The Therapy of the Future with Triomed CGI

‘Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible’ – Audrey Hepborn

People are using many methods to heal themselves, usually without achieving the desired results. You need to understand first that your body works with information, energy and matter. You also must learn that all health issues are caused by stress and psycho-emotional events impairing the order and harmony in your body. First major changes occur in the water molecules from intra-cellular space, because water is easily imprinting frequencies and information and because you have over 75% water in your body.

Science managed to find the resonance frequencies of all kind of biological cells and there are sophisticated devices working with these vibrations.

However, if the “organic water is not correct structured you will not achieve a healing soon. By restoring the water structure, all biochemical processes, known as auto-regulation, will improve significantly and thus your self-healing forces will start to cure you. Body fluids such as lymph and blood will improve their rheological quality, microcirculation will be activated, brain bioelectric properties will harmonize autonomic nervous system, hematopoiesis in red bone marrow is enhanced, inflammation are regressing, etc. We can say water molecules are the most important health modulator, healing information carrier in our body, your best healthcare giver.

Triomed CGI is a “harmonizer” of your cellular membrane, intra-cellular water and of your environment. Harmonization of electro smog is achieved by restructuring the water molecules in your surroundings up to 50 cubic meters’ space volume. Then these molecules start a “dialogue” by resonating with your own water molecules. With two more programs, “Healer” and “Recovery” you will round up the therapy process.

Triomed CGI is a portable therapeutic device for treatment and prevention of various pathological conditions. Triomed CGI emits low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency EHF, or so called millimeter waves (MMW) combined with infrared (IR) radiation.

There are dozens of clinical studies proving its amazing therapy power.

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