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Nutrient Combo Proven to Prevent Death by Heart Attack

Anyone who suffers from heart disease, may be able to cheat death by taking two supplements: Q10 and Selenium. But what’s even more incredible — these heart-protective supplements can also protect you for years after you stop taking them.

A Simple Protocol: 
This research, a double-blinded controlled trial, was published in the journal PLOS ONE. It focused on the effect of two powerful antioxidants — selenium and CoQ10 — on the risk of death caused by heart disease.

The study participants included 433 elderly folks living in rural Sweden. The subjects were given a 200 mg dose of CoQ10 and a 200 mg dose of selenium daily, or a placebo. These supplements were given, along with their regular medications, for four consecutive years.

At the end of four years, the participants were taken off the supplements, but were monitored for cardiac-related deaths for the next 10 years. It’s in these 10 years that researchers found the most amazing results.

For the 10 years after ending the selenium and CoQ10 supplementation, folks including those with diabetes and increased cardiovascular risk, saw a drastic decline in the risk of death from a heart disease when compared to those who took the placebo. This means that just four years of taking the supplements protected them for the next 10 years!

The reason CoQ10 and selenium work so well to fight heart disease is because they’re strong opponents of oxidative stress and inflammation. It’s thought that increased inflammation and oxidative stress can add to the progression of heart disease.

Keep Your Heart: These results are impressive. Many times, supplement studies only show improvements in certain markers of health, like cholesterol or inflammation levels. But they fail to show whether people actually live longer from taking the supplement. However, in this instance, there is a clear, positive result for those taking the selenium and CoQ10 protocol — reduced risk of death by heart disease. This means, by duplicating the supplementation regime, you too could be protected.

Since there is a decline in your ability to absorb nutrients from your diet with age, supplementing with selenium and CoQ10 may lead to stronger results for elderly people, as it did in this study. However, adults at any age can use this supplement combo to start protecting their hearts now.


Provided by Natalie Moore

NOTE OF Dr. Christine Siepe: perfect and correct. I would only add L-Carnitine 850 mg/day, Vitamin K full spectrum, Magnesium glycinate 2000 mg/day, OPC (Grape seed extract) and Strophantus, either as homeopathic tincture D4/D6 or as mother tincture, or strophantin capsules. You will never have a stroke, a heart attack or COBP, as well you will be active and perform well into your older years. Your blood pressure will auto-regulate in the best range for you, arteries will not add plaque.


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