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GENO62 – A Holistic Alternative for cancer therapy


Currently, 7,719,750,000 people live in this world, of which about 503 million are diabetics, 600 million live with dementia, and about 1 billion are cancer patients in medical treatment.

By 2030, the number of diabetics will increase to 800 million, about 110 million in Europe and more than 14 million in Germany alone.

By 2050, experts expect an increase in the number of patients in medical treatment to 3.5 billion, calculated from the 2015 officially confirmed outpatient treatments numbers of 658 million worldwide between 2014-2015!

Tendency for ALL degenerative diseases is on the rise significantly. Take responsibility for your health into your own hands NOW!

A user asked Prof. Kempe by e-mail how exactly works Geno62. Here is Prof. Kempe:

“An energetically healthy cell produces energy, (+/-) like a battery. A (- / -) or, in the aggressive state A (+ / +) polarized cell draws energy from its environment, depending on importance and purpose; skin, stomach, kidney, chest or bone, for example, between five times and 800 times their own energy requirements. This process can take up to 20 years and cannot be “seen” by healthy cells because the border between “at least 95% healthy cells” and “at most 5% diseased cells” was not nearly reached.

Geno62 “sees” the construction sites, the abnormal polarized cells, in seconds by means of the acoustic information via headphones and ultrasound pads. On the thermal imaging camera, it looks as if a ring, a wall, is formed around the sick cells. In a picture, one can see the core of the disease often as a black or dark to light red point, and around it is a visible black circle – the blockade!

Aggressive means that the small black point becomes larger and larger, since no energy can be drawn off until the cell or the cell cluster collapses! For example:

A woman noticed in her breast a lump, which has grown a little bigger over many years, and goes to the doctor. The doctor diagnoses the lump as a malignant tumor and arranges an operation. The tumor “hears” this and becomes immediately aggressive – the woman dies months later, even though the tumor has been growing up to this stage for years, without causing any health problems!

What happened? Pure acoustic information! A conversation between doctor and patient!

Here, however, the authority of the doctor plays a role, because the woman only “listens” rather than critically question what is going on!

The doctor has recognized and addressed the problem professionally, but had NO possibility to inform the healthy cells which form always the majority of minimum 95%. The doctor said: “Operation” – and the tumor became fearful, that it should be removed and therefore became aggressive – until the five percent negative energy limit was exceeded. Thus, the healthy organism collapsed energetically!

In plain text: A chest cell, if aggressively polarized to (+ / +), pulls up to 800 times of its energetic self-requirements. That is, a 10-gram (or 2cm in diameter) tumor CAN NOT kill a woman, only the energetic depletion caused by him will do the job”.

Use the fabulous Geno62 sound and ultrasound technology to find just in time the sick cells, the energy consumers; when using Geno62, these abnormal cells start to reorganize and re-polarize, to communicate with the healthy cells and immune system and finally will join the pool of healthy cells. You self-healing just began.

Geno62 is the best technology for prevention, maintenance and holistic therapy, does not matter which diseases you may have, the healing process is always the same: save the cellular energy and make sick cells function like a battery; all ancient technology speaks about energy blockages when getting sick, and now we understand what they mean!

Watch the video on “How to fight cancer with Geno62“:

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