Geno62 – The Healing Genius

The revolutionary bioenergetic technology is based on a new concept for health care: at any time, human body has over 95% healthy cells and maximum 5% may be sick cells. Sick cells must be supported to enter a resonance with the healthy cells. Therefore, healthy cells need to recognize and communicate with the sick cells. During a therapy with Geno62, cellular membrane potential is improving, sick cells regain their dipole structure; bipolar cells work like a battery and the energy starts to flow again through these cells, energy blockages are removed. To achieve this, you must deliver the right information, here in form of healing sounds to the body, and body intelligence brings the process to the happy end.

Cells with electrical charges (- -) and (+ +) are sick, Qi energy does not flow through these cells; Sick cells consume from 4 times up to 800 times more energy as the healthy cells which are bipolar. Especially (+ +) electrical charged cells are overheating and drain most of body energy. When being sick you expire your life because of energy depletion.

From the experience of last 70 years bioenergetic therapy, we know that sinus or saw teeth shaped vibrations are not recognized by human cells, except for neuronal cells; thus, Geno62 therapy software (cards) is using digital frequencies compatible with biological cells. Thousands of frequencies and frequency combinations were generated and recorded. Some of the major frequencies bundles which are pre-recorded:

  • 62 chemical elements, the constituents of living being cells
  • the vibrations necessary to balance the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and central nervous system (CNS)
  • Many specific frequencies for different organs impairments, specific health conditions, psycho-somatic disorders

Geno62 is a sound and ultrasound therapy device, triggering the self-healing abilities of our bodies, activating primordial and life essential frequencies for the living beings. It is a modern bioenergetic therapy system using healing sounds and ultrasound, latest being used as a carrier in depth of the sonic vibrations. Geno62 is known also as Geno62-sonic or uSonic-700N, different names same device.

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