Tao Medical – Unique Portal between Acupuncture and Modern Radionics

Tao Medical is a modern and worldwide unique system combining I’Ching Acupuncture, oldest TCM acupuncture method, with Radionics, Fractology, Homeopathy. It measures and elaborates automatically the diagnosis and customized therapy, therefore, everyone can quickly learn and practice risk free acupuncture; you become an experienced acupuncturist in hours.

In TCM acupuncture therapy is done using needles. In Tao Medical, the same principles of Chinese acupuncture apply but there are no needles; light and sound are used as energy carriers to achieve Qi flow balance. The energetic profile of meridians and acupuncture points is measured and a detailed meridian’s energy mapping is automatically established. The skin conductivity measurements deliver the bioenergetic profile and the simultaneously radionics screening generates a complex psychosomatic and epigenetic diagnostic.

Based on the recorded scan, Tao Medical delivers a multidimensional therapy plan:

  • Light and sound acupuncture
  • Broadcasting of corrective scalar waves
  • Chinese herbs and customized homeopathic
  • Fractals images before and after the therapy
  • Psychosomatic Biofeedback

Benefits for your practice:

  • You become an acupuncturist after 2 hours of training
  • Your treatments are always risk free, no side effects or mistakes, all treatments are fully customized
  • Doctors get more patients (the device can be operated also by nurses)
  • You can increase your practice income as you diagnose & treat in minutes
  • You offer better and more diversified services to your patients such as diagnosis, therapy
  • You can produce your own customized remedies
  • Auto-mode is a unique tool, press one button only and weekly all your patients are receiving an updated biofeedback therapy, so called “therapy on the fly”

Learn more:

Visit us at also at www.lyranara.com for more information.

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