Med Matrix: The unique therapy device to fulfill all wishes

In our previous good Newsletter/Webinar parts 1 and 2 we learned “How you get sick” at the aim of opening the door to “How you can heal” quickly and completely with no recurrence and full recovery, for a new quality of life.

One of the major discovery we made is that the connective tissue has fundamental implications in the diseasing process, but holds also the secret key of the healing process. Let me ask you this: how many detox procedures and remedies you tried and how many times you kept waiting for spectacular results which did not appear? Well, this is because the toxins are insidious products hiding well in the depth of fat cells, or in solubilized organic water, in cartilages and in different metabolites we cannot access and excrete.


Med Matrix, a modern detox bioresonance device, with unique features for synergizing concomitant therapies, is the right tool you were waiting for; with a combined suctioning petechial massage, it sucks the toxins from the depth of the organs and tissue. Brought under the skin, these toxins are electrically neutralized using DC soft currents. While supporting the detox with nosodes and the organs with sarcodes (organs specific supportive vibrations), the toxins’ frequencies are inverted and annihilated. With a final touch of organs’ specific vibrations, the therapy session ends with a happy end: total detoxification and cell regeneration. With Med Matrix, most of patients reach about 80% of their healing results after first 4 to 6 sessions. Incredible results when thinking of cancer late stage patients, or Lyme and hepatitis, diabetes, chronic conditions, arthritis, multiple allergies, Crohn problems, all considered to be incurable conditions. Therapy indications? All conditions:

  • All chronic diseases
  • Asthma, Bronchitis, respiratory problems
  • Rheumatic conditions, Arthrosis
  • Spinal column stiffness
  • Cellulite, Senile skin atrophy
  • Connective tissue degeneration
  • Pollutant stress and toxic states
  • Cancer conditions
  • All allergies
  • Chronic intoxications
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Microbiological burdens, infections
  • Immune system deficiency

Learn more and stay tuned by watching our latest video here:

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