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Easy to get healthy now with Kindling Easy and Biotonometer!

From part 1 of our webinar  “How you get sick” you learned about the importance of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) as a control tower of all inner organs and functional regulative processes.

Although all doctors learned about auto-regulation, in charge of which is the ANS, not many of them take care about the ANS during the therapy procedures. It is also not easy to do this, because of the high dynamic of ANS and its complexity in the context of a conjugated bio-terrain therapy.

Therefore instruments such as Kindling Easy and Biotonometer are so important and have such positive therapy effects. While Kindling Easy is a diagnostic and therapy device to help you train ANS, the Biotonometer is a life observer of ANS changes while you apply a therapy or medication. Both are perfectly  complementing and give you an accurate response to your therapeutic measures.

You can’t make mistakes!

It is at Lyra Nara inc. ( where you can find these devices.

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