must be in any practice, clinic, hospital
  • Biotonometer must be supervised by a doctor

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