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Neuro-Regenerative Alzheimer Therapy

Alzheimer’s disease is the pandemic of the 21st century. Rudi Assauer, a representative of a quarter million Germans who developed Alzheimer’s disease in the same year, made a clear statement. “Worldwide, there are four million new cases each year, obviously, this is an upward trend”; in 2030 half of world population will be affected by dementia. Alzheimer is 75% of all Dementia cases, both diseases have similar developments and root causes.
1907 Alois Alzheimer described in his article “About a rare disease of the cerebral cortex”, seemingly a fatal disease. The spokesman Christian Haass of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, said: “Alzheimer’s is an inevitable destiny “. This is the Alzheimer’s diseases lie: “The older a person is, the more hits him this cruel fate.”
Michael Nehls refutes this lie in his book: “The Alzheimer’s Lie and the truth about a preventable disease”. Haass analyzes all factors, explaining why this disease is treatable and preventable. And he puts on a neurobiological basis the origin of Alzheimer: The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is the decoupling of the evolutionary oldest part of the cerebral cortex, the hippocampus from the neocortex, the evolutionary youngest part of the cerebral cortex. Both parts are on perhaps the most important link within the brain, the performant path (see Figure 1 and Figure 2.).
Figure 1
The neocortex developed in humans more than in any other mammal.  It consists of healthy 100 million nerve cells, each having 100-100,000 synaptic connections with other neurons. Everything is connected to secure memorization of dynamic new information processing. This happens every day, when during the sleep the information saved in hippocampus are transferred to the neocortex. Thus, hippocampus is the real reservoir of memory and therefore here are produced every day new neuronal cells to absorb daily new information accessing our brain. This is known as synaptogenesis made possible by the new stem cells located in hippocampus.
Figure 2
With my first great teacher, the founder of Neurobiology, Hans Jürgen Mathies, we counted in the rats the synapses before and after learning and easily found, that there is an enormous number of new neuronal connections every day. We could not believe our eyes, because that could not go the whole life like this, without having this immense volume of information being transferred and stored somewhere else. The localization of the memory contents remained for us at that time still a great mystery. The extremely fast development of nerve cells (neurogenesis) in the hippocampus is nowadays firmly confirmed. It is also clearly confirmed that the information is transferred to be stored in neocortex, every night during the sleep.
In the neocortex, there are 100 billion neuronal cells with 100-1000 000 per neuron connections, almost an infinite store-house. So, the neocortex is the place of our long-term memory in which the information of the whole life is stored. What remains in hippocampus is the short memory, only a brief information as an Internet address for retrieving the used information. This enables us to wake up every morning to reopen hippocampus capacity to store and collect new information.
In Alzheimer’s, the performant path is impaired or destroyed. The information cannot get from the hippocampus to the neocortex, nor can the information be retrieved. The connection is disrupted in both directions. The cerebral cortex does not get new “orders” from the hippocampus. So, the neurons die according to the principle “use it or lose is”. This theory is accurately presented in the book of Michael Nehls.
Is Alzheimer curable?
More than 8 months I experienced a 75 years old Columbian women named Graciela together with her daughter. It is a case in which after the Neuron regenerative Alzheimer Therapy (NAT) was applied, was achieved a complete regression of Alzheimer within 8 months:
Situation and symptoms prior to treatment: 
Graciela first arrived on 08.12.2014; at that time, she did not know in what place she was, she did not know how old she was. She was not sure what she had eaten for breakfast. She did not know that they had arrived a day before. She did not know in which hotel she slept. None of emotionally important events she could remember. Her daughter said she got a year ago, the diagnosis “Alzheimer”. However, they had long ago noticed by extreme forgetfulness that she could not live alone.
The following treatment was then performed on two consecutive days:
1. The Neuro-regenerative Alzheimer Therapy (NAT) is using auricular micro-implants for continuous stimulation of the hippocampus, the entire limbic system and the cerebral cortex, especially parietal and temporal lobes. These are the first cerebral cortex zones being affected by Alzheimer’s disease.
2. The second day were given further instructions to the family of the patient:
  • Provide daily small mental tasks, first on lowest level and assess accuracy of the answers. Initially small addition problems, subtraction, a little short-term memory to be retrieved first, only for the day, and later also by experiences of the previous day. It was important that the tasks were never severe, to feel the success.
  • As therapy support was considered also the common joy of the patient loving family.  With the slow recovery rose the sense of achievement enthusiasm.
  • The patient must have a “life purpose”, a hobby
  • Diet was to avoid carbohydrates, eat lots of fish, olive oil (served cold), coconut oil also for frying, chili and turmeric recommended.
  • Daily exercise, such as walking in the sun light.
  • A recommended dietary supplement was NADH “RAPID ENERGY” by Prof. Birkmayer, Vienna, to improve the oxygenation of the brain also.
  • Drink sufficient water per day in combination with 2 capsules Hyaktiv- capsules / day (ingredient: hyaluronic acid) to improve the water supply in the cells.
  • Coffee but not more than 5 cups throughout the day.
  • To support a healthy body, a balanced ANS and brain hemispheres we used Geno62
8 months later:
  • On the question of whether and how they had come, she said, “The last 1 hour by plane.”
  • She said: “we stay in a hotel which name she knew”.
  • All questions regarding yesterday she could report in detail.
  • She knew what she eats for breakfast on that day.
  • On the question, how old she was now, she said, after she glanced at the ceiling “76”. It was right, she knew they had a birthday party.
  • The daughter and the family were overjoyed and showed this extensively.
  • Finally, she was asked about her work and she answered, as confirmed in detail by the family: she deals extensively with handwork.
  • She is walking alone, no need for her family to move her.
Obviously, the excitation of hippocampus synaptogenesis is important for the Alzheimer’s disease regression; stimulating the corresponding “points” per ABS method, using “Permanent Titanium-implants” (developed by Dr. U. Werth) led to a total regression of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, of advantage was to combine the ABS therapy along with Michael Nehls’s preventive measures described above.
With the time, we treated more similar cases and we can say that the outlook for this deadly disease is very positive. It is possible to quantify the effect of NAT therapy by measuring the volume of hippocampus, which in case of Alzheimer is permanently shrinking; this can be done by using bolometry, a classical method for volume measurement. In renowned universities and clinics in Europe are ongoing double blind studies, to be finished by 2018; then we will be able to confirm a very promising therapy for Dementia and Alzheimer.
Pharma industry and medical establishment likes to promote the idea that Alzheimer and Dementia are not treatable. They are following a “vaccination” pathway; we already know and can confirm today, that this is the deadly treatment. Any kind of vaccines or pharmaceutical drugs never reacted positive in this kind of diseases.
Provided by Dr. Med. U. Wehrt and Dr. Christine Siepe
Contact us for treatments arrangements. Treatments are now possible only in Europe and we hope to bring this soon to North America. We are in the phase of crowdfunding this project.

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