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Natural Peptides – Your real way to health & rejuvenation

Proteins and peptides carry out important biological functions and are fundamental building blocks of cells. Structurally, proteins and peptides are very similar, being made up of chains of amino acids that are held together by peptide bonds (also called amide bonds). So, what distinguishes a peptide from a protein?

Proteins & Peptides are created by the polymerization of amino acids, a process in which amino acids are joined together in chains. Shorter strings of amino acids may be referred to as peptides, while chains with more than 50 amino acids bonded and with specific 3D structures are considered proteins.

Our peptides are multi-component peptide complexes of the next-generation used for prevention, rehabilitation and rejuvenation. These peptides are a 3+1 formula, containing 3 main groups of nutrients in 1 vegetarian capsule. Therapeutic properties of natural peptides of animal origin and their effect in the small intestine are preserved in a vegetable capsule only.

The combination of balanced ingredients and a vegetarian capsule makes each of our peptides, undoubtedly, “golden” by the number of useful properties and efficacy.

We sell peptides for hormonal regulations, anti-aging, prevention and maintenance, fitness and sport performance boost, specific for men’s and respectively women’s health, for skin health and cosmetological applications.

Learn more about the extraordinary benefits for your health, anti-aging, fitness, hormonal regulation by watching the following video:

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