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It is time for all of us to take responsibility and initiative to achieve better health. All health care systems worldwide will collapse within next 6-8 years, this is fact known by medical and pharma industry and all health care giving institutions. All standard health care procedures applied by the medical establishment failed to deliver the “Real Healing”, targeting more the generated $$$$$. It is time to understand and quit this system, becoming sustainable and self-sufficient and taking care of your own magnificent body.

We propose a combination of different home usable devices, easy to operate, extraordinary efficient in the delivered therapy, affordable; people can help themselves to improve health, prevent worsening of their health conditions and maintain a good quality of life.

Geno62 is a bioenergetic sound and ultrasound therapy system of the latest generation; selected digital sound frequencies are resonating with the body healthy cells, correcting the sick cells polarity to trigger self-healing auto-regulative processes. Geno62 is adjusting the body biochemistry (62 chemical elements), brings into balance autonomic nervous system (ANS), the control tower of all inner organs, harmonizes brain hemispheres, triggers auto-regulation. Three memory cards, Yellow, Green, Red, deliver many pre-recorded therapy programs to help heal psychosomatic conditions such as SAD, depressions, joints and bones disorders, allergies and food incompatibilities, cancer, MS,etc. Learn more about Geno62 here:

Aquatone is a unique bioenergetic device with tremendous therapy effects; working through the water molecules in our body, Aquatone structures and optimizes the extracellular connective tissue. Sickness, as well as the healing process starts from the outside toward the inside of the cells, thus in the extracellular space. Aquatone has a strong local healing effect: organs disorders of all kind, muscle and skeletal impairments, hormonal deficiencies, psychosomatic issues, pain relief, detoxification, rehabilitation after stroke and heart attack, surgeries, etc. Learn more about Aquatone here: .

Triomed CGI or Triomed Compact: Triomed are the smallest biofeedback devices known today with giant therapy effects; Triomed optimizes the cellular membrane, increasing its potential and permeability to nutrients (avoid cellular degeneration) and cellular waste excretion (detoxification). Unique in its power of healing, Triomed is shielding you from electrosmog on a radius of 40 miles around you by absorbing all harmful radiations. Water molecules in the air are structured, absorbing all EMF radiations. Read and learn more here:

Cumulating the different kind of therapies delivered by Geno62, Aquatone and Triomed together, you have the best tools available today on the market for an efficient and affordable holistic therapy. Therefore, we created some bundles available on sale now for a limited period of time:

In this video we specifically present some more testimonials regarding the therapy with Geno62.

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